Together Forever

We were together. I forgot the rest. Walt Whitman

To me togetherness means switching off mobile phones and having time of my life with my family and friends.

For me, togetherness means recalling happy times spent with our loved ones. While writing about togetherness I get washed off into memories of how it felt to be together at one phase of my life. I recalled tiny Sheetal following her grandfather wherever he used to go. I recalled once when my grandfather was all set to travel to Allahabad to meet his sister and I asked him to take me along, he warned me that I would get bored as there were no kids there with whom I could play with but I just wanted to go with him and to go with him I would agree to everything he would say. I promised him that I will study there and would not trouble anyone and moreover I will take my toys and would not get weary for sure

He laughed and next day we both were in train , I was so happy watching out from the window of the train. This is something that I still can enjoy while traveling in trains. Alas! Those were the days …. Upon reaching Allahabad within hours I felt bored and asked my grandfather to take me back home. He took me to a big garden of his sister where I saw plenty of vegetables growing in the garden . No wonder that was something very different for tiny Sheetal. Four days continues we both spent our quality time in her big garden and my grandfather taught me magic of growing tomatoes, reddish, turnips and many more. I still remember tasting them instantly as he used to carry a little knife along with him in the garden. That taste of turnip reddish and tomatoes were so different. I had a good time with him and no wonder I learnt about fertilization and how to sow a seed . He taught me that When growing vegetables, keep in mind that many root vegetable seeds are sown in cool seasons, either early spring or later summer/early fall for a fall crop. To avoid buildup of pests and diseases in the garden, rotate your root vegetables by family and water them. L
Later I read about in my school book .

I remember another instance when I was so fond of this advertisement of Kissan Jam on T.V ( kissan jam chahe jese khaiye ) that I used to sing to him every day and every time. No wonder my grandfather bought Kissan Jam and Sauce for me . My eyes twinkled and we both used to have variety of deleicous breakfasts which would have jam and sauce included in my breakfast. I would refuse to eat a breakfast if it was not prepared by my grand father.

He used to heat up bread with little oil till it used to become crispy and then would spread Kissan Jam on that for me along with one glass of milk and the bestest breakfast was enjoying Kissan sauce with a tasty Omelet made by him.

Yes , those were the days we both enjoyed the true meaning of togetherness that of course made me learn loads of things while spending time with him and whenever I recall memories I recall that saccharine taste of Kissan Jam and no wonder now now how much I miss enjoying omelet with Kissan Sauce made by him.

People may come and go from your life but the bliss of enjoying togetherness at one phase of your life with them while leaving your gadgets aside will soon become a memory to cherish and fairytales for coming generation to listen……

I sat on the window seat of a train waiting for my station
Train stopped at every station making me meet new someone
Some told me stories of frustration
Some told me stories of love and infatuation
Guarded by time they got off on their station
Thanking them for the time they spent with me
Creating memories of togetherness indeed
I bid them good bye with smile holding melancholy of separation
Reminiscing stories they left with me as a treasure
I continued waiting for my station