Today I sat in silence and leaped deep in time

Recalling each and everyone I have left behind

What a life I have lived, I thought for a while

Recalling each soul as a teacher of mine!!

Some gave me memories filled with love

Some gave me reminiscences filled with lessons

That made my higher self dub

What will I take along I thought

My heart whispered, all said and done will be left at this point

The drama that we lived will be forgiven and forgotten with time

Like a missed dime

You will carry them in your karmas

The lessons they taught, the love they gave

Their soul will luster with pride when they will see you shine

I whispered thank you for being my guardian and showing me my path

Thank you for taking my hand and making me walk

I don’t know if my words can tell you

How much I will  miss your presence in this lifetime

All I hold is gratitude for you in my spirit for being my teacher

All I hold is the lessons I learnt from my preachers

When time asks me to leave this lifetime

I will carry a little bit of you along with me in my next life…


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