Passionately yours! 

It  was a thought that knocked his mind

Bewitched by her looks

Finding her time to time

One after another

He kept on taking birth

Till he finally met her in this life

He did not lose a chance

Managed to knock the door of her heart

She learnt about him through folklore

Unable to recognise her last tryst with him near seashore

It was then that he seized her into his arms

She felt helpless and asked

Who are you

Following me day and night

His eyes spoke volumes of love while lips were tight

Her heart raced fast

As he took a deep breath near her neckline

I am passionately yours  my dame

I am born from time to time To be with you

I am sorry it took a while

She heard him saying that in her mind



He knew how to eat his piece of cake

Haunting  her day and night

Trying to take  her to the lake

Offering her milkshake

As if it is not a date

He did what he could only to bring her disgrace

All he knew was how to eat his piece of cake



Today I sat in silence and leaped deep in time

Recalling each and everyone I have left behind

What a life I have lived, I thought for a while

Recalling each soul as a teacher of mine!!

Some gave me memories filled with love

Some gave me reminiscences filled with lessons

That made my higher self dub

What will I take along I thought

My heart whispered, all said and done will be left at this point

The drama that we lived will be forgiven and forgotten with time

Like a missed dime

You will carry them in your karmas

The lessons they taught, the love they gave

Their soul will luster with pride when they will see you shine

I whispered thank you for being my guardian and showing me my path

Thank you for taking my hand and making me walk

I don’t know if my words can tell you

How much I will  miss your presence in this lifetime

All I hold is gratitude for you in my spirit for being my teacher

All I hold is the lessons I learnt from my preachers

When time asks me to leave this lifetime

I will carry a little bit of you along with me in my next life…

Goodbye 2015

2015, you have been too harsh on me
As you entered my life you tried snatching the light from my eyes
Thank God I had my father around to regain happiness one more time.

The moment I was out from the pain
You made my office harem
That made me cry making me realize helping people was a big mistake
Thank God I had my fathers shoulder to cry on and his words bought me solace

I was happy spending time around with him everyday
Watching old movies
Being his assistant cook
Life once again smiled
But you could not tolerate that too and took him away

People started showing their true colors
Friends and relatives lost respect and love I had in my heart
Life changed and I grew up in a day
I was sad one more time may be forever this time
As a part of me died in me that can never regain

You kept on attacking and I kept on fighting
Proving myself to be a true warrior I bid you good bye forever
I pray that 2016 keeps me strong
May it help me to take care of my family
May it help me to hide the wounds you have given
Guiding me towards light and road towards heaven

Sailing Ship

Starting my day with your smile
Sigh! I am now all left with fright and bile
Sauntering on street last night requesting God to send you back in this lifetime
Suddenly I was taken aback in time
Sweet was your memory when you walked by my side
Solving all my issues and taking care of my every dime
Silently I learnt that I was special part of your life
Sneb Shetall said mamma when I scored low
Smilingly you held me near your chest & loved me more
Snickering every morning we began our day’s show
Savoring food made by you made people invite themselves to our home
Slowly time passed by and a day came when you chose to leave me forlorn
Smile you said in my dreams as you will always be with me till I finish my show
Salvificing your memory in my heart like scintillating stars that could inspire my heart
Sailing this ship of life wishing to be like you ,delight to every eye till I end my show

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Did you miss me

I slept wondering if he would miss me
Was it easy for him to leave me?
I saw him going happily
Surprisingly He came back and asked me
If I would like to come along with him
My eyes startled when I saw him
Without thinking twice I agreed.
He took me to a place where the weather was sunny
The color green on trees was different
The trees were poles apart
The clouds were round like a clock
They were making different shapes of flowers and leaves
I saw sun playing hide and seek.
The light of the sun was bright yellow
The vision of the beauty around kept on shifting
That I felt like capturing
He said it won’t come even if you try umpteen times
The light here is too bright but try again if you want to .
I was busy making various attempts in clicking
Suddenly he said its time for you to leave as the time is kicking
I don’t want to go my heart whispered to him
But all of a sudden I saw a white light forcing me to open my eyes
It was tube light on my head which was forcing me to witness sight
I realized I had met him and traveled along with him
I met him in my dream and he was no more in this world
But still I was breathing……..

Looking at the stars

As I saunter in the moon light
Searching for my path full of insights
I witnessed stars playing in darkness
As if some background making them shine
Looking up in the sky I shriek my ongoing dilemma
Asking for an answer from divine
The stars twinkled with shapes around
Sometimes they conjure and looked like seven
Sometimes like face looking at me from heaven
I kept on watching them how they shine so bright
Making shapes and sometimes dropping down in front of my eye
Insight struck on my mind
In darkness they play larks
In night they shine so bright that dusk is admired by every sight
The gloom looms like a plight
Sometimes hiding stars with the layer of black line
They come out again shining bright
You take your ongoing impasse as darkness
Consider yourself a twinkling star shining bright
Even if darkness tries to hide you in its cocoon
Understand, unknowingly it is polishing your sight
Get up and keep moving as nothing lasts forever
Not this daunting plight
Understand you have met darkness as you have been tricked by your subconscious mind
Change the way you witness your situation

Trust me; insight would come only when you consciously choose to twinkle a little with delight

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Mothers day

As I kept my head on pillow last night bidding myself goodnight
I sneezed thinking he missed me while flying
I took a turn to check my phone in dim light
I received a message from my mother saying I miss you my child
For a moment, I was her tiny kid again
My heart flourished with thousand of memoirs in time
I realized how I abstain little me while being a wife
I realize my inner child dancing tonight
For a second, I missed being a child
Oh mother, how much you pampered me
How can I leave your thought behind?
Nostalgia crept into my mind
Tears kissed my cheek yearning for her one sight
Oh mother, I love you so much
Your one message caressed my whole world like a dime.
Wonder why I missed being missed by you. Sigh!!
I replied to her text saying happy mother’s day mamma
Your child miss you too
Alas she got confused in-between being a child and a wife

Weaving the threads

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item an object, a symbol, a place- in each part



He chanted ohm with a thread of seed in a temple to ask for a girl to marry

She chanted ohm with a thread of seed in a temple to ask for a job in hurry

The child chanted ohm with a thread of seed in a temple to ask for parents in glory

As they all opened their eyes they saw each other by their side

Asking each other what they plead in a while

The boy was a business man and he gave her the job instantly

She was in a marriageable age she thought she could not find better groom then him for her

He liked her and fell in love with her innocent smile

They decided to date but the child was left behind

The child asked what about my plea

They looked at each other and decided to take care of him with glee

They were destined to meet each other in the same story at the same time

This how God weave the threads of human but innocent human still keep on asking for sign