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It was friday evening and Rishi could not find a date to spend a weekend with.. For Rishi true love existed only in fairytales. All he wanted was a new girl every weekend to toy around but this friday he was all alone unable to find a prey for his desires.

Instead of hitting the bar he straight away went to a near by coffee shop for a change . On occupying a empty seat he sat he saw an envelop lying with a broken pencil in a corner.

It said “ Open only when you need to know how much I love you”

He took the envelop in his hand wondering who writes with a pencil these days. He was curious. He looked here and there and then he quietly slid the envelope in his pocket.

The curiosity of what was written was so much that he cancelled his order and ran to his car to read the envelope in his hand. The words written on it hypnotized him. Who could it be and who could write like this.
He immediately opened the envelope and saw a blank page inside it .

Crap! His world came shattering before his eyes. What is this . In anger he threw the paper out of the window and drove back home silently.

But words were daunting his psyche. He kept thinking what exactly the person would have wanted to write in that blank paper? Ugh I am getting too involved in the nonsense. He took the beer can from the fridge and switched on his rock music and started surfing the net but the words kept on echoing in his mind and he slept with them.

Next morning being a Saturday he was wondering how he would start the day. He decided to go to his office and finish some unfinished work but he started feeling sleepy so he decided to drop at the near by coffee shop again where he again encountered a broken pencil with an envelope which said “ Open when you need a hug”. This time he straight away went to the cash counter and asked who leave’s these envelopes ?

The Cashier was blank. He tried asking his guests about the envelope and pencil but no one knew about it. Rishi snatched the envelope from cashiers hand and opened it . This time it was not blank . With a pencil in very beautiful handwriting someone had written mesmerizing words which read as

My beloved,

Have you ever felt lonely, not just for a person, but for something ethereal? The feeling of ………

What is this ? Why is it not written fully .What exactly this person wanted to say and to whom? So many questions started hopping into his mind and this time he was concerned …

He asked the cashier, at what time coffee shop opens and decided to come exactly at the same time next day.

He did come the next day out of curiosity but could not find anyone there.

He decided to take an off on Monday and came exactly at the time the coffee shop opened. He had numerous coffees till evening but spotted no one. He decided to give some money to the waiter to keep an eye while showing him the envelope. Unfortunately, no one came and no envelope was left for months, and the story was forgotten.He kept on straying with woman around breaking their hearts and one fine day when he felt he wanted to settle down he could not think of any woman who was worthy him. Such was his pride over his looks and this arrogance made him lonely Now most of the time he used to spend weekends listening to music or surfing net . His life came at a stop where road lead to nowhere and no bus was interested in picking him up from there…

His friends had left him. His relatives and family distanced themselves from him. At that point his heart longed for someone who could wipe off his tears but alas he was a famous Casanova and a insolent man who consider himself the most scholarly human on earth…

One day while surfing he came across a shared post on the social networking site with a title Read only when.. Those words instantly took him back to time where he had started finding broken pencils and envelops with empty papers. He followed the link and read an open letter to a beloved. He scrolled down and read many open letters which the writer had addressed it to her beloved. Such was the curiosity and interest that he spent the night reading almost all the letters He filled up contact form which was the only way to contact the writer through website and requested her for a meeting.

Now every weekend was a curious move as to what the writer must have written today to her beloved. He spotted her picture in her blog and had a feeling of being known to her or meeting her somewhere but could not understand when and where. He dropped down a message again on her email and this time she replied agreeing him to meet at the coffee shop which was near to his office.

Oh my God it is the same coffee shop where I spotted those envelopes… he was curious and a bit nervous too. For the first time he had fallen in love with her writings and her open letters and somewhere he started feeling that the letters were written for him. He created his own imaginary world where he had fallen in love with her.

He chose his blue jeans and yellow t- shirt out of his many combinations in his wardrobe and headed towards the coffee shop.

He noticed a girl with beautiful long hair was waiting. She was wearing pink long frock with lace around her back and the neck touching her skin. She was wearing matching sandals and she was writing something as he walked near her. He saw her writing something with a pencil on a paper and that was a confirmation that she was the same person he had been looking for !! Yes it was her but why he was confused. Her face was so familiar and he could not remember where and when had he met her.

She narrowed her eyes and noticed a handsome man standing in front of her .

She smiled and asked him to be seated .

By the way , I am Nik I mean Nikhil

She smiled and said sarcastically oh really I thought you are Rishi.
The bell started ringing in his mind and he questioned himself how does she know my real name

Who are you?
You know me , you read my blogs and you asked me to meet here

This is something….

Before he could finish his sentence she said looks like you did’nt recognize me

I am Priya

Who Priya

The one who fell in love with you months ago

Remember , I worked for an office in your building where you are working . We had met in a lift. Once I told you too that I am a writer and you made fun of me and my emotions . I still remember how you fooled me with your words of love

So , all those letters

Yeah all of them for you Alas! None could be understood by you.

No, I did try but I am still wondering why you left an empty paper while you wrote on the envelope Open when.. you need to know how much I love you”

So you did open that envelope

For a while Rishi was taken aback .Their eyes were locked and while looking into her eyes he whispered – Yes I did

The empty paper was left because words cannot describe my love for you Rishi.
What about that broken pencil everytime then?
It signifies my broken heart which has no words for you even though I did try writing to you…..

She stood up and walked away.

Rishi stood there dazed!!!

That night he could not sleep. He recalled how he had fooled her and now he had no words to even apologize to her.
Rishi drove next evening to Priya’s house and noticed that a the place was decorated for someone’s wedding but since the celebration was over the things were being packed.
He entered asking for Priya where he was told that she had got married to her childhood friend last night.

He walked away realizing that true love had knocked his door but he was too busy fooling himself . He sat in his car and cried when someone knocked the window of his car .

A beautiful girl asked if his name was Rishi. He hesitated for a minute and then said Yes. She handed him a letter.

It said “Open only if you still love me “

He opened and it stated :-

You could have made a love story with this writer at a coffee shop Alas! The pencil was broken but don’t waste your time at wrong address looking for Priya . I am Sana not Priya , I just played your game with you . See how it hurts . Now stop reading and crying look in front of you I am still waiting for you.

Rishi looked in front and his heart started dancing in the rhythm of love realizing his faults with Sana and many other women in his life. Without wasting a minute he proposed her for marriage and the story which started with a broken pencil at the coffee shop became a beautiful loving fairytale to be lived.

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