Open letter to Prime Minister of India

Respected PM,

Recently I was going through your website where I noticed a column saying “Share your Ideas “

That made me write this letter to you as I have plenty of ideas buzzing within me but I don’t know how to implement them to make our India “The Best” and Corruption free.

I am purposely making this an open letter as I feel that only if we as citizen of the country try to be the best then only we can offer this world the best.

I would also like to know what others feel about this open letter. Please do share your views in such a manner that it does reach the present King of this country i.e Hon’ble Mr. Narender Modi.

  1. Rage in youngsters.

Every day when I open newspaper I notice the news of students getting killed by other students either on first page or the second. Reason: Monitor gave names of the students making noise in the class, teenager’s girlfriend chose another boy over him etc

Sir, I would request you to kindly introduce mandatory period of mediation and Psychology for all students. There are many institutions like art of living and all who promotes meditation which is more necessary now days. The power of forgiveness is eliminating and anger and frustration is taking a seat in the front row of our lives. Tiny kids when taught from the younger age on how to control themselves can have a new and better young generation.

  1. Eunuch dancing on the streets for money

Not everyone is born with a strong will power like hon’ble Laxmi Narayan. I have seen and met many Eunuchs who have to dance on streets or on good occasions in families to earn livings.

Sir, they are part of our society which cannot be ignored hence would request you to open special schools for them so that they can grow and who knows one of them can represent India . The kids in normal schools must be taught a difference of genders apart from male and females’ .There is another category which should be treated with respect and must be accepted as a normal person.

  1. Elimination of special quotas and SC/ST category

The special treatment which is given to OBC SC/ST should be eliminated.

Sir, we all are part of India and if General category is taking pain in moving ahead in life why SC/ST or OBC’s are given special treatments.

Why there is only 3 to 5 Chances for General Category to give exams whereas the other categories are given infinite chances

Do you know major corruption is coming in India where general Category buys certificate of SC/ST to move forward

Do you know that many doctors of SC/ST categories were given degrees which are leading to wrong diagnoses and killing of people? The best categories choose to leave India and settle abroad because of the treatment they are given by the government.

Delhi is flooded with IAS students and I see maximum ruthless and ill-mannered boys who continue to give exams for IAS with the help of SC /ST/OBC certificates and let me tell you if they become IAS India will never progress.

When we all are Indians they why this partiality?

  1. Dogs and monkeys on the streets

In every lane, in every street you see stray dogs and monkeys roaming around. I would request you to please open special homes with vet nary hospitals for them in every area which should be taken care by the dog lovers of the particular area funded by MCD of course. The reason is not to make a mini zoo but to give them a place where they are not harmful to society.

As far as Dogs are concerned if one house takes the responsibility of vaccinating and giving food to one stray plenty of homes would have there personal watchmen and trust me they are much better watchmen then humans.

Since our society does not have a big heart and we cannot knock every door of particular area to vaccinate a stray though we do give food but then also they can prove dangerous to little kids playing in the parks or home pets who end up transmitting ticks and diseases. I know NGO’s at different places are working for them but in the area which is within the range.

I also see people abandoning there pets just because they are old. These special homes and vet hospitals should be able to give them place to stay Also it would give employment and help to local retired people, house wives, people under depression and kids with rage teaching them a new meaning of responsibility.

  1. Lazy Government officers

While working for foreign government for quite a long time I have noticed how our Indian Government employees are lazy bums may be because they know that no matter how they work they will not be fired. Government job promises permanency which leads to delay in work.

I am too presently facing lazy action by a government office where no body is interested in taking responsibility of the work and corruption is on hilt. If we refuse to give money our work is kept pending for years I feel helpless here. No wonder I have seen foreigners making fun of Indian Government office.

If we say coming in one minute it means an hour and if a foreigner says coming in one minute it is a commitment. I feel ashamed when I hear this but this is a fact from which we cannot run away.

I would request your stern action over here to ask them to make their day to day time sheet on what work they have done and how much time they took in finishing that work. They keep things on pending and major part of the day is spent gossiping. I have witnessed this attitude and indeed it is a shameful thing Sir. Please make your government official WORK!!

  1. Senior citizens and their safety

Sir, we all have to grow old and no one can run away from that natural change which occurs in body. I have seen loads of camps near dispensaries, electricity offices and water bill offices which distract elders while walking which can lead to an injury. Please stop allowing these add campaigns near places where elder people mostly travel.

Also Elimination of Cycle Rickshaw is requested as it is not feasible for any elder to take a car and every place sometimes they do take Rickshaws and I have noticed that it is difficult for elders to climb cycle rickshaw would request you to let more battery rickshaw with low floor where it is easy for elders to step up and sit should be introduced more along with meters so that cheating of money should not be another issue

If my letter sound’s like a Hitler is talking to you then I apologize and request you to look into these 6 major categories Sir to make India a better place to live in where we respect all religions and treat every category as in General SC ST or OBC as one Sir .

To bring the change we have to be the change we want to see

Kind Regards