An open gate

Diwali was near and I had decided it was my time to leave the world. My depression, my inability to bear my body pains and seeing my family suffer in my suffering, somewhere manipulated my soul to leave this world. I convinced myself that I was not required. My depression took over me and I could not bear the pain, in my mind. I wrought my situation on how my responsibilities were over towards my family. I convinced myself that my teenage daughter would be taken care by my husband and an older son who was married by now will lead his life peacefully with his wife. I even convinced myself that my husband would be relieved from the everyday tension of monetary expenses of the hospital once I left. Somehow with all the pros and cons I convinced the angel of death that it was time for me to travel to the other world.

I was happy when Angel of Death heard my plea and within minutes helped me to leave this sick and tired body.  My soul felt free from all the aches and pains within minutes but hardly did my soul realise that I was being selfish. I had shredded my body but I was still emotionally connected to the worldly affairs.

I saw my son pleading with the doctor. My daughter praying and requesting God to bring me back and my beloved husband had gone numb. His heart was broken and he refused to talk to anyone while sitting in one corner and crying silently.

Angel of death: so you realise now how they want you so desperately.

My soul: I thought they would move on

Angel of Death: They will in time. Come with me now. The white light is waiting for you or you want to stay till your funeral gets over.

My soul: I would like to see to prove myself that no one desired my presence because I was sick

Angel of death smiled and disappear saying- So be it!!

Soon I saw my sisters also mourning my death and pleading with God to send me back to life.

Angel of death whispered once again all are emotions and soon you will see them dissolving

During my funeral, I saw my colleagues and friends crying for me. I could hear each and everyone praying and asking me to return.

My soul too cried but as I realised it was too late to go back in the same body.

Angel of Death took my hand and we moved towards an open gate that was my first step towards another beautiful world, but I could still hear my family cries. I stopped and questioned Angel of Death what if I want to go back, can you take me back?


Angel of death laughed and said if you wanted to go back so desperately why did you call me in the first place!

My soul apologised but I knew I had made him angry very angry somewhere. I was being emotional. I saw him laughing out loud.


Angel of Death: Those who are crying and praying for you would soon forget you. They would soon go back to their routine life and you would no longer be missed so desperately. Trust me and come with me now.


My soul: No, they cannot I know now and I dominated my thoughts for how much I am wanted one more time to return back to my family.


This time, he calmly pushed me and took me towards my higher self, the Guardian Angel of my soul.

Angel of Death said his job is to make souls cross this gate. After that, he does not hold any responsibility.

Angel of Death: If you want to go back to earth talk to your higher self and saying this he vanished!

We do not need words to communicate in this world. This world was much beautiful with different colours. I was mesmerised by the beauty and wanted to stay here but again I was interrupted with the desperate cries of my family.


Higher self: Come let’s see the life you have lived

My soul: I don’t want to. I want to go back to them at the earliest

Higher self: But they would be fine without you soon. Forget all emotions and concentrate on the reasons you were born for. Let’s see what you have learnt from the life you have just finished. Whether you passed the test given or not.

My soul: No, I failed. I failed drastically when it came to emotions. I easily gave up. I manipulated the situation and called Angel of death to take me away

Higher self: hmmm, sit with me and watch your last life on earth.

I sat with him and realised how miserably I failed. I was able to give love but failed when it came to receiving love in return.

Higher self: Would you like to repeat your lesson with the same family

I immediately agreed

But this time, I would make your lesson tougher.  Are you ready for that he asked

All I wanted was to go back to my family to undo the pain I had given to them and I agreed in haste without calculating the pros and cons, without discussing how. I left heaven without getting ready for the situations I would be facing on earth. At that time my soul was desperate to take birth but my Guardian Angel took care of everything for me and before leaving informed me that my intuition would be strong so strong that it would be disturbed by the evil and also the open gate would be closed for me until the time I would finish my lesson. He also told me that he would communicate with me from time to time. I would remember the glimpse of my last life but not everything. I quickly agreed and in seconds I was in the body of a newborn child.

All I didn’t realise was that how it would be tougher this time. I was my daughter’s son. As soon as I was born my daughter got divorced and went back to her paternal house. We were all back together in the same house, where my husband my son and daughter in law resided. They all were happy.

Each day was beautifully and life was a celebration one more time. Days turned into week and week into years I was a grown up man by now and was doing well with my life, falling in and out of love, kind of a Casanova. I never knew how tough could be my lessons with time.

One day, suddenly, I fell in love with Nidhi. I was so blind in love that I left home. I left all those people for whom I had come back .

Yes, I left home! I left those who I came back for and when I started losing them one by one  I realised my stupid mistake . I wanted everyone back . I wanted to tell them how sorry I am one more time but none of them returned including Nidhi .I was lonely so lonely that I called Angel of death one more time to take my soul away but no one came. I had the power to communicate with my dead one I pleaded them to return but each one of them took birth one or the other place and I realised how stupid I was. My hasty decision of coming back to earth that too in the same family was wrong . I saw  all of them turning their back on me one by one and moving ahead, none of them turned back and I sat there with watery eyes calling them. Nobody bothered to hear and each one of them took their journey and I now realised that emotion with time dissolve. It’s just we should give some time to them to dissolve. I requested my higher self to call me and one day in my dreams I saw myself standing at the open gate again. I rejoiced but the minute I tried to enter I was thrown back by my higher self-saying it’s you who choose to go back to the same family now finish your lessons and then come.

Nidhi was quietly listening to me. I especially called her to tell my story and to make a plea so that she would return back to me but instead she immediately stood up.

