15th August,2018


Its happy birthday for India in just a month, are you ready for celebrations? It’s also time to show the world how patriotic you are. But before that why not contemplate your thoughts on the below-mentioned questions. Trust me these are my thoughts too.

Why should we celebrate this day?
As a civilian, I celebrate this day because at times I can combine my leaves and take off for a long weekend vacation, like many of us.
I celebrate because this is one day where I fly a kite with my friends playing loud music in the background. No one would dare stop me. You know why because if we look around everyone is doing the same
I celebrate this day with my cousins and friends roaming around the whole city on our bikes and cars proudly carrying our national flag showing the world how patriotic we are. Or taking selfies at a happening mall with friends showing to the world how we enjoyed our independence day. It gives us the reason to forward messages to everyone on our friend’s list who we hardly talk to just to start the communication one more time!
But few of us think the real reason behind this.

How do we celebrate the day?
We change our display picture in the app. We do the same on social media by applying colours of our flags on our face or carrying the flag in hand to show the world how Patriotic we are. We celebrate it with our near and dear ones sitting somewhere having a good time eating and doing things we like and discussing everything missing about the system. Someone in the group is happy with the system and someone is not at all. Only some of us thank the Army patrolling our borders keeping their lives at risk to make our lives safe and sound.
Have we ever given a thought that what have we done for our country as civilians? What does the society do for the country which is giving us shelter and strives each day to give us the simple pleasures of simple living!
Unfortunately, nobody talks or think about what we should be doing for our country to prove our patriotism. Next day we see our country flags lying in lanes or thrown on the roads. This is the harsh reality and definition of being patriotic.
Every year I silently witness this drama around. Unfortunately, there was a time when I too was a part of all this. But my perception changed when last year someone sent me a message on the next day of Independence, saying the patriotic ghost is gone. The day is over change your display picture.
This hit me hard somewhere. It stuck to my mind. I questioned myself that when I forward a message to a fellow citizen saying Happy birthday to our country or happy independence day to our country what gift am I giving as a society or as a citizen to my country? Nothing ! that day I promised myself that I would give a gift to my country next year.
I don’t know whether with my storybooks where I keep on introducing Indian culture or culture of other countries I might have influenced some hearts or minds but I have counted that as my bit to enhance the personality of my countries people and country
I planted trees and plants in my area. Strangers passing by would ask me why I keep doing that and I told them that it would help us have more oxygen around. By planting trees or having a green garden would help us do with our bit to the society. I am not sure whether I influenced them to do their bit too.
I took a help of a local veterinary doctor and some animal lovers around my local area. Together we got all the stray dogs in our lane vaccinated. We do not need NGO’s to do that when like-minded people can stand together and put an effort. We did it and we influenced other people across our lanes to do the same. Stray dogs are necessary as they are better guards to the society. All they want is little love and food 2 times a day. Together we did our bit.
Some frustrated people are full of complaints when it comes to the system or whatever you are trying to do. We too have some people around who complained about doggy’s poo. It is easy to sit and complain and difficult to find a solution. But people who concentrate more on a solution than on the problem helps in enhancing society. We requested the road cleaner to come by 11 am. Trust me the lanes are cleaner than before. I believe the sweeper also did his bit for the society.
I did an effort on saving water by using a.c water for cleaning my marble floors at home. We taught kids around on how we could save water instead of wasting water. We tried introducing an electronic system which stops the water and hence it does not spill from the tanks on everybody’s homes.
This time, I am gifting my country a bit better environment by having more plants around us. I am gifting security to elders, housewives and kids who spend their entire day at home or go out to play by vaccinating stray dogs and giving them food two times a day so they become our best watchmen.
This time, I am gifting my country people their ‘me’ time by creating wonderful posts and writing stories where I have introduced Indian states.
This time, I am gifting more cleaner roads to my county.
This time, I am giving a gift of saving water for my country.
This time I can proudly call myself patriotic. What about you? What you are gifting to your country as a society or as an individual. Do share and inspire me with your views.




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