The shooting star

Looking upon the shooting stars Neil wished for his soul mate ! .Yes as legend has it wishes come true when you see a shooting star. This is believed to have originated in Europe, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around AD 127-151, wrote that the Gods occasionally, out of curiosity, even boredom, peer down at the earth from between the spheres, and stars sometimes slip out of this gap, becoming visible as shooting or falling stars. Since the Gods are already looking at us at such a time, they tend to be more receptive to any wishes we make!

Pomaire a Chilean town in the commune of Melipilla province Santiago, where abundant natural clay in the hills surrounded the town bolstered a thriving pottery industry in the community lived a young Ceramicist Neil.

A happy boy who loved his work and was the finniest Ceramicist of the town.He used to sell the most beautiful little pig statuettes and Chanchitos as there was the tradition of giving these statuettes to friend’s and family members to bring good luck..

Everyone used to praise his work . Often he used to travel a lot around Chile for orders.

Neil was the only child in the family. His parents were very proud of him. They even tried to set him many times with women and he too desired to get married soon but something or the other would make woman run away from him . The gremlin kept on following him for long. The broken heart saw all his friends getting married in front of him and he kept on trying getting near woman but they kept on running away, It was last night when he saw his last bachelor friend bidding goodbye to bachelorhood and while sauntering on the lonely roads he sat on the bench in the park looking upon the twinkling stars and waited for a star to fall down to wish like others for a happy married life . As he was squinting at the stars a lady came and sat on the same bench . Taking a long deep breath she asked Neil if he believed that stars fulfilling wishes?

Neil looked surprised.He saw a beautiful woman with bright smile. He glanced at her brown surplice and asked her who she was.

She smiled and said I am “Faith”. Would you like to talk about what you were wishing for from these scintillating stars and do you really trust that they fulfill wishes.

Well, I don’t know whether they do it or not but people say they do and so I was wishing for my soulmate.

Ha ! A soulmate . She laughed out loud

Neil became a bit uncomfortable

She noticed that and apologised

He looked at her in dilemma wondering whether he should tell her or not but then she was just a stranger and a stranger can be a good friend sometimes.

He squinted at her again and said I …. I am Jinxed. No woman wants to be close to me and prefer to run away.

Hmmmm, so you were putting your plea to these stars.

Yes!!! He said

She took a deep breath and said “ May your wish be granted “ and stood up to walk and within seconds vanished.

It was next day when some one placed a big order of 1000 little pigs as the National pig day was near which was celebrated in Chile with great enthusiasm.

The dead line for the order was only three days .

Neil took the order in haste without realizing that this was his first big order which would bring him close to serendipity.

He kept his small orders aside and started working on the bigger order. He forgot night and day and worked so hard that he was able to finish the order in one and a half day.

He was thrilled.

The weather was giving strong indication of getting harsh. Neil’s heart did ask him to heed upon the indication but he ignored the alarm and left everything in open as his home was just few steps away.
Neil went to his parents to ask for their help in packing the big order.While he was talking the thunderstorm struck and before anyone could understand anything Neil’s work was damaged beyond repairs.

Neil was crying frenziedly and he had no hope of finishing the order in time now. Still He chose to work inside his workshop again .

The weather was clear by the night.

Neil was sobbing and thinking of his foolishness of leaving the things outside. He should have given a thought to what his heart was saying. All he had was the night and the next day . The rich man who had ordered was supposed to come by next day evening .

Neil worked all night looking out from the window and wishing stars for a miracle. He was so tired that while working he dozed off to sleep.

He woke only when he heard his mother banging the door frantically as she was worried about his well being . He realized half day was gone.

He pacified his mother and inquired what time it was.

It’s almost three pm my boy.

What !!! 3 pm . His heart started racing fast and he quickly went to a tap outside his workshop to wash his face . Oh Mother how will I complete 1000 little pigs I don’t think I may have made even100 !! While murmuring these words he went inside the workshop only to notice that the 1000 little pigs were not only ready but were packed beautifully too.