Nidhi: look I think you need to see a psychiatrist. These are all hallucination, past life does not exist and it is not me who made you lose your family. We thought we were in love but things didn’t work out, you cannot blame all on me. Go get a life.

She just walked away and I kept looking if only once she would turn and look at me but she didn’t .

All I could see that my wife too thought I was losing my mind and I let her go.

My mother was old and I did not have any family to carry my name ahead. I had Nidhi but she too did not understand me. What a tough lesson I had. All I am doing is living this life in a routine waiting for the gate to open for me soon.

But miracles happen only when you least expect them too. I met Sonia. She was someone who understood me and I was happy again.

One fine day, my long forgotten plea was heard suddenly but by this time I had someone else in my life who loved me the way I wanted her to. I didn’t want to go I had kids. My mother was  enjoying being a grandma . No, I cannot go now! Angel of death laughed and said nothing changed in you . You are back to square one with the same plea and same urge to love this family but this time, my guardian angel opened the gate and welcomed me. I could again hear cries of my mother and my family but I knew what mistake I did one more time…

My guardian angel said I still have a chance to go back since I was in a comma in my earthly life right now. He introduced my elder son as my son in previous life. My younger was my grandfather and the cutest doll who was just born was a new addition to the family. She was my lover in 1400 BC and lost me she chose to be with me one more time . He smiled and said go if you want to go.

I did not want my next life to be tougher. I watched my life with my higher self and said I would like to stay here for some time before taking a decision whether I should come out of comma or plan my next life. My guardian angel smiled and here I am one more time with new birth but doing the same old things. Nothing has changed a bit in the time. My cutest daughter in last life is my steady girlfriend and we are going to get married soon. This time, I chose another family but stayed connected with the previous one. This is my life on earth again and again!

Moral of the story: Don’t call upon Angel of Death just because you are in your testing time because she will appear only when you would be in your happy time and if you refuse to leave you will keep on taking birth for this one lesson every time until you understand that you are here on a vacation (the biggest lesson) so stop brooding and start enjoying!!!!



An old man who called me Mummy

Life is in high spirits. I easily get what I desire. These words always linger on my orifice like an affirmation.  I was surrounded by my loved ones. Never saw distress or such unhappiness which would break my heart forever. Indeed, I had many crushes which were soon crushed, but they did not bring any effect to my life and touchwood for that!!

Fear of losing a loved one was curtained as I was born fearless, brave and of course a happy soul. For me, my life was a vacation on earth which I was enjoying, until a fateful day when I chose to experience hell subconsciously on this earth and I was promptly introduced to one.

In my school books, I had learned that man is a social animal and when I was introduced to melancholy trust me I forgot the meaning of social and all I could see were animals around me in the form of homo sapiens.


Suddenly, life became vindictive. Fear all of sudden embraced me and for the first time it dared to enter my life in the form of malady and death of my loved ones, but as an old saying goes if demons are around to bring you misery so are angels to get you out of it.

One day when I was sitting all alone in the dark counter near my house with tears flowing down as if a dam had broken, I saw a figure watching me. I stood up and started walking not because I was scared but because I personally do not like people watching me cry. The moment I stood up he called me by my name. I turned my back and saw an old man smiling asking me to sit.

Remember, when my son died, I was sitting here only and crying when you had passed by and said that it is part of life and asked me to write my thoughts in a diary saying that he would read it and I would feel better…

Oh, I realized!! He was an old man who had lost his wife in an accident and simultaneously his young son in a year or two.  I remember I had felt sorry for him when once like me he too was sitting in the dark and crying.  What I could not understand at that time was how it felt when you lose the one you love to death. How you desperately want to hug them asking them to stop for you, how you just want to tell them that you love them so much that life would have no meaning without them. You want to hold them tight so tight that they would not run away even if they wanted to. How you desperately want to convince them to stay because you love them.

Sorry, I said. I am sorry. I could not understand at that time how you had felt inside. I just used words to calm your inner turmoil and this is the way how it is done isn’t it.

Old man smiled and said how wise you are!!

I said no, I have grown up in a day I guess

Old man: I too am grown up but I cried like a baby when I lost my people and twice you came to me and your words helped me. It’s good to use words.

While wiping my tears with a smirk I tried to avoid further conversation and got up to leave.

Old man:  No wait where are you going?

Me: It’s just too late uncle, I think my mom would be worried

Old man: Okay if you want to go I cannot stop you

Me:  Thank you. I think you should also make a move. Your family must be worried

His head was down and he murmured something which I could not hear, and maybe I was not in a mood to hear too and I left.


Next morning, I saw him waving me and asking me to stop

I was slightly better by now. I stood there waiting for him to come.  While standing there I recalled the times when I used to watch him going to the office. The attitude he had, the look on his face was majestic and his skin was like he had directly landed from Iran. I often used to call my grandfather to look at him as he looked like his younger brother. Same eyes, similar hairstyle, self-same skin but different attitudes. My granddad was very affable and he was quite disdainful but now this old man was a beggar of words, he wanted someone to talk to. He stopped people and try to be cute with them but no one was interested because when they tried to be friends with him he showed his stance.

He came running to me and in between heavy breath said can you please give me a diary.

Me: A Diary! Who me!!  In my mind, I was thinking he is a rich man why can´t he purchase a diary on his own but since he had asked for one I gave him one instantly because I had one handy in the home.

I saw his eyes twinkling and he said thank you and ran back to his house like a child.

