Goodbye 2015

2015, you have been too harsh on me
As you entered my life you tried snatching the light from my eyes
Thank God I had my father around to regain happiness one more time.

The moment I was out from the pain
You made my office harem
That made me cry making me realize helping people was a big mistake
Thank God I had my fathers shoulder to cry on and his words bought me solace

I was happy spending time around with him everyday
Watching old movies
Being his assistant cook
Life once again smiled
But you could not tolerate that too and took him away

People started showing their true colors
Friends and relatives lost respect and love I had in my heart
Life changed and I grew up in a day
I was sad one more time may be forever this time
As a part of me died in me that can never regain

You kept on attacking and I kept on fighting
Proving myself to be a true warrior I bid you good bye forever
I pray that 2016 keeps me strong
May it help me to take care of my family
May it help me to hide the wounds you have given
Guiding me towards light and road towards heaven