magic in 2015

It was summer time of 2015 when heat wave was taking its toll on all and children were specially asked to stay inside homes.

Little 8 years old Genie was bored of watching television She wanted to go out and play with her friends but her mother constantly asked her to be at home and study.
The outings during the vacations were also cancelled due to the heat wave.

Study or watching the idiot box the only two options left were not so cool. In the evenings she was allowed to visit her friend Seema’s house to play but then both the girls were fed up of playing games inside the home too.

Will there be an end to this heat wave? When will we able to go out and play asked Seema from Genie.

Innocent Genie gave her outlandish look and said How do I know ? I am equally bored.

Soon Seema’s mother asked both the girls to have some snacks . Seema asked the same question from her mother with a sadistic approach.

The mother asked both of them if they were interested in learning magic which could end their boredom.

The girls eyes twinkled with the mere word magic!!

Yes!!Yes mumma we want to learn and they started jumping on the bed with excitement.

The mother said : Ok, I will teach you magic but you have to keep it with you and not share it with anyone. It will come with daily practice. You might have to write and learn something too.

Yes aunty we are ready said Genie.

Then we shall start practicing it from tomorrow and Genie you must bring your copy and pencil.

Ok anuty , I will do so and bid ado and left.

Genie excitedly told her mother that from tomorrow Seema’s mother would teach them magic.

Genie’s mother smiled. knowing that the lady was just helping them pass the time asked Genie to go off to sleep.

That night Genie could not sleep. She recalled stories of Snow White , Cindrella, Ariel and Giselle wondering what kind of a magic will she be learning .

On the other hand , Seema also kept on pestering her mother asking what they would learn the next day but Seema’s mother told her that first she would have to finish the holiday homework and then only she would teach her magic.

Seema readily agreed!

As dawn hit the girls were first to get up and started finishing their holiday homework.

Genie’s mother was amazed with this attitude and called Seema’s mother and smilingly asked her what magic had she done on the kids

Both women laughed. Seema’s mother Risha said that she had just played a naughty game with their tiny brains and she did not know any magic!!!

Well as the clock struck four Genie rushed to Seema’s place and both of the girls asked Risha to teach them magic.

Risha had done her homework very well. She made both of the girls sit in a silence and asked them to deep breath on the count of 10.

Then she taught them that one should not WISH, as wishful thinking never works or it may work for you by giving trouble to others so think before you write what you WANT not What you wish!!!

I want both of you to think first and then we will move further.

Both the girls looked at each other and then to Risha we know what we want they replied.

We want to play outside and we want the heat wave to finish said Seema.

Darling, this wish will come true within two three days. Haven’t you seen that on the t.v when the weather forecast was on!!

She meekly said yes and then looked at Genie

Think about what you want beside weather or things which you can easily get.

Genie : Can we ask for a new doll

Seema: Yes , that is a good idea

Risha smiled and said you can get this by asking your parents why use magic for that

Seema instantly said but sometimes you don’t get me a new doll

Risha smiled and said not all the things you ask we must get you some times you have to earn it like this magic class.

Both the girls sat in silence and kept on discussing what they wanted but they could not decide what they should ask for and approached Risha again.

Risha smiled and told them the first rule of magic was gratitude.

What is Gratitude aunty, asked Genie

Gratitude means being thankful and appreciate all you have.

Both of the girls yawned

Is this boring

Seema : yes mum , it is not like Snow white and Rapunzel

Risha said okay then you go and play and lets stop this here

Genie said no no Aunty we were just curious

I am teaching you different kind of magic which you can use in today’s era . Rapunzel, Snow white and Cindrella were from a different era honey, when vibrations of the earth were very positive. But these days the vibrations are very negative.

What is vibration asked Seema

Humm, let me teach you this in an easy way

Tell me at the time of Rapunzel , was there any t.v or mobile phones or electronic black boards?

Both girls looked at each other and said No in sync

But now we have that, isn’t it!

Earlier they did’nt have any tools to know what was happening around. They had no easy way of learning but they had different kind of magic which helped them lead their time but now it is different and we have different magic.
The girls were in awe and had no words.
Ok , now its time for both of you to have some snacks. We will continue tomorrow but you have a home work to do on this.

You both have to make a list of what you are thankful for .Then we will see what you want .

Both the girls agreed and they actually sat and wrote a list of the things they were thankful for.

Next evening Risha was astound to see that half of the notebook was filled and when she read what they were thankful for her eyes were moist realising the kids imaginative mind was more open to gratitude and that too to simple things!!!