His eyes were witnessing a miracle. How is this possible Who must have done this the door was locked from inside. Several questions were bopping in his mind..

The rich man appeared within an hour asking for the order.Neil gladly gave the order away.The man was very happy with the packing and also with the way the little pigs were made. He was so glad that he paid Neil a handsome amount of money ,even more than which was promised.. Neil was very happy but was still wondering who had helped him.

He heard a woman’s voice whispering may be the stars .He turned around and he saw the same woman with bright smile looking at him wearing a white surplice with pink lace on it this time. He was surprised and asked her what she was doing at his workshop.

Well, I am here because maybe the stars wanted me here for you.

What do you mean by may be the stars when I looked back at you

She giggled and said why are you always so tensed. I told you I was wondering May be the stars had led me to you .
Neil was enthuastic and told her all about what had happened with him

She told him with a smile, may be you left the window opened and the stars came in to help you

But how can stars come themselves to help me this is something which no one will believe.

She giggled and said You must Neil . It is almost dawn . Be careful what you wish for again. It might come true.

Neil disregarded all this but went to have a peaceful sleep. Next day he had to visit another part of Chile for some work . He dozed off in the train and when he woke up he realized that all his belongings were gone . He get down at the next station and requested to call the police to search for his belongings and especially the order which he was carrying along. Neil was tensed and horrified. He was asked to wait in the waiting room of the station . He was all alone and one more time he gazed at the stars and wished his belongings and order could be found. Neil was mentally tired and exhausted by now. He not knowing dozed off. The next moring the station master woke him up. He was carrying his bags . He asked Neil if the things belonged to him.

Yes. Where did you find them. The station master told him that the guy who had taken these things had left these bags at the last station informing that because of the same colour and in haste he had taken your bags along. He thanked God and noticed Faith waiting for a train.

Hey what are you doing here? She too was surprised to see him and said may be stars bought me here again to meet you one more time.

They both smiled and he asked her if he could accompany her as they both would be traveling in the same train and he needed to deliver order at the next station to some one .

Faith was a bit hesitant this time and was not full of life like always

Both traveled in same train but she did not speak to him much and he noticed that her colour was fading as the night was approaching .

Are you alright Faith

Can I ask for some help

I am okay she replied.

At the next station he got down to deiliver the order. When he came back he noticed that faith was not at her seat. He searched for her everywhere but she was no where to be found

Night approached and as he had already witnessed two miracles he chose to ask the stars to help him find faith.

But nothing happened. Everyday he squinted at stars with the same plea but this time there was no answer. Days passed into months, Neil missed faith and he often used to recall her giggles but that was the only memory which he had to treasure of Faith. Somewhere in his heart he lost his trust in stars performig miracles.

Soon his marriage was arranged by his parents and he agreed to it without even looking or meeting the girl.

The D day had come and the celebrations were on. There Neil was gazing out of the window and asking stars one more time if he could meet Faith once . The tears were flowing from his eyes .He heard a woman saying faith is in your heart Neil. He turned around and saw faith was standing infornt of him .

He was thrilled and tried to hug faith but to his surprise he could only see her but when he tried touching her she was just a shadow .

Faith confided in him and asked him to take it easy as she was just a star who was sauntering on the earth .The first day they had met she had liked him and wanted to stay with him.But unfortunately she was assigned to go back to the sky. She had been fighting for more time but unfortunately she had ended up loosing energy and had to give up.

The whole story broke Neil’s heart and he with a heavy heart looking at her and said I wish I could marry you. She smiled and vanished .

But when Neil saw his bride his jaw was left wide open, as the girl had the same face as Faith’s . He saw faith’s shadow walking around her and faith wishpered in his ear . Your wish is granted once again and vanished..

On the first night the girl said Neil I want faith to stay in our marriage forever . Neil smiled and said granted!