An haunting affair


I saw myself roaming around in an abandoned warehouse which was burnt and  was full of dust. I could not see anything clearly but I am sure it was a warehouse. I saw a man  standing there . I approached him to talk but he refused to look at me.


What happened after that, asked Sia who was listening to Ria’s dream with curiosity.


Ria was still lost her in thoughts and murmured , I think mother pulled the curtain’s of my room to wake me up.


Idiot !! is this what you wanted to tell me.


Yes I mean no there was something mesmerizing about that warehouse and this man .


What questioned Sia.


The man was very handsome and had a captivating smile and I felt like I have been there in that warehouse before.


Get over your dream and its time that you get ready for your work, I too have to leave said Sia a bit goaded.


The day was a normal day with nothing eventful happening .But the morning dream  kept on haunting Ria. She caught herself trying to ignore those thoughts and pushed herself to finish the work on her workstation Her manager tapped on her shoulder and introduced  her to a new co worker Ajay .  She stood up to shake hands with him and was aghast of suddenly having a vision of him and a black woman pushing her into a mob and killing her


A bit shocked she mumbled a feeble hello to Ajay. She could  not understand what was happening.. Days passed and Ajay tried to become friends with  Ria but she tried ignoring him but somewhere in the corner of her heart she felt  being pulled towards Ajay. With passing  time she fell madly  in love with Ajay .


Ria was a happy girl. She had many friends in her office as she had a cheerful and helpful nature. Her hearty laughter could be heard from far off . This brought Jealousy in Ajay and one day he told Ria that he would love to see her crying and unhappy.


Ria was shocked and offended by such an selfish statement of Ajay .She questioned him what he meant by such a connoted statement. But Ajay smiled mysteriously.


Things started changing at work and Ria  found herself  engulfed in many conspiracies working against her .Ajay had promised  marriage to Ria  but later refused .He started flirting with other co workers in front of   Ria . Soon her health started suffering and she plunged into depression. Her parents were worried for her life



Suddenly the dreams of Warehouse and the man started reappearing and this time Ria recognized this man. It was  Ajay!!!


She woke up with a gush and tried searching the meaning of her dream, but failed miserably.


She resigned from her work and refused to step out of her home. Once a happy girl was now full of sadness.


Ria started praying for help and guidance from the supreme power.


Her family thought it would be appropriate if they left India for good. Ria’s father decided to move to Netherlands. One day while packing Ria heard someone knocking on the main gate .She opened the door and was engulfed in a white luminous light entering her house. She tried hard to see and to speak but she couldn’t. She just got lost in time.



She saw herself sitting with Archangel Chamuel He was dressed in bright pink robe and had long golden hair.He had beautiful shinning wings with all the colors. No wonder she felt peaceful but was also scared, so tried to escape but she could not. Archangel Chamuel forced Ria to look into his eyes. Ria felt black fumes coming out of her body.


Who are you she mumbled.


I am Chamuel


Who Chamuel


I am the Angel of Love he said.I saw you depressed. I heard your prayers too seeking help from this misery hence here I am here  my child he said.

What were those black fumes she asked.


It was the negativity which had engulfed you .It could not stand me


I am scared she said.


No you are not .You are in safe hands.


With tears in her eyes she asked for guidance from Archangel Chamuel


I want you to travel to Netherlands and find that warehouse for yourself..


Warehouse she asked startled. How do you know about it


He smiled and said I am an angel.  When you travel on your astral level while you think you are sleeping your guardian angels protect you and when there is something wrong with your astral travel they approach us for help.


Where is that Warehouse in Netherlands?


You will be guided in time .Before that you have to promise me to forget everything and start loving yourself


Ria sadly turned her misty eyes away. Archangel Chamuel lifted her chin smiled and said forgive yourself. It was not your fault .Look for that warehouse .It holds the key to your happy future.


With those words she saw herself back in her home .


Who is it Ria asked her mother


She looked out and saw a magazine lying which described the culture of Netherlands.


I don’t know someone dropped a magazine which has history of Netherlands


She took that magazine and started reading. While flying to Netherlands she read about the Dutch Empire . She wanted to see if she could see a picture of warehouse or something in relation to it but Alas! The magazine just had a small article about Netherlands.



On reaching Netherlands she sensed the familiarity with the country. It seemed as  if she has been here and knew the country like the back of her hand !!!


She had a strong urge pulling her to visit Volendam . The family was surprised but thought that may be she had read about it in the magazine.


They directed the taxi to move towards Volendam . While traveling towards the city they gathered information about it from the cab driver.


Ria’s Sister Sia said this place is famous for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. The women’s costume of Volendam, with its high, pointed bonnet, is one of the most recognizable of the Dutch traditional costumes, and is often featured on tourist postcards and posters (although there are believed to be fewer than 50 women now wearing the costume as part of their daily lives, most of them elderly). There is a regular ferry connection to Marken, a peninsula close by. Volendam also features a small museum about its history and clothing style, and visitors can have their pictures taken in traditional Dutch costumes.