It was bit annoying but anyways let it be. I chose not to think of it anymore.

In the evening I was passing by his house and he shouted thank you, mummy, for the diary.  Stunned I asked him if he was alright. He immediately came down and sat on the stairs, held my hand and told me the day my mother died I was not so broken because I had my wife to be with. One fateful morning I and my wife were getting ready to go to the office and on one foolish thing we fought like kids. She left for office in a huff without any breakfast. After she had left I felt bad but thought of making it up with flowers in the evening. Alas, that never happened. In another fifteen minutes, I got a call from the hospital that my wife was brought dead to them. Later we came to know from some passerbys that while climbing the bus she was pushed by a guy and her foot had slipped making her fall in between the wheels of the bus.

I tried finding solace in my kids but my kids were married by that time and I was left alone.  I never went back to the office and took voluntary retirement and with the money I opened a general store for my son. Later in life, my son too left this world by taking an overdose of drugs.

I again tried finding solace in my grandkids and daughter but for how long! They too avoided me after a while though they give proper attention to my medication and one day when I was thinking of killing myself while sitting in the dark you stopped and said words which brought back hope. I recalled my mother, you look like her. She too would have said what you did and I decided to live my life. I never dreamt that I would soon find you sitting there and crying and I had asked you for a diary because you gave me hope to live and I tried to do the same when you looked baffled. I can understand what you are going through but this is just the beginning of your struggle don’t give up and thank you for listening to me. Nobody listens to this old man mummy.

I grinned and patted his back and moved ahead.

Two weeks later I went to his shop to buy some goods and he introduced me to his daughters saying she is my mummy. The ladies laughed of course and one of them apologize saying he was in deep depression.

She said my father worked for Defence Ministry and he wanted our brother to join Army but my brother had his own path. All of his life, my father kept three of us in the discipline. He was strict but gave us the best of everything but now we are married and you know it is difficult for us also to keep him with our present families but we visit him daily. Sometimes he does not talk to us and sometimes he acts like a child who has his own small world.

I held her hand and said I understood and I didn’t mind him calling me mummy. Let him be a good son now we laughed and then life moved on. Time passed by and I kept on giving diaries to him year after year. Sometimes I would stop to listen to him and sometimes I would change my way maybe because I was happy and content in my life.

It was the beginning of 2016 when he again asked for a diary and I broke down into tears telling him that my father had left me forever. He was quiet for a while and said he felt sorry that he could not come to bid him goodbye as he was not in Delhi at that time. I accepted his apologies but I forgot to buy him a diary and did not even see him for months. One day while I was passing by his shop he yelled for me in the same tone calling me mummy in front of so many people. I looked back asking him what happened now. He said nobody cares for me now and I feel uneasy. I looked up to his caretaker who laughed it off saying he is saying this to everyone.

ME: No worries son, tonight mummy will pray for your good health and happiness till then be a good boy and stay positive

Old Man: I will try mummy

I could see some uneasiness on his face but thought it was just a bout of depression he was having again. As I turned to go he again called me mummy and as I turned he waved and said Goodbye. I took it lightly until the next day I learned that he was no more …

Such is life. Now you see it now you don’t!! Isn’t it. I felt bad but then what can I do except feeling sad. He had to go to his real mother where she would have actually embraced him saying son I am here with you in this another world where death is not allowed to enter only love and love. I would miss someone stopping me and calling me mummy until I have my own….

God bless your soul son

Love Mummy


Teena and her Krishna


Teena was a woman who strongly believed in Krishna. A staunch devotee she leads her life  surrendering it all  to Krishna’s will.

She faced  many obstacles and misfortunes like every human does but she faced them with courage and kept praying to Krishna for guidance. Krishna, in return, was very happy with her devotion but one day he thought of testing Teena’s faith.


He had given Teena everything she had desired for. Job, money, status, marriage, respect, fame and two beautiful kids (a boy and a girl). In return, Teena had  kept her attitude of gratitude towards Krishna until the time she really got busy in bringing up her kids, One  fine day she decided to become a housewife and divert all her time and energy for a better future for her kids .Her husband supported her decision  happily.


As the time passed by , her love and duty towards others were left ignored. Her world was only her kids. They were growing well !!


Teena was most attached to her son. One day out of the blue her son introduced her to Sandhya announcing that he wanted to marry her. The moment she saw that girl she became insecure. She could not lose her son to just any girl. A mother’s heart was not ready for this !!


Poor Teena’s worst fears came true with her son and daughter-in-law deciding to move out and start their own little paradise.


Teena started playing the role of victim. She would tell everyone how cruel her daughter in law was and how she had taken her son away. She said all the bad things about her daughter in law in the hope of that one day her daughter in law will get tired of hearing all this leaving her  son and go away from their lives.This way her son will come back to her .But nothing helped her in getting her son back. Time passed by and Teena was diagnosed with a disease which would kill her. She knew it was her subconscious effort to call her son back , her manipulation towards the situation . She was losing everything.


Soon came the time when doctors realized that this was the end. They told Teena’s husband to pray and ask for the miracle of God. Teena’s husband made a frantic call to their son and  begged  him to visit his mother. The boy promised that he would come once a week. Teena’s husband heart was broken and  crying he went to  Krishna temple. He sat there with tears flowing from his closed eyes. The priest gave him flowers and said may your sorrow be taken away by Krishna . Looking at the priest he took those flowers and on reaching home he  kept those flowers under the pillow of semi-conscious Teena who could see her husband through her blurry vision but could not talk.


