Indian Politics versus Fan

It was just another day for me when I received a forwarded message on my cell phone from a friend



“Watching “FAN” right now. It’s just amazing and mind blowing. I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. You can also watch it live at your place. Just switch it on and it will start revolving at an amazing speed on the top of your roof!!


Laughing!!!  I too laughed after reading it. The question is what do we do when we read jokes which give us hearty laugh.. Yes you are right. We forward it to our friends so that they too can take a minute out from the stressful life to laugh or smile. Sorry Shahrukh Khan but I didn’t create this joke this was forwarded to me!!!!



To my surprise I instantly got a revert  message  from a friend who is  staying in UP cribbing about the load shedding usually done during summers ,saying  that they hardly get to see the fan running .I had no option but to just smile. My phone buzzed again and now another friend was cribbing about how “Samajhwadi party” was ruling in UP and they cannot see fan rolling on the roof cause light is only available for 12 hours a day. When I asked them to make a complaint on the Government website I got a reply saying now this is a joke!! This is not Delhi where every complaint of citizen is taken care of. Sigh! I wish I could tell them how Delhi is functioning under AAP and BJP.


A joke forwarded turned up into heated argument amongst all of us on our cell phone group. The argument made me surf the website of Samajhwadi party where I could not find any feed back or complaint section. Also the last updated bulletin was of February, 2016.


I surfed a little more and noticed that they have advertised about Samajhwadi Akhilesh App. On downloading that also I could not find any complaint or feedback option. May be I missed but you guys must try it…


This is such a shame when it comes to Indian Politics. I have noted the same thing on PM Modi’s app also. They don’t have any feedback or complaint section.


I must admit that our PM and CM  of Delhi are bit too high on using technology for advertising purpose. They are having websites where we can lodge our grievances which only demonstrate their positive side!! But…………..


Grievances, that never get noticed or heard. I too personally have lodged one complaint over thousand times. Every time they issue me a new reference number and this has been going on for the past one year but I haven’t given up. I will continue lodging grievances till they act upon it.


Indian Politicians should learn to use technology to help the citizen of the country instead of boastering.   They shouldn’t use it as a FAN which will not work unless there is light.


Samajwadi party should learn from AAP and BJP and create a grievance cell for the states they are ruling but must also use brains to actually hear  those pleas  and feedback so that they can give excellent services and people feel indebted to vote for  them. This goes for BJP and AAP too. Accepting grievances and issuing the reference number does not solve problems .I feel working on them does !


So Bring some high voltage light on technology and make fan of your services. Roll on high speed just like our amazing attractive and hardworking  Shahrukh Khan in his new movie  Fan .Do is a good movie.

PS Political Parties: Jokes apart , Advertising and showing off what you have done is good but please use social networking sites to hear plea of the citizen of India which surely would help you to improve your services .

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