Vote for Mahatma Gandhi

Recently, I visited our Prime Minister’s website seeking opportunity to show my creativity in their creative corner. I visited a section where we are asked us to share our thoughts and also I came across a prompt telling us that we would be completing 150 years of celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (Father of the nation)
Interestingly, it says 2019 is the year of Bapu’s 150th Birth Anniversary. What do the teachings and work of the Mahatma mean to you? How will you inculcate Bapu’s work in your daily life and celebrate this year? How will you put Bapu’s thoughts into action in your home, your community and society at large and make #Bapu150 a mass movement? Share your stories, thoughts and ideas here!
I kept on thinking for long time. Bapu said no matter what, cost of salt should never increase from Rs. 2 but look at us we are in 2019 where the cost of salt is Rs. 25/- Who followed or kept his words?
Teaching # 3: There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no cause that I am prepared to kill for.
Bapu spent his life in non violence asking British (East India Company) to leave India. Here we are in 2019 working for multinational companies in India from all over the world who are sucking our blood and making us work on low pay scale like it was earlier when Indians were slaves of British Monarch. What did Indian government do? Did they bother to ask these Multinational Companies and Foreign Missions in India to pay their Indian citizens according to the Central government pay scale of India where government employees gets hike after every 6 months and those who work for foreign government suffers with a pay scale lower than the Class 1V ( Group D) appointed by the Indian government.
Teaching #4: an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind — Mahatma Gandhi
Bapu said that history would turn out for the better if our leaders could just learn that most disputes can be resolved by showing a willingness to understand the issues of our opponents and by using diplomacy and compassion… Exactly who pays attention to his teachings? Here we are in 2019 where Congress is working to give standards to Dalits, BJP is working to make Farmers life better and AAP is working for Auto rickshaw people. All three parties are busy in making their future bright. No one is interested in maintaining equilibrium. Lower classes are receiving special treatments. Auto fares are going to rise again but no one bothered to think about General Category especially those who are working for private firms. Do they earn enough to enjoy the hike in fares introduced by the government? Will it be easy for them to commute to offices where local buses, metros do not go or the government does not want General Class to enjoy the safe and happy rides after hard day in Auto rickshaws? No wonder the general class gets only one benefit that is rebate in water bills and electricity bill and some of them are happy with that but Mr. Arvind Kejriwal chief minister of Delhi (Aam Admi Party) forgot that there is life outside the home where we need to travel and earn so that we can pay our taxes. We can’t afford the governments errands like he does to travel, to live, to go out for vacations. We are the local people!

All the parties in India are out right now asking for votes on the basis of making lower class a status symbol why should people in general category vote for government who is busy giving importance to lower classes, busy in giving them a status and making us loose ours.
Who is treating everyone equal? Did our government put an effort to treat everyone equal? Do we as a citizen of India in General Category has thought about?
The answer is that human follows people and their teachings at their own convenience. Parties are following and manipulating rules of Mahatma Gandhi only to gain votes and to come in power. I do not see any one party thinking about the General Category. None of them is bothered to understand that giving lower class a preference may lead to sabotage. The General Category soon would be devastated.. I ask government to stop special treatments and treat every Indian as equal as Teaching #5 of Gandhi ji states we must become the change we want to see in the world.
A great leader always leads with an exemplary life that echoes his ideals. Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his thriving law practice and adopted a simple life to live among the millions who lived in poverty during his freedom struggle. Today, we see modern leaders cajoling the masses with promises that they never intend to keep – let alone practicing what they preach in their own lives. One cannot bring world peace to all unless a leader demonstrates peaceful acts of kindness daily. Mahatma Gandhi believed that we are all children of God. We should not discriminate amongst ourselves based on faith, caste, creed or any other differences. So stop discrimination with General Class Category and treat everyone equal.
First you tell us how Mahatma Gandhi influenced you. We are here to share equal rights not discrimination Mr. Prime Minister, fellow Chief Ministers and opposition parties!!
I am sure had he been alive he would have made amendments to his principles according to the modern world!

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