Genie wrote I am thankful for the pencil I am holding in my hand to write

Seema wrote I am thankful that my doll agrees with me in everything

And so on .Very small things but very meaningful for them !!!

She kept silent for minutes wondering what should she teach them as she thought they would take days in thinking what they should write but they were too quick with it.

The girls sat on the bed again and without her command they did deep breathing on the count of 10

Risha smiled and thought let me ask them to write what they hate. That way they would take days and the holiday homework would finish by then and so she asked them to make a list of what I hate the most.

No wonder the witty kids were smart with their list and were ready very next day. She read that both the girls had more hatred towards Hindi and Maths subjects and their teachers . That gave her a reason to trick them into for the next day.

Very good now whatever we have written where the word hate comes change it into love

Don’t you think that is too boring mum .

Well, things do get boring sometimes but then in the end they give best results.

Girls rubbed the word hate and wrote love there.

Days kept on passing by where Risha asked them everyday to repeat what they wrote and soon the holiday home work had finished and the school started too.

Girls were disappointed with Risha for not teaching them the real magic.

The daily affirmation was somewhat saved as an auto suggestion in their tiny minds. The kids were unaware of the magic they would be experiencing in class.

Genie used to get scared as soon as the Hindi period would start as she thought she was not good with the language and so was Seema with Maths.

The teachers too were fed up with them at one point and the first thing they used to do was to point out to the girls and asked them to be out from the class.

Today for the first time they both experienced the magic when respective teachers entered the class and did not point towards them. On the other hand they were happy that their homework was complete.

After few days, Genie’s Hindi teacher asked her if she wanted any extra help as she could notice improvement and dedication of Genie towards the subject.

Genie was so happy that after school she immediately rushed to Seema’s house.

Risha aunty Risha Aunty she was jumping on the floor .What happened darling ? Magic worked ! My Hindi teacher loves me now .

But my magic did’nt work mumma , my maths teacher got angry with me today /


I could not do the sum properly . Humm we will work on that sum today meanwhile keep chanting that you love maths.

Genie was so happy that soon her parents were surprised at her progress. For her the word “Love’ was the most magical thing. Even if she fought with her friends and hated them for cheating with her she used to affirm that she loved them. No wonder magic of words were working for her and then one day she saw her father crying hard and her mother was consoling him later she heard that her father said I hate Ashok for he has cheated me.

Innocent mind was not aware that her father’s partner had cheated him in such a way that they were left only with the house they were staying in.

Genie went to her father and gave him her notebook and pencil and asked him to write I love Ashok. The father was depressed and frustrated and he slapped his daughter and asked her to leave his sight at once .

Genie’s mother called Risha and told her that because of the stupid thing she taught to their daughter her husband’s peace of mind was defoliated and she will not send her daughter to their house anymore .

Risha was quiet and kept the phone down . Next day Genie went to their house to play with Seema and Risha asked her to go back as Seema was not at home. Days after days she was making excuses and one day when Genie spotted Seema playing outside she instantly went to hug her but Seema ran away. Her behaviour made her upset and she started writing that I love Seema and Seema loves me .

Genie’s father noted that she was writing something and asked her what it is? Genie was scared and tried to hide as she remembered how her father had slapped her earlier when she had asked him to write the same words for his partner.

He snatched the copy, read and squinted at his daughter with a smile.

Humm , so you think Seema can be your friend again if you keep on writing this before sleeping. Genie did not say anything and ran towards her bag and showed him another copy where she had written that she loves hindi and her teacher.

Papa, this magic works . Please try once. Saying that she was stepping back so that he would not slap him again. Genie’s father noticed this and realized that his princess was really scared and to make her feel good he asked if he could write the same.

While he sat with his princess and wrote those magical words everyday not knowing where and how the change would come, his wife was throwing these copies in dustbin.

After few days, he saw his partner coming to his place. The moment he saw Genie’s father he said I love you too and I am sorry for what I did.

Genie’s father was astounded and asked him what was he talking about .

To which he told him he had faced major loss after he had ditched him and all the clients had refused to do business with him. Lately he had seen Genie’s mom throwing copies in dustbin .When he took that copies in his hand thinking this must be thrown by mistake and opened the page it said “ I love you Ashok. Those words gave me courage to come to you to and apologise . I am suffering loss everywhere. Please help me.

Genie and her parents were amazed with the change in Ashok. Genie’s mother called Seema’s mother to apologise and invited the family at her house for dinner.

While having dinner Seema and Genie suddenly stood up to thank Risha and with them everyone stood up and clapped and thanked Risha for teaching them the magic of Love and positive thinking.

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