What do you desire

What do you desire? Answer this and the magic of Lucifer begins. The Devil wants your demon to be strongest only when you get what you desire isn’t it?
To all those who have read my blogs, I know I am writing after a long hiatus. I wanted to share with you all how Netflix managed to engage my interest in metaphoric stories.
Most of the times, in my conversation with God, I ask many questions which unfortunately remain unanswered. These questions arise every day from my sadness and fears. I cannot force answers from The God and with passing time I end up forgetting the questions itself.
I did not expect God bringing Netflix as an answer to my queries with the awesome series named “Lucifer”.
The person who believed that sitting in front of this idiot box called T.V is equivalent to wasting your life, Lucifer series proved me wrong. I got glued watching Lucifer. Unabatingly, I kept watching it till the end, now desperately waiting for the new season to come. To be truthful to all of you each season holds amazing answers to various chapters of our lives.
The series not only answered my queries but also changed my perspective about the Devil and his demons. The series would have failed without many awesome characters it had. Maze my favourite bounty hunter is the strongest demon. Chloe, God’s miracle made me believe that people come in your life not as seasons but as lessons and of course always for a reason. Dan or shall I call Detective Douche who does Improv to fight through his depressive state or Charlotte, the sexy lady, the one who makes men die for her can to be lonely at heart. Above all Linda and Amanadeil .. you never know when you end up in bed with an angel. Lol.
To be frank the cover page of all of them is Thomas John Ellis a.k.a Tom Ellis playing the role of Lucifer made me fell in love with him. The awesomeness in his acting and his voice with the British accent took my heart away. I realized later that I ended up falling for LUCIFER the Demon.
Life brings on many twists and turns but sometimes the answer can lie in watching amazing metaphoric series like Lucifer, Siempre Baruja and many more Netflix brings us.
I admit I am a huge huge fan of Tom Ellis now not to mention after Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves.
I wish Netflix soon brings season 4 of Lucifer as there are still hell loops that I am following in this lifetime. Its time to get rid of them.
Love you Lucifer. Hats off to the story writer and dialogue writer. Kudos to the amazing team of the series. You all are unique in your own way and trust me no one else can play a better role then you do.
I would love to ask Tom Ellis so handsome man, what do you desire? lol


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