Sailing Ship

Starting my day with your smile
Sigh! I am now all left with fright and bile
Sauntering on street last night requesting God to send you back in this lifetime
Suddenly I was taken aback in time
Sweet was your memory when you walked by my side
Solving all my issues and taking care of my every dime
Silently I learnt that I was special part of your life
Sneb Shetall said mamma when I scored low
Smilingly you held me near your chest & loved me more
Snickering every morning we began our day’s show
Savoring food made by you made people invite themselves to our home
Slowly time passed by and a day came when you chose to leave me forlorn
Smile you said in my dreams as you will always be with me till I finish my show
Salvificing your memory in my heart like scintillating stars that could inspire my heart
Sailing this ship of life wishing to be like you ,delight to every eye till I end my show

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