Teena’s daughter prayed hard for a miracle and slept on the bedside of her mother with teary eyes.


That night Teena had a visitor in her dreams it was her long lost friend, her guide, philosopher her Krishna !!!


Krishna: You have forgotten me in this drama of life Teena. Why didn’t you call me !!

Teena: Krishna my everything! The Maya of this world took over my conscious and I became a selfish person assuming that my situations ,my home my kids will never do anything against My will . I forgot all about the supreme power YOU!!!


Krishna: Controlling anything  in your world is an illusion you create Teena . Even a leaf can not move without my permission . Well, I am not happy to meet you this way


Teena: Krishna then why have you  come now when I have lost everything

Krishna: ( smilingly ) Everything!! You chose to lose everything. I gave you job, money , status , a wonderful husband and two kids to die for . I gave you whole furnished home . Your family and assets together make a home. Each and everything occupies a room in your heart, they conquer space in your mind according to what they mean to you but what did you do.You chose to close your eyes to everything and you put all the Moha in your son!! You left everyone and everything and just concentrated on one which now has become the reason for your misery.I came to meet you today at the request of your husband and daughter . I waited too long for your call but you never called me Teena!!


Teena ( with teary eyes):  I am sorry but I am unable to live without my son who has gone away from me to live his life with his wife .

Krishna : Anyone in this world will want to stay where there is affection. Even though parents take good care of their children throughout their  life, when children get married they feel they are getting more love from their own wife and children and prefer to stay with them. This is the nature of both humans and demigods. Have you seen birds flying after their kids, once they teach them how to fly? They leave them on their own to survive.  The problem with you is that you are not living in surrender situation you are holding on to your Ego which you call Love


Teena: You mean that I should not be protective about my Son and his well-being!


Krishna: Even my mother was protective but she did not interfere in my duties and karmas when our time of separation came. I too cried  from morning to evening but then I was born on this earth  as human to  help humankind. For me ,Vrindavana is rasa-bhumi, and Dvaraka and Mathura were karma-bhumi. Should I have also stayed only in  Vrindavana! Let your son go . Let him do what he was born for don’t be an obstacle . Love him and lead him whenever he wants but controlling him is a sheer stupidity.


Teena: But I am a mother . I have so much love in me for him only


Krishna showed a boy to Teena and asked who he was. Without wasting a second she said My son , my sunny boy. Krishna laughed and said he is your husband when he was young. he too  left his mother and chose to stay with you .Why were you so happy then.Did you ever think how that mother survived without her son!!


Teena was quietly looking at Krishna while once more  Krishan showed her a small beautiful girl child.  He asked her who is this now. Teena smiled and said it’s me, Krishna! Krishna  laughed again and said it’s not you.  It is your daughter who is still thirsty for your affection towards her. If you really have that motherly love left go give her your quality time and listen to her just listen cause she has not spoken for quite a long period.


He turned back and said don’t advise her as this is my job just listen to her . After uttering these words he started walking  Teena ran after Krishna asking for his forgiveness  but the light was so strong and bright that she could not see Krishna anymore. She opened her eyes and saw  her husband sleeping holding a cushion in his hand on a sofa and her daughter sleeping on her bedside holding her hand .


Her eyes were watery but she felt good and strong inside , She woke up and before keeping her feet on earth uttered the name of Krishna so loudly that the husband and daughter both woke up and seeing her in a better condition smiled. She asked forgiveness from both of them for ignoring them for long and realized that she is on earth for her mission not to control her kid’s mission with the learning of Krishna she then lived her life again praising his name and in surrender situation.

Born with a silver spoon

“Born with a silver spoon in the mouth” these words were often uttered by my relatives for my father. And  smilingly he used to tell me that I was born with a silver spoon too.  We both were destined to meet each other in this lifetime with this wonderful relationship.

Last year, I had written an open letter to my father and after reading that he was taken aback. He had fondly held my hand and shared many memories which he had for me.

I never knew that it would be my last letter to my beloved father and his physical presence would vanish within the same year.

This year, while writing about him my mind asked me who will read this now. Who will give you the best hug like always and make special butter chicken for you on father’s day coz the one who did is no more.. . Sad isn’t it?

But my heart said, he will read my write-up’s  through my thoughts. He will hug me in my dreams and as far as butter chicken is concerned he would put that thought in someone’s head and I will be served with love as always !!!

Trust me, last afternoon while having this conversation in my mind I never knew that my paternal aunt (My father’s sister) would prepare butter chicken for me in the evening. See how my father has become my angel and gets me what I want 😉

My papa and my grandfather both have been my best buddies and I cannot imagine anyone taking their place in my life ever.

My life moved on slowly after my grandfather’s death in 2013, and on 02nd, November 2015  a standstill came in my life with my  father’s passing away, stating now both of your best buddies are gone forever.

Those who not only taught you  values stood with you in your storms and made you the happiest human in this world, played, danced, sang songs, laughed have gone forever.

The house is no more a home. It is empty, the sound of silence turning out to be the most troublesome sound. The only thought which stayed with me was I don’t want to live anymore in this world.

But then, my father visited in my dreams. He keeps on visiting me from  time to time in my depression and sickness and keeps counseling till he makes sure that he has made me strong  and has grilled the understanding that it is just his physical presence which has  gone He is listening to my every thought and is with me …

After he left, suddenly people changed. The eyes which showered love gave the most devious looks I had ever seen. Yes, I was very uncomfortable with the change but it had to come. I was in a state of shock.