Why do you want to visit this place asked Sia inquisitively


Ria had no answer to it.


As they reached the place they were very tired and all of them went to hotel and slept but  Ria  went out of the hotel and started walking towards a lane which was empty. She could not see anyone. She had an uncomfortable feeling in her bones and felt being drawn into that lonely lane. Suddenly she saw the warehouse which she had been seeing  in her dreams .


She was enthralled. She heard a voice asking her not to come in and told her the warehouse was cursed. Don’t go inside otherwise you will never come out but she did not heed to the warning and opened the door and went inside. Her heart was pounding with fear and curiosity. She felt her throat parched. She wanted to drink some water urgently but could found none.


As she entered inside the door closed automatically. She turned back and tried to open the door with her full energy but she couldn’t.  She cried for help but felt her voice choking.


She saw huge boxes covered in dust as she had seen in her dreams. She heard someone calling her. The voice said at last you are here Roza. I have been waiting for you since eternity.


She turned around but saw no one around. She tried to speak but fear choked her throat.


Don’t fear Roza you are my twin soul, you were supposed to travel in time to release me and Alex.


Ria calmed down and remembered what Archangel Chamuel had told her. She mustered courage  and  asked what do you mean?


Suddenly she saw the shadow of Ajay and herself. She tried to follow the shadows but fell.


Roza don’t panic sit calmly and I will explain you everything.



First of all I am Ria  and not Roza. Why am I seeing mine and my ex lovers shadows. To this she saw both the shadows coming near her .Her heart raced with fear and then she saw the shadows speaking.


I am Alex and now Ajay in this birth. My sin was that I cheated the woman I loved the most for money and power and the sin soon turned into curse when an angel saw Roza i.e you in agony because of me.


You and Ajay is our twin souls who decided to come on this earth to free us from the curse.


I cannot understand what you are talking about said Ria.


The spirt of Roza bought a bottle of water  and asked her to drink and to listen to them with patience.


They told her that way back in 18th century when I Roza who is  Ria now fell in love with a sailor. Though everyone warned Roza,she chose not to believe Alex who is Ajay now was the  devil son .But Roza did not heed anybody’s warning and went ahead to love Alex with all her heart.


Later when the devil appeared in front of Roza accusing her of making his son an angel through magic Roza was disappointed. Alex loved Roza and wanted to become a good person but Devil refused to let go of his heir that is  his only son Alex.


Roza was a well known healer and a painter who  was blessed with the magical properities to heal. Her paintings were adored.  She was famous but as Devil was more powerful he started bringing shame to Roza and soon her magical touch which healed people was gone.


She didn’t know when Alex chose to make his way back to his Kingdome of Devils and the plan was set out to kill Roza . He got engaged to Nidira the most powerful Demon’s daughter and they both tricked her one day to this warehouse where Roza used to keep all her paintings and her healing crystals. It was rumored in the village by Alex that Roza was a witch and was doing witchcraft inside the warehouse. The mob gathered there and burnt the warehouse with Roza tied inside only. Roza passed over holding resentment, anger and hurt in her heart.


Roza’s spirt intervene and said that My God mother cursed Alex to stay with me in this warehouse only till I am granted permission to enter heaven. Nidira escaped when she was cursing Alex  and never came back to help Alex.


Upon praying hard an Angel appeared and gave us this solution. If only our twin soul playing the same story can forgive each other we would be free.


Roza said , I have prayed harder and I want you to  forgive Ajay for breaking your heart otherwise we would be in this warehouse forever till you take rebirth again and meet him with the same drama played again.


She could not figure out what was happening but she prayed hard and soon when they were out to visit a museum she felt Archangel Chamuel close to her .she approached him and he said so have you started loving yourself while turning her towards mirror. She could not see her face while noticing her action he said remember this is the first step of forgiving Alex . I told you, you are here for a reason the moment she looked into the mirror to see Archangel Chamuel he was gone.


Ria kept on thinking hard while traveling and saw signs which lead her to make eye contact with her through the mirror She came back to India and she was back to who she was, when one day she saw Ajay. She first stepped back anxiously but mustered courage to say a hello to him again.


Ajay was astounded but did not utter a word. He saw how she was back to her peppy nature once again; He also saw her roaming around with another guy whom she introduced as her fiancé.


Ajay, lets forgive each other in all times and set ourselves free from each other upon saying this she touched his hand and made an eye contact which was amiable.


As she moved forward he stopped her and said you and me are like sun and moon as lovers who rarely meet. Always chase. And always miss one another but   once in a while moon and sun catch up and they kiss, and the whole world stares in awe of their eclipse. I would wait for another lifetime to kiss you and to catch up with you.  With a sarcastic smile he left but she didn’t care cause she had moved on and she knew she had freed herself. It was him who refused to forgive himself and she knew that the son of Devil would be helped one day by an Angel and he would be able to free his spirit from that abandoned warehouse one day  an haunting affair will come to an end !!

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