Life is a box of…

Life is a box of … said Roli and before she could complete her sentence her mother entered her room irritated and told her she was going out to buy groceries. Her mother left the house banging the door in anger behind. Roli kept sitting near her room window, took a deep breath and murmured…. Life is a box of loneliness and sadness. She wondered if her father would have been alive today her mum would have been much happier and sweeter. Momo, her pet would have danced around the house as he used to do because he was very happy when her father was around. She said to herself loudly “but now this house is silent as if it has lost its heartbeat.. and so am I”. Where is life leading me she wondered. There her pet Momo was pleading with her to take him for a walk so she put him on a leash and took him out for a walk.
Momo loved roaming around in circles around the park. Roli smilingly kept going on round and round as Momo wanted. Roli knew and also felt that going back to her house seemed like going back to a cremation ground where all she would hear would silent cries. She and Momo would often sit in front of the house for long hours before their mum would come back and then enter the home with her. The depression in all of them was at its peak. Roli had also lost her job. Her mum had become a zombie. She would only make food half-heartedly and then spend rest of her day sleeping or watching t.v. Is this the life I asked for, Roli asked God one day in her prayers and went away to sleep.
Next day, Roli asked her mother if they can go out for a short vacation as it seemed that the house was killing her. Her mother smiled and said they do not have any relative who would welcome them at their residence with Momo and also they did not have enough money to afford a vacation, so instead of having money spending ideas she should start looking for a job and forget about wasting money on vacations.
Roli took the newspaper and started looking for jobs which she found to be boring and monotonous. Out of the blues, her eyes went to an advertisement that said to learn and make money by investing in shares. That was it! she found a new line of work. Roli excitedly called on the number, took an appointment and reached the agency. The agency had two people in total. The owner was the broker himself and he had one assistant who would help him with his work.
Roli was baffled. How can an agency have two people? Both were elder to her but anyhow she wanted to learn so she shelled out her only savings and gave them the fees to teach her.
Roli was enjoying learning and soon started investing her money in shares and became a good broker herself within no time. She opened her own small office although she didn’t know where this new line of work would take her. She used her sleepless nights in reading and learning more about the share business. On the other hand, her mother was approached by her sister who was the owner of a bakery and asked her to help in her bakery with baking cakes and pastry. Roli’s mother agreed happily as she felt it was a good diversion and also she could earn some money too.
Time passed by, once a lonely home with no heartbeat was slowly reviving. Now the house was full of visitors. Roli also took to teaching others about the share business, simultaneously investing her own money too in shares. The earning’s had begun. Momo seemed to be happy and playful again. He had started playing with his toys again and ran happily all around the home. Still, the vacuum remained and not a day would pass without missing the man of the house!!
One night, a neighbor of Roli’s gifted her a book. Roli asked him the reason for a gift.He said It was his way of saying thanks to her.Roli had helped him sell his shares a higher rate when he was facing a financial crunch. Roli did not want to break his heart so smilingly she took the gift. The gift was wrapped in a beautiful heavy box. Roli was curious to open the box. Her heart was fluttering in excitement. She felt a tornado will appear suddenly and her life would take a new turn. She was unable to understand her own feelings right now, her hands were shaking while opening the box and everything happening was so unexplainable to her. Anyhow brave Roli did open the box and she saw a huge sky blue colored book with a small cute lock on it. In golden words, the name of the book was written.And it was ” Bringing dead ones back to life”. Roli was now very curious to read the book.As she opened the book the very first page of the book had a warning written in bold letters saying: USE THE SPELLS MENTIONED IN THE BOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK. The author does not stand responsible for it or for any consequences.
She started flipping through the pages. She stopped at a story of a boy who had lost his mother. She started reading the story. She was relating it to herself with it, as she too had lost her father and her happiness. The story had mentioned about a spell for calling back the dead ones. She read that spell forgetting that it could affect her life. While reading the spell she felt that the winds had started blowing with high intensity outside and the windows were banging with each other and the lights in her home were flickering. Momo hid under the bed and started howling. Roli got scared with all this going around her. She immediately shut the book and tried going back to sleep.