I shared every little thing with my father and I am recalling a phase of my life which was one of the most difficult times of my life. It was when my friends stood against me and my father guided me and told me to remember only one thing – “It’s better to be defeated on principles than to win on lies”. The people you think were your friends are showing you their real self. Be strong and move on. They were never your friends and they never would be.

My grandfather often used to ask me to take things lightly and used to divert my mind by reading me short stories every evening.

Years have passed to this incident. I sill meet inhumane, selfish people to hurt me but my father’s guidance makes me stronger each day.

I again  remember an instance here when I was hurt by someone’s words in office and I immediately called my father and told him how much I was hurt with thankless people. I kept on cribbing and he kept on listening to me without saying a word. He did not vamoose me  and when I stopped my crib and said hello over the phone again assuming that the line was disconnected he said do you know what I am doing right now. I said no, he said I am preparing your favorite ginger pickle for you.

My eyes twinkled and I almost forgot about all the bad instance of that day and started dreaming of that Ginger pickle. That was my Father for me !!!! .

Till he was alive I never cried. He made sure I slept with a forgiving clean, happy heart. And when I lost the presence of both my handsome men (my grandfather and father) they once again made their way to make me feel their presence in their absence, by being there in my dreams. Guiding me gently and making me wake up with a huge smile each day. Will I ever miss them? Will I ever bid goodbye to them…

Till the day, I let you go until we say our next hello it’s not goodbye…

Till I see you again…

I’ll be right here remembering when

And if time is on our side

There will be no tears to cry on down the road

There is one thing I can’t deny it’s not goodbye…..

Indian Politics versus Fan

It was just another day for me when I received a forwarded message on my cell phone from a friend



“Watching “FAN” right now. It’s just amazing and mind blowing. I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. You can also watch it live at your place. Just switch it on and it will start revolving at an amazing speed on the top of your roof!!


Laughing!!!  I too laughed after reading it. The question is what do we do when we read jokes which give us hearty laugh.. Yes you are right. We forward it to our friends so that they too can take a minute out from the stressful life to laugh or smile. Sorry Shahrukh Khan but I didn’t create this joke this was forwarded to me!!!!



To my surprise I instantly got a revert  message  from a friend who is  staying in UP cribbing about the load shedding usually done during summers ,saying  that they hardly get to see the fan running .I had no option but to just smile. My phone buzzed again and now another friend was cribbing about how “Samajhwadi party” was ruling in UP and they cannot see fan rolling on the roof cause light is only available for 12 hours a day. When I asked them to make a complaint on the Government website I got a reply saying now this is a joke!! This is not Delhi where every complaint of citizen is taken care of. Sigh! I wish I could tell them how Delhi is functioning under AAP and BJP.


A joke forwarded turned up into heated argument amongst all of us on our cell phone group. The argument made me surf the website of Samajhwadi party where I could not find any feed back or complaint section. Also the last updated bulletin was of February, 2016.


I surfed a little more and noticed that they have advertised about Samajhwadi Akhilesh App. On downloading that also I could not find any complaint or feedback option. May be I missed but you guys must try it…


This is such a shame when it comes to Indian Politics. I have noted the same thing on PM Modi’s app also. They don’t have any feedback or complaint section.


I must admit that our PM and CM  of Delhi are bit too high on using technology for advertising purpose. They are having websites where we can lodge our grievances which only demonstrate their positive side!! But…………..


Grievances, that never get noticed or heard. I too personally have lodged one complaint over thousand times. Every time they issue me a new reference number and this has been going on for the past one year but I haven’t given up. I will continue lodging grievances till they act upon it.


Indian Politicians should learn to use technology to help the citizen of the country instead of boastering.   They shouldn’t use it as a FAN which will not work unless there is light.


Samajwadi party should learn from AAP and BJP and create a grievance cell for the states they are ruling but must also use brains to actually hear  those pleas  and feedback so that they can give excellent services and people feel indebted to vote for  them. This goes for BJP and AAP too. Accepting grievances and issuing the reference number does not solve problems .I feel working on them does !


So Bring some high voltage light on technology and make fan of your services. Roll on high speed just like our amazing attractive and hardworking  Shahrukh Khan in his new movie  Fan .Do is a good movie.

PS Political Parties: Jokes apart , Advertising and showing off what you have done is good but please use social networking sites to hear plea of the citizen of India which surely would help you to improve your services .

The Calling from my prespective



It was just like another day when I had nothing to do with grief in my heart churning me to death.


I don’t want to live. I have seen all kind of relations and experienced emotions, What is left in this world for me to see and like everyday before sleeping one more time I invoked for the reason for being alive.


Suddenly, days are silent, as if everything is standstill. I have been invoking for that one reason and nothing happened, until one day I saw my favorite author Priya Kumar sharing tweets with her fans who were thanking her for sending them her latest book  ‘The Calling”.


After months, my heart wanted something. Yes, I wanted this book.. I tweeted her requesting for a copy for myself. She asked for my email id and within an hour I received an email from her secretary asking me for bank transfer of Rs.699/-


No, I didn’t rush at all, I knew I was facing money crunch and money didn’t dance on trees. Money is an investment and deal should be fruitful whether it is in reading a book and learning from it or something else!!!


I gathered up courage and gambled my money because the name “The Calling “was intriguing. Curiosity took the better off me. I forgot all my heart racing emotions. My focus was only on buying the book and I bought it somehow.


It was Saturday afternoon that I received my copy in a packet which said Priya Kumar Training System. On opening, I saw the book which was beautifully wrapped in a paper with a sticker of PK. I was mesmerized.  I didn’t want to tear it at all !! The presentation of the book was beautiful.


