The Calling from my prespective



It was just like another day when I had nothing to do with grief in my heart churning me to death.


I don’t want to live. I have seen all kind of relations and experienced emotions, What is left in this world for me to see and like everyday before sleeping one more time I invoked for the reason for being alive.


Suddenly, days are silent, as if everything is standstill. I have been invoking for that one reason and nothing happened, until one day I saw my favorite author Priya Kumar sharing tweets with her fans who were thanking her for sending them her latest book  ‘The Calling”.


After months, my heart wanted something. Yes, I wanted this book.. I tweeted her requesting for a copy for myself. She asked for my email id and within an hour I received an email from her secretary asking me for bank transfer of Rs.699/-


No, I didn’t rush at all, I knew I was facing money crunch and money didn’t dance on trees. Money is an investment and deal should be fruitful whether it is in reading a book and learning from it or something else!!!


I gathered up courage and gambled my money because the name “The Calling “was intriguing. Curiosity took the better off me. I forgot all my heart racing emotions. My focus was only on buying the book and I bought it somehow.


It was Saturday afternoon that I received my copy in a packet which said Priya Kumar Training System. On opening, I saw the book which was beautifully wrapped in a paper with a sticker of PK. I was mesmerized.  I didn’t want to tear it at all !! The presentation of the book was beautiful.


I opened the book and I saw a personalized message from the Author for me . It was about happiness!! Happiness that was far away from my life .


Since it was a weekend and family being around I was a bit hesitant how to handle my curiosity to open the book. The little devil in me winked and said no harm in peeping J


I took my little “ME” time and started reading. I must say the story is indeed gripping and the vocabulary used is simple without much jugglery.


The words were dancing in front of my eyes as if they were written for me only. Suddenly, I saw myself as Protagonist who was frustrated with his life and searching for answers of what’s and why’s of life.


Yeah!! I found my reflection in Protagonist.


I read and re-read the Protagonist encounter with the sage as if I wanted that knowledge to seep deep  into my psyche.


I recalled my invocation of “why I am still alive”. The Universe had conspired. The Calling landed in my hands, as if it was a forced divine intervention.


The arrival of this book in my life had a perfect timing. I took three days to finish the book taking my time to take pleasure in each and every word.


Trust me this book is meant to be read carefully. The calling lies in every single word of the book .


The  road to Hemkund Sahib was described in such a way that I felt I was walking along in my imagination and the knowledge given about it was so obvious that I feel like visiting it searching for my Chandu who could be my insightful friend guiding me towards the magical stone and the sage .


With every turn of the page, I questioned my recent belief.  I loved those 3 tests given by a sage to Protagonist and before reading how he performed as I placed myself in the situation. The sagacious Shetall in me passed the first two tests easily but failed in the 3rd one and the reason I failed was because for all these months my emotional level had been hocus pocus. I just could not focus on my self-calling.


This book played the role of an eye opener to me  and the end was beyond imagination. Though with every turn you might have an urge to read it quickly so that you get to the end but I will say patience here plays an amazing role and yes it can change your life and guide you towards your calling in life as it has in my life.I know my Calling now!!


I would give 5 out of 5 stars to this book  and  pray that Priya Kumar  keeps inspiring me  with her books . Love you for creating the Calling.


//“>The Calling is available at Amazon


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