Stop Sexual Violence

Sexual violence in India is increasing with each day passing.

A –Judicial system of our country is not strong
B- People lack awareness in our Society
C- Fear of being abused or getting killed. The most strongest of all is “ Log kya kahenge” – “ What will people say”

It is such a shame that when we see other countries are taking stern actions over such cases, we as Indians chose to ignore the fact that raising voice against sexual harassment is crucial.

I personally feel that if we together as a society work on the three basic things we can save many upcoming cases on sexual violence

It is not only necessary to bring awareness in girls but in boys too. The sexual violence does not happen with just girls first of all!!. There are juveniles including boys too who get harassed but choose to keep quiet because of the pressure either built up by the parents or by the one who did it.

By keeping quite we not only support our weak judicial system but encourage such vultures to attack more.

By hiding what happened with you, you end up supporting a statement “ Log kya kahenge” ( what will people say) . It is time now that our society should change. If you choose to show yourself forward in using upgraded electronic gadgets, fashion, styling then why not in your upgraded thinking.

I am sorry to quote an example of Nirbhaya’s case. If she would have been a daughter of any member of parliament or of any high profile family would the court would have let this Juvenile walk out so easily helping him to open a tailor shop and 10 lakh rupees for his future. Deep down inside we all know the answer but unfortunately no one would raise a voice against such judicial system where this act is not strongly punished.

Our government should take a stern action in making this act punishable in such a way that fear should install in every Indian Vulture who rapes.. They should be plagued with the fear of loosing their life or their limbs for the rest of their lives

Further to this our new upcoming generation that is parents needs to change their attitudes and thinking .towards the word sex education.
While writing “The gang of wonder kids” I spent time with these kids who were approaching adolescent and saw that their parents either do not have time for them or if by chance they had they were installing their insecurities into the kids. There was an instance where these kids treated me as their best friend sharing each and everything , While being around them no wonder I was their best buddy , they discussed whatever gibberish they had in mind coz I chose not to draw a line of being an elder with them… I realized boys were very curious about how female body grows and vice versa. Alas! When I tried talking to their parents they all had a line to say “ They are too young for sex education”.. “These days kids have their own mind, they are much clever then us I guess they will figure out themselves”!!

Sorry to say but this curiosity in kids can lead to crime . This curiosity leads to rape , These curiosity leads to be in a relationship where they should be learning about other things, these curiosity leads to FOCUS on things to which they do not have knowledge. Yes they have their own mind and so did we in our era but taming was important at that time and now also, no matter how forward you move. Every thing should not be dependable on schools and teachers. Its YOU who have to invest your time in your kid to make him/her an asset to society ..

Let me remind to these new age parents that your era was different. At that time use of electronic gadgets was not convenient, Come on I would ask these new age parents to grow up now. These days puberty hits at 10 don’t you think it is your responsibility to stand up and be a friend to your kid in a way that they do not fear from you and end up learning all the nitty gritties in a safe environment that is YOU.

In the end, all I can say is the Indian Society needs to open their mind towards their responsibility in giving sex education instead of blaming the kids to be who they are because of the so called dialogue “ all is because of the Generation gap “.

Thank you…

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