I opened the book and I saw a personalized message from the Author for me . It was about happiness!! Happiness that was far away from my life .


Since it was a weekend and family being around I was a bit hesitant how to handle my curiosity to open the book. The little devil in me winked and said no harm in peeping J


I took my little “ME” time and started reading. I must say the story is indeed gripping and the vocabulary used is simple without much jugglery.


The words were dancing in front of my eyes as if they were written for me only. Suddenly, I saw myself as Protagonist who was frustrated with his life and searching for answers of what’s and why’s of life.


Yeah!! I found my reflection in Protagonist.


I read and re-read the Protagonist encounter with the sage as if I wanted that knowledge to seep deep  into my psyche.


I recalled my invocation of “why I am still alive”. The Universe had conspired. The Calling landed in my hands, as if it was a forced divine intervention.


The arrival of this book in my life had a perfect timing. I took three days to finish the book taking my time to take pleasure in each and every word.


Trust me this book is meant to be read carefully. The calling lies in every single word of the book .


The  road to Hemkund Sahib was described in such a way that I felt I was walking along in my imagination and the knowledge given about it was so obvious that I feel like visiting it searching for my Chandu who could be my insightful friend guiding me towards the magical stone and the sage .


With every turn of the page, I questioned my recent belief.  I loved those 3 tests given by a sage to Protagonist and before reading how he performed as I placed myself in the situation. The sagacious Shetall in me passed the first two tests easily but failed in the 3rd one and the reason I failed was because for all these months my emotional level had been hocus pocus. I just could not focus on my self-calling.


This book played the role of an eye opener to me  and the end was beyond imagination. Though with every turn you might have an urge to read it quickly so that you get to the end but I will say patience here plays an amazing role and yes it can change your life and guide you towards your calling in life as it has in my life.I know my Calling now!!


I would give 5 out of 5 stars to this book  and  pray that Priya Kumar  keeps inspiring me  with her books . Love you for creating the Calling.


//“>The Calling is available at Amazon


Stop Sexual Violence

Sexual violence in India is increasing with each day passing.

A –Judicial system of our country is not strong
B- People lack awareness in our Society
C- Fear of being abused or getting killed. The most strongest of all is “ Log kya kahenge” – “ What will people say”

It is such a shame that when we see other countries are taking stern actions over such cases, we as Indians chose to ignore the fact that raising voice against sexual harassment is crucial.

I personally feel that if we together as a society work on the three basic things we can save many upcoming cases on sexual violence

It is not only necessary to bring awareness in girls but in boys too. The sexual violence does not happen with just girls first of all!!. There are juveniles including boys too who get harassed but choose to keep quiet because of the pressure either built up by the parents or by the one who did it.

By keeping quite we not only support our weak judicial system but encourage such vultures to attack more.

By hiding what happened with you, you end up supporting a statement “ Log kya kahenge” ( what will people say) . It is time now that our society should change. If you choose to show yourself forward in using upgraded electronic gadgets, fashion, styling then why not in your upgraded thinking.

I am sorry to quote an example of Nirbhaya’s case. If she would have been a daughter of any member of parliament or of any high profile family would the court would have let this Juvenile walk out so easily helping him to open a tailor shop and 10 lakh rupees for his future. Deep down inside we all know the answer but unfortunately no one would raise a voice against such judicial system where this act is not strongly punished.

Our government should take a stern action in making this act punishable in such a way that fear should install in every Indian Vulture who rapes.. They should be plagued with the fear of loosing their life or their limbs for the rest of their lives

Further to this our new upcoming generation that is parents needs to change their attitudes and thinking .towards the word sex education.
While writing “The gang of wonder kids” I spent time with these kids who were approaching adolescent and saw that their parents either do not have time for them or if by chance they had they were installing their insecurities into the kids. There was an instance where these kids treated me as their best friend sharing each and everything , While being around them no wonder I was their best buddy , they discussed whatever gibberish they had in mind coz I chose not to draw a line of being an elder with them… I realized boys were very curious about how female body grows and vice versa. Alas! When I tried talking to their parents they all had a line to say “ They are too young for sex education”.. “These days kids have their own mind, they are much clever then us I guess they will figure out themselves”!!

Sorry to say but this curiosity in kids can lead to crime . This curiosity leads to rape , These curiosity leads to be in a relationship where they should be learning about other things, these curiosity leads to FOCUS on things to which they do not have knowledge. Yes they have their own mind and so did we in our era but taming was important at that time and now also, no matter how forward you move. Every thing should not be dependable on schools and teachers. Its YOU who have to invest your time in your kid to make him/her an asset to society ..

Let me remind to these new age parents that your era was different. At that time use of electronic gadgets was not convenient, Come on I would ask these new age parents to grow up now. These days puberty hits at 10 don’t you think it is your responsibility to stand up and be a friend to your kid in a way that they do not fear from you and end up learning all the nitty gritties in a safe environment that is YOU.

In the end, all I can say is the Indian Society needs to open their mind towards their responsibility in giving sex education instead of blaming the kids to be who they are because of the so called dialogue “ all is because of the Generation gap “.

Thank you…

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

Open letter to Prime Minister of India

Respected PM,

Recently I was going through your website where I noticed a column saying “Share your Ideas “

That made me write this letter to you as I have plenty of ideas buzzing within me but I don’t know how to implement them to make our India “The Best” and Corruption free.

I am purposely making this an open letter as I feel that only if we as citizen of the country try to be the best then only we can offer this world the best.

