“I add a smile to everything I wear and that has always worked great for me.”

How true are the above said lines. After the success of my recent book “The Gang of Wonder kids” which is the combination of fiction and non fiction, I invited all the characters of my book to my birthday party for celebrating our success. We all were happy, shrieking and dancing.

No wonder, my house was in a big mess. Soon it was time for some food to serve. Since I am not into cooking I enjoy ordering food from outlets when guests come in. I ordered food for them too from McDonalds, after all kids enjoy eating junk food which they hardly get to eat at their home. But to my surprise one of them refused to eat food from outside. He simply asked for something which was made at home and was vegetarian since it was Thursday.

My God!!! My cheeks went red in fear as I had invited them during afternoon when everyone was out for work so that no one would get disturbed. Who should I ask to cook. What do I do now. I was terrified and tried hard to convince the kid (by the way he was Manas the foodie in the book) that I can order something vegetarian for him but he simply refused and said that he would like to leave while Wincing at me.

I had to think quickly but what do I do. I asked him to wait and enjoy with other kids while I searched my fridge frantically for something. Thankfully I saw half packet of Mc Cain Smiles lying in the freezer. I quickly took white bread. Kept some oil to heat on the gas. Meanwhile I spread little butter on the slices and added a cheese slice on it with piece of onion, capsicum and slices of cucumber. Meanwhile the oil was heated and the Mc Cain smiles were also now on natural temperature. I quickly took a piece of one Mc Cain Smiles and deep fried it.

I added that in-between the slices and kept the whole thing in toast maker while praying that the foodie boy liked this. With my fingers crossed I served it to him with ketchup wondering what his reaction would be.

All I was praying in my heart was om namah shivay isko ye pasand aajaye please God.(Please God, he likes it )

I decorated plate with sandwich divided into four pieces with ketchup in between and gave him to eat. He squinted at the plate and took a piece dipped in the ketchup and took his first bite. At that time I felt I was a contestant of Masterchef and he was Sanjeev Kapoor about to approve or disapprove my creation.

He ate it and smiled while his eyes went wide open and all he said with stuffed mouth was Yummy didi .

What a relief I had!!! At that time atlast little Sanjeev Kapoor had approved my dish for me. It was Shetall ji aap agle round me ja rahin hai ..( Shetall , you are eligible for our next round )

Looking at him , the other kids also wanted to taste so they tried taking little bits of it from him and soon everyone wanted that!!!

I was amazed at my own cooking skill. Never knew I could cook something so tasty within minutes.

Well, the packet was finished in a jiffy. They all enjoyed Mc Cain smile sandwich. More over I was happy for the boy who had refused to eat anything from outside. This difficult test led me to know a new Me. Now I had a new feather in my cap. I knew “I too can cook”. All the kids asked for more.
Next day their mommies were at my door asking for the recipe. No wonder I did share it with them but the wonder kids could not find that taste. They kept on coming back to my house every now and then asking didi, can you please make one smile sandwich for us please.

I thanked God for an instant inspiration on how to use Mc Cain smiles with vegetables and cheese lying at home at that time with bringing smile on everyone’s face.

This one instant is now in my sweet memories with a folder named unforgettable memories and will remain so even if I get married and have my own kids.

It is difficult to make little ones happy and once they are happy they keep coming back to you for the dose of happiness and smiles every time. Thanks to Mc Cain for creating Smiles which can give instant happiness to everyone.