Another star was fallen

Sad news one after another, yesterday it was Irfan Khan and today Rishi Kapoor.
I admired both of them not just for their acting skills but for their talks on social media.
Sometimes, we humans end up connecting our chords with those who are not our family.
They were just doing their job by entertaining us and we became their fans by making them part of our lives. We imitate their thinking, their style in our lives. May be because somewhere we see our mirror image in them or of someone we cared about that we have lost. .
Yes, truth is that I not only enjoyed reading his tweets but many times commented on them. After my father died, the India pakistan match had no meanings , the matches, discussion about players , the chill beer party everything was lost.
One day when I saw Rishi Kapoor tweeting constantly about the runs and the overs , something in me said hell yes this used to be a part of my happiness, why not revive it once to make my father’s soul happy, sending a message to him in his new world that we are trying to find the happiness that we lost with you.
Cheers over a victory of Indian team even though it was virtual on tweet with someone stranger, who could have been my crush if I would have born during his time. Nonetheless, Rishi Kapoor was someone who could bring smile to a frowning face with his tweets, many times when media captured his irritation on the face , I could see my father in him. May be searching for my father led me to his path.
The actors talk, show who they are and we follow them because a part of us is carried along with them sometimes in their behaviour, sometimes in words and many times in their way of thinking.
Finding name and fame is like finding look alikes. I dont yearn for that but yes there are quite very few of the celebrities that i can connect easily. Today it looks like loosing papa one more time.
The tears did fell down after the news of passing Rishi Kapoor was in the air but I am grateful that his suffering is over. The video that was last shot with the boy shows how difficult it was for him to breath but he fought as a true warrior.
For me, not just an actor but another warrior has gone. I pray for all those around the world who so ever are fighting their battles with cancer, may they win and may we stop loosing our warriors to cancer.
Loads of love and hugs to you Rishi ji you were a sweet heart and will remain a sweet heart and a heart throb for many girls. May your soul rest in peace.The heaven doors are wide open for a gem of person like you. Good bye!!!!!

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