Animal Rights in India

The favorite, most wanted and welcomed genus among homo sapiens are Cats and Dogs

There are people who adopt or buy them as pet for their family but as a toy and not as a member. I don’t know is it just me who has witnessed these canines being torchered and abused by us humans or there are others who have sensed their plight. I feel sad that Animal Rights in India are not so strong.

Recently, I took my furry baby sultan to his doctor i.e. Dr. Rajeev Seth,( his clinic is in Anand Niketan and Punjabi Bagh but we prefer visiting his Anand Niketan clinic.) for his regular check up. The most generous man I have ever met. He had been treating Sultan’s elder brother Kooky since he was a kid till he took his last breath,

Sultan was gifted to me by Dr. Rajeev and Dr. Amish when kooky left.

Both of the Doctors understood our pain and I can never thank them enough for bringing Sultan in our lives.

So, I was telling about something which I saw at the clinic. I saw two young kids’ one boy and a girl holding a picture of golden retriever dog with their tiny coin collection bank, approached doctor by pointing the picture in the newspaper they were holding . The girl said Uncle, do you have this dog? We have money can you please give him to us. Mamma says that you have dogs.

Awww she said it so innocently that my heart filled with compassion for both cuties. I could make it out that they were resident of the same area itself. Without more ado I saw their mother rushing after them gasping her breath while looking at the doctor and saying that they have been collecting money for long for the pup. She had asked them to carry on for another month or two but don’t know why they made up their mind to come to you today only and I had to run after them to stop them.She smiled and told the doctor that the money the kids had in their piggy bank was not enough to buy a golden retriever dog.

Dr. Rajeev Seth smiled and asked her whether they actually wanted a pup

When she nodded in yes he very politely started explaining to kids the responsibility they were asking for…
Do you know that you have to take puppy out daily twice for walk?

Do you know you have to teach him many things to be a member of your house and he would be very tall in time ..

To which they looked up to their mother and the boy immediately replied Uncle we have kept one stray outside our house, we along with mamma give him milk everyday and also we have given him name . He follows us wherever we go and he also wags his tale when we come back from school but mamma does not allow us to play with him because we cannot bring him to you for injections he is big.

No wonder we all laughed and Dr. Rajeev did took the interview of the lady to check her seriousness in keeping a dog as a pet and explaining her that there is difference in keeping dogs outside and inside. She was smart no doubt and had done her homework before hand. She assured him that the pet would be treated as her third baby, to which Dr. asked them to come next day to collect the pup. The lady was astounded and asked for the amount. Doctor smiled and said let me take the amount these kids have bought . I saw the happiness and gratitude on the faces of the kids and soon three of them left his clinic.

I asked doctor why so many questions and why that interview was required when she was ready to pay?

To which he said that they were talking about adopting a LIFE not just an ANIMAL and he never encourages any first timers to adopt / buy dogs and cats just like that.

On my way back home, I contemplated my thoughts on how people just gifted or sell someone a canine just because they looked cute or just to maintain good relations with the other party without keeping in mind whether they have any prior experience of keeping or feeding pets, what kind of personality they had. Are they animal lovers? Do neighbors give good feedback of them as far as treating stray animals? Will they be able to treat them as their baby or just a pet who they would put a leash on and make them sit at one place?

I sometimes wonder those who keep their dogs or cats in leash every time do they ever think what if someone makes them sit at one place how would they feel? The way they dump them at unknown places just because poor dog/cat has become old or one or the other member detest them would they ever do this to their own kids?

I don’t know but for past few months I have come across many cases like these and I feel so sad for these furry babies who cannot speak their feelings out.

I wonder whether humans have conscious. Do they understand when they will get old their kids too can throw them out of the house just because they are of no use?

I cannot interfere in anyone’s Karma for sure but yes till I am alive I take the pledge to help every animal I see in pain and I do wish that Animal Rights become strong in our country soon so that animal abuse stops or become less.

I personally wish to open an Old age Animal home one day so that those furry friends who are in a habit of staying in A C’s and don’t know how to cope up with the heat outside, who have been pampered with good food and all of sudden they have to fetch food in garbage just because their masters cannot handle their old age should stay at a place where at least their materialistic needs could be fulfilled.

P.S I have personally witnessed 6 cases of dogs where pets have been abandoned on roads and one case of white cat recently where she was left on road because someone told the owner that cats bring bad luck. I am still wondering why in the first place this human bought such a costly cat No wonder the cat was adopted instantly because she was very young but people sometimes are scared to take risk in adopting old dogs as they are not aware of their history.. and those abandon dogs refuse to be adopted as their level of trusting human is dead …Sigh!!!!

My sincere request to all those who are reading this article please , please , please if you just feel that you should have a pet and if this is your first time then adopt a stray. Take responsibility of feeding him/ her three times a day and vaccinate them but don’t take their freedom off.

That way you will learn what responsibility and compassion is all about.

Also, I request you with folded hands that “DO NOT “GIFT or SELL pups to someone who is good to you in a half an hour meeting. I like what Dr. Rajiv Seth said to me and would pass on the same message to you.

“You are talking about a LIFE not just an ANIMAL. They are huge responsibility.

Understand this and feed strays in your locality if you are an animal lover. Trust me they are the best guards.

Hope you all have a pleasant day ahead. See you again