I would also like to know what others feel about this open letter. Please do share your views in such a manner that it does reach the present King of this country i.e Hon’ble Mr. Narender Modi.

  1. Rage in youngsters.

Every day when I open newspaper I notice the news of students getting killed by other students either on first page or the second. Reason: Monitor gave names of the students making noise in the class, teenager’s girlfriend chose another boy over him etc

Sir, I would request you to kindly introduce mandatory period of mediation and Psychology for all students. There are many institutions like art of living and all who promotes meditation which is more necessary now days. The power of forgiveness is eliminating and anger and frustration is taking a seat in the front row of our lives. Tiny kids when taught from the younger age on how to control themselves can have a new and better young generation.

  1. Eunuch dancing on the streets for money

Not everyone is born with a strong will power like hon’ble Laxmi Narayan. I have seen and met many Eunuchs who have to dance on streets or on good occasions in families to earn livings.

Sir, they are part of our society which cannot be ignored hence would request you to open special schools for them so that they can grow and who knows one of them can represent India . The kids in normal schools must be taught a difference of genders apart from male and females’ .There is another category which should be treated with respect and must be accepted as a normal person.

  1. Elimination of special quotas and SC/ST category

The special treatment which is given to OBC SC/ST should be eliminated.

Sir, we all are part of India and if General category is taking pain in moving ahead in life why SC/ST or OBC’s are given special treatments.

Why there is only 3 to 5 Chances for General Category to give exams whereas the other categories are given infinite chances

Do you know major corruption is coming in India where general Category buys certificate of SC/ST to move forward

Do you know that many doctors of SC/ST categories were given degrees which are leading to wrong diagnoses and killing of people? The best categories choose to leave India and settle abroad because of the treatment they are given by the government.

Delhi is flooded with IAS students and I see maximum ruthless and ill-mannered boys who continue to give exams for IAS with the help of SC /ST/OBC certificates and let me tell you if they become IAS India will never progress.

When we all are Indians they why this partiality?

  1. Dogs and monkeys on the streets

In every lane, in every street you see stray dogs and monkeys roaming around. I would request you to please open special homes with vet nary hospitals for them in every area which should be taken care by the dog lovers of the particular area funded by MCD of course. The reason is not to make a mini zoo but to give them a place where they are not harmful to society.

As far as Dogs are concerned if one house takes the responsibility of vaccinating and giving food to one stray plenty of homes would have there personal watchmen and trust me they are much better watchmen then humans.

Since our society does not have a big heart and we cannot knock every door of particular area to vaccinate a stray though we do give food but then also they can prove dangerous to little kids playing in the parks or home pets who end up transmitting ticks and diseases. I know NGO’s at different places are working for them but in the area which is within the range.

I also see people abandoning there pets just because they are old. These special homes and vet hospitals should be able to give them place to stay Also it would give employment and help to local retired people, house wives, people under depression and kids with rage teaching them a new meaning of responsibility.

  1. Lazy Government officers

While working for foreign government for quite a long time I have noticed how our Indian Government employees are lazy bums may be because they know that no matter how they work they will not be fired. Government job promises permanency which leads to delay in work.

I am too presently facing lazy action by a government office where no body is interested in taking responsibility of the work and corruption is on hilt. If we refuse to give money our work is kept pending for years I feel helpless here. No wonder I have seen foreigners making fun of Indian Government office.

If we say coming in one minute it means an hour and if a foreigner says coming in one minute it is a commitment. I feel ashamed when I hear this but this is a fact from which we cannot run away.

I would request your stern action over here to ask them to make their day to day time sheet on what work they have done and how much time they took in finishing that work. They keep things on pending and major part of the day is spent gossiping. I have witnessed this attitude and indeed it is a shameful thing Sir. Please make your government official WORK!!

  1. Senior citizens and their safety

Sir, we all have to grow old and no one can run away from that natural change which occurs in body. I have seen loads of camps near dispensaries, electricity offices and water bill offices which distract elders while walking which can lead to an injury. Please stop allowing these add campaigns near places where elder people mostly travel.

Also Elimination of Cycle Rickshaw is requested as it is not feasible for any elder to take a car and every place sometimes they do take Rickshaws and I have noticed that it is difficult for elders to climb cycle rickshaw would request you to let more battery rickshaw with low floor where it is easy for elders to step up and sit should be introduced more along with meters so that cheating of money should not be another issue

If my letter sound’s like a Hitler is talking to you then I apologize and request you to look into these 6 major categories Sir to make India a better place to live in where we respect all religions and treat every category as in General SC ST or OBC as one Sir .

To bring the change we have to be the change we want to see

Kind Regards


“I add a smile to everything I wear and that has always worked great for me.”

How true are the above said lines. After the success of my recent book “The Gang of Wonder kids” which is the combination of fiction and non fiction, I invited all the characters of my book to my birthday party for celebrating our success. We all were happy, shrieking and dancing.

No wonder, my house was in a big mess. Soon it was time for some food to serve. Since I am not into cooking I enjoy ordering food from outlets when guests come in. I ordered food for them too from McDonalds, after all kids enjoy eating junk food which they hardly get to eat at their home. But to my surprise one of them refused to eat food from outside. He simply asked for something which was made at home and was vegetarian since it was Thursday.

My God!!! My cheeks went red in fear as I had invited them during afternoon when everyone was out for work so that no one would get disturbed. Who should I ask to cook. What do I do now. I was terrified and tried hard to convince the kid (by the way he was Manas the foodie in the book) that I can order something vegetarian for him but he simply refused and said that he would like to leave while Wincing at me.

