8th March

A woman is the creator of all it is said.

Once upon a time, Gods and Demons decide to play a game. They created World, a powerful chess game on earth in which white pawns would play for God’s side and black from the Devil’s side.

God and Devil together decided that the game should look wonderful and interesting. Hence God created the beautiful sky, mountains, and rivers. God kissed his creation. He asked the Devil to look at how wonderful and green the world looked.

Jealous Devil thought for a while. He searched for a way to enter into God’s unsurpassed creation but couldn’t.

He was jealous and angry too. This led him to his mother to complain.

He asked her: Why God always win. I too want to be a winner. There is no space for me in his creation.

The mother laughed. She asked all the angels and demons to follow her to God’s abode. There she asked God to show her his creation. Looking at it she decided to create human as a pawn in the hands of God and Demon. They both agreed but this human has to be a man insisted on the Devil. After all, the game would be played between The God , The man and The Demon. Hence they created Adam.

When they sent Adam to the world, he started enjoying God’s creation but got bored. The Devil realized his mistake of asking to create only a man. He then again visited God asking how we would play with only one man. God smiled and took the Devil along to his creator who was a Woman. The Woman decided that God must create a Woman to accompany and give company to this man. The idea sounded interesting to both of them. After working hard God created a woman naming her Eve.

Both Adam and Eve were happy to be on earth enjoying each other’s company but Devil was unhappy since he still could not find his way into the world.

Once again the door of God was knocked again by Devil. He asked God how will they play with one woman and one man. They needed more humans (pawns) around hence God needs to create more of humans that too in millions.

God said: I can do that in minutes but they need a portal to enter this world because I cannot grow them.

The Devil was disheartened but he didn’t give up. He once again went to the creator of God and Devil, the mother of all the Goddess and requested her to make their game interesting.

The Goddess thought about it and said Womb of a woman would be the portal for souls to enter the world. She added that they (woman) would give birth to good souls (White Pawn) and the Bad souls ( Black Pawn ) to make the game between God and Devil interesting. But hey, Devil was greedy he wanted more hence he asked God to place some emotions that could be fooled easily and would bring humour to both Devil and God.

Both agreed to it. That was when Devil threw an apple on the earth and whispered in Adam and Eve’s ears “Do not eat it”. Here he was playing with his first pawn and the world was created.

Both the God and the Devil shook hands and congratulated each other on creating this interesting game but they forgot that God’s creativity and Devil’s intelligence of creating emotions would have not worked until the Goddess (Woman) herself would have not given them ideas.

Both the kids turned out to be thankless but she the creator of all was their mother and forgeave them easily. Since then we all humans are pawns in the hands of God and Demon, The mother to all is a strong personality that is the reason she makes her own place in the man’s world. Playing with her favourite kids the game they wanted to play. She strives hard. Sometimes learn her lessons brutally, sometimes makes them learn theirs. She often gets bowled over by her own kids but she stays quiet even when they hurt her.

We are born out of the portal of a woman yet we disrespect her. We take birth cursing our mothers for bring us in this world. We look at other women with a greedy eye, rape her, play with her feelings and emotions, twist her, toss her, abuse her and then kill her yet we celebrate 8th March Women’s day and tell the world how strong she is! We have the audacity to stand in front of the picture of Goddess and pray for our sins while women on this earth are being raped and abused. After all, we are humans pawns in hands of celestial being sometimes we appreciate and sometimes we make woman’s life miserable in our own good manner. But still we all wish Happy Women’s Day!!!!!

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