Being unaware what tomorrow would bring, she dreamt that she was with her father and was happy once again. Next day, very early morning the doorbell rang. They were sleeping including Momo. The doorbell rang again and Momo started barking in defense. Roli came out of her room and so did her mother. Since it was very early morning they were scared wondering who it could be at this wee hour. Roli held a stick and was ready to hit if it would be a burglar. She told her mother to open the door.
As her mother opened the door, her eyes widened and seemed to be in a state of shock. Roli asked her mother who was it but her mother was too numb to answer. Roli pushed her mother aside and came in front to attack.She was shocked to see her father standing in front of them. Her father was smiling and asking their permission to enter the house. They both were in surprise and let him in. Momo starting wagging his tail but when he sniffed him he ran to Roli’s room and hid under the bed.
Roli was smiling cheeks to ears and thanking the spell and book due to which she knew her father had come back. Her mother kept saying that she could not believe herself. It was not possible. But Roli was happy. Father, you are back. I am so happy to see you again. But she also felt her father had changed. His attitude was not the same. She felt he was trying to observe everyone. Roli saw some bruises on her father’s body and was worried She asked him how he had bruised himself so badly. How did you get that father?
Suddenly her father stood up and grabbed Roli from her neck saying since you missed me so much why don’t you come along to my world daughter. Roli’s mother started begging him to leave Roli. Roli struggled to release herself while saying we all missed your presence father. The winds again started blowing hard. Momo with great courage dragged the book with his mouth towards Roli.
Her father said, you only kept on saying that the life is a box of loneliness and sadness. It’s time for you to end your loneliness and sadness now. The mother saw the book and started desperately flipping the pages to find a solution. Roli screamed and asked her to read page number 45 where the boy had called his mother with the spell.
The father disregarded what she was talking and tightened his hold on her neck more forcefully. Roli was struggling to get out of the clutches of her father. Her mother in while read the spell and asked Roli to change her sentence
Roli was struggling and screamed what sentence mother.
Her mother told her to chant: Life is a box of…… finish that line. Choose words which would calm him. Roli was struggling and was on the edge of fainting. She struggled and with great difficulty chanted life is a box of love. Life is a box of lessons. Her father’s spirit was suddenly calm and they saw his spirit leaving their home. They saw him fading with a smile on his face. Before he left he said my dear daughter these bruises are inflicted on me whenever you cry for me. Each bruise is a tear you shed for me. It is good to recall happy memories you have in your heart and smile.This will help me move in my journey. When I gave you happy moments why you are torturing me with your sadness. I am now neither on earth nor in heaven because of your heavy grief and above that, you called me back to this world that is not mine now. How can I stay here when this world does not belong to me. He folded his hands and requested them to stop grieving and get on with their lives and enjoy the golden moment’s life has to offer them in future and remember him with the love he gave it to them with gratitude instead of cringing on the moments lost. With this, he vanished away. Roli and her mother were in tears but hugged and thank god that they still had each other to survive this life. Roli read the book and realized that their agony of losing a loved one often brings pain to them in their world hence the boy in the book lived his life and made his mother proud by becoming a good man in his world and learnt to thank his parents for giving him a chance to be a part of the world he was living in and taught his kids to be thankful to those who are in another world for supporting them from their world. He learned that the life is the box of opportunities, forming new relations and curiosity of what lies ahead may be another world.
Both Roli and her mother realized after reading the end of the book and the incident which they had been through that they must live their lives in an attitude of gratitude for those they have in their lives presently and those who have left them because their lesson with them came to an end in the present life.
From that day onwards, Roli and her mother would thank their father and husband respectively for giving them a happy life and joyful moments to cherish while he was alive and thank him for blessing them from the other world with love and gratitude ,and Roli when she became a mother she taught her kids that Life is a box of magical moments which they can feel and keep them in their memories but cannot bring it back in the same way it was ever. Hence the attitude of gratitude for what you have in the NOW moment makes you a good person. The journey of her life continues with these thoughts she lived…

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  1. Wow shetall
    Wonderful story…at one point it holds u up with excitement… beautiful story ..looks like u pour your heart out by this story..this story also teaches us that how to live when u loose Ur loved ones ..thanks for sharing and giving me an opportunity to read this …and yess I can relate to that part of the story where the protagonist visits share broker hehehehe…. Jokes apart … Beautiful write up and wonderfully plotted
    Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead 💐 🙂


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