I had to think quickly but what do I do. I asked him to wait and enjoy with other kids while I searched my fridge frantically for something. Thankfully I saw half packet of Mc Cain Smiles lying in the freezer. I quickly took white bread. Kept some oil to heat on the gas. Meanwhile I spread little butter on the slices and added a cheese slice on it with piece of onion, capsicum and slices of cucumber. Meanwhile the oil was heated and the Mc Cain smiles were also now on natural temperature. I quickly took a piece of one Mc Cain Smiles and deep fried it.

I added that in-between the slices and kept the whole thing in toast maker while praying that the foodie boy liked this. With my fingers crossed I served it to him with ketchup wondering what his reaction would be.

All I was praying in my heart was om namah shivay isko ye pasand aajaye please God.(Please God, he likes it )

I decorated plate with sandwich divided into four pieces with ketchup in between and gave him to eat. He squinted at the plate and took a piece dipped in the ketchup and took his first bite. At that time I felt I was a contestant of Masterchef and he was Sanjeev Kapoor about to approve or disapprove my creation.

He ate it and smiled while his eyes went wide open and all he said with stuffed mouth was Yummy didi .

What a relief I had!!! At that time atlast little Sanjeev Kapoor had approved my dish for me. It was Shetall ji aap agle round me ja rahin hai ..( Shetall , you are eligible for our next round )

Looking at him , the other kids also wanted to taste so they tried taking little bits of it from him and soon everyone wanted that!!!

I was amazed at my own cooking skill. Never knew I could cook something so tasty within minutes.

Well, the packet was finished in a jiffy. They all enjoyed Mc Cain smile sandwich. More over I was happy for the boy who had refused to eat anything from outside. This difficult test led me to know a new Me. Now I had a new feather in my cap. I knew “I too can cook”. All the kids asked for more.
Next day their mommies were at my door asking for the recipe. No wonder I did share it with them but the wonder kids could not find that taste. They kept on coming back to my house every now and then asking didi, can you please make one smile sandwich for us please.

I thanked God for an instant inspiration on how to use Mc Cain smiles with vegetables and cheese lying at home at that time with bringing smile on everyone’s face.

This one instant is now in my sweet memories with a folder named unforgettable memories and will remain so even if I get married and have my own kids.

It is difficult to make little ones happy and once they are happy they keep coming back to you for the dose of happiness and smiles every time. Thanks to Mc Cain for creating Smiles which can give instant happiness to everyone.

Together Forever

We were together. I forgot the rest. Walt Whitman

To me togetherness means switching off mobile phones and having time of my life with my family and friends.

For me, togetherness means recalling happy times spent with our loved ones. While writing about togetherness I get washed off into memories of how it felt to be together at one phase of my life. I recalled tiny Sheetal following her grandfather wherever he used to go. I recalled once when my grandfather was all set to travel to Allahabad to meet his sister and I asked him to take me along, he warned me that I would get bored as there were no kids there with whom I could play with but I just wanted to go with him and to go with him I would agree to everything he would say. I promised him that I will study there and would not trouble anyone and moreover I will take my toys and would not get weary for sure

He laughed and next day we both were in train , I was so happy watching out from the window of the train. This is something that I still can enjoy while traveling in trains. Alas! Those were the days …. Upon reaching Allahabad within hours I felt bored and asked my grandfather to take me back home. He took me to a big garden of his sister where I saw plenty of vegetables growing in the garden . No wonder that was something very different for tiny Sheetal. Four days continues we both spent our quality time in her big garden and my grandfather taught me magic of growing tomatoes, reddish, turnips and many more. I still remember tasting them instantly as he used to carry a little knife along with him in the garden. That taste of turnip reddish and tomatoes were so different. I had a good time with him and no wonder I learnt about fertilization and how to sow a seed . He taught me that When growing vegetables, keep in mind that many root vegetable seeds are sown in cool seasons, either early spring or later summer/early fall for a fall crop. To avoid buildup of pests and diseases in the garden, rotate your root vegetables by family and water them. L
Later I read about in my school book .

I remember another instance when I was so fond of this advertisement of Kissan Jam on T.V ( kissan jam chahe jese khaiye ) that I used to sing to him every day and every time. No wonder my grandfather bought Kissan Jam and Sauce for me . My eyes twinkled and we both used to have variety of deleicous breakfasts which would have jam and sauce included in my breakfast. I would refuse to eat a breakfast if it was not prepared by my grand father.

He used to heat up bread with little oil till it used to become crispy and then would spread Kissan Jam on that for me along with one glass of milk and the bestest breakfast was enjoying Kissan sauce with a tasty Omelet made by him.

Yes , those were the days we both enjoyed the true meaning of togetherness that of course made me learn loads of things while spending time with him and whenever I recall memories I recall that saccharine taste of Kissan Jam and no wonder now now how much I miss enjoying omelet with Kissan Sauce made by him.

People may come and go from your life but the bliss of enjoying togetherness at one phase of your life with them while leaving your gadgets aside will soon become a memory to cherish and fairytales for coming generation to listen……

I sat on the window seat of a train waiting for my station
Train stopped at every station making me meet new someone
Some told me stories of frustration
Some told me stories of love and infatuation
Guarded by time they got off on their station
Thanking them for the time they spent with me
Creating memories of togetherness indeed
I bid them good bye with smile holding melancholy of separation
Reminiscing stories they left with me as a treasure
I continued waiting for my station