Lost another someone special

It was 15th December, 2015, I heard Christmas carols, people dancing, singing carols spreading joy but where was I? I was sitting inside the house cursing life.That was when i heard a 4 month old stray puppy howling, she too had lost her someone special like me. She lost her brother and her mother. I had lost my father and my grandfather. Both were my strength but God had snached both of them in the short span of 2years. Somewhere our sorrow brought us close.
I sneaked outside my window since it was almost sleeping time. I saw that stray puppy sitting outside my gate and howling. I too was crying.
I went outside and held her in my arms . I heard a voice.. someone was cursing her , without knowing what she was going through.. aree pagal chup kar.. ( stupid bitch stop howling)
I smiled and named her Pagli ( stupid)

Time flied and she had her babies. Out of 7 babies 2 survived a boy and a girl. I told pagli look, your brother and your mother is back. She smiled and was happy.
They became her besties.
Time flied again and she lost her second litter. I was once again out to console her by this time I was recovering from my loss. She took my counselling and once again she was happy and dancing.

Days turned into months and months into an year.. she was expecting again I spoke to doctor about getting her neutered since she was expecting her litter, doctor asked me to wait.

Never knew, my girl, my pagli, my friend in grief would leave this world the day I gave her a name. She passed away without delivering her litter this year in the dark night of 15th December, 2018.

Death is inevitable and full of surprises. She makes your heart ache with pain and enjoys. She likes tears in your eyes, she likes you to feel lonely. I lost my partner in grief. Her kids lost their mother.

Me, the human who is the most dangerous animal in this world cries.. the tears of loss, the tears of losinga loved one, the tears of repentance so that loss does not make me survive with other humans around who are animals… social animals.

For the humans around she was just a stray bitch but for me she was a God sent angel who shared her emotions with me.

Pagli beta, May you reunite with your brother and your mother on the rainbow gate and May God have mercy on your soul. Rest in peace doll.


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