Happy Birthday Ruchi….

I recall days when people used to meet me with a smile and I used to quickly take them in stride of my friend circle.

Every time I used to meet someone, I would introduce them as my “Best Friend “to people… no wonder my level of trusting people was quiet instant and every time I had to face the harsh reality of betrayal. I recently again did this mistake of trusting someone which costs me my job but at the end of the day I feel that if every person on this earth makes friend for selfish reasons, the world will not be a better place to live in…

I have very few friends who along with me work hard on keeping our friendship alive. I thank all of you for your love towards me …

Some chose to leave me in between as they got married and they preferred to be around those who fitted into that category of being happily married… sigh!! And trust me they were quite direct about it ….

Relations are easy to form and difficult to keep up with. A hard lesson learnt. Nevertheless among so many of them Ruchi has still held the forte of being my bestest Friend.

Ruchi has her charisma of staying true, she does not believe in breaking anyone’s heart. A god sent angel in my life when I lost my trust in the world of friendship.

We have been there for each other whenever required. I guess on my part I will be loyal to her friendship forever.

I still remember roaming around connaught place market after office with you. Saturday afternoon lunch at Sona Roopa or evening snack time at Madras café..

Whenever I cross roads and see bankers bus moving now , I recall your hand reaching out for me at my stop asking me to hop on the bus and if only one seat was available you were kind enough to offer it to me ..

I beckon our New Year celebrations at Janpath and cuddling each other on every occasion as if we were the happiest of all.

Being life of the party while wearing dresses with the resolution of color codes… we used to be first on dance floor… Happiness does not lasts forever but happy times do .. You moved on but you never forgot me . Time by time we stood for each other and will always do.

Today I would like to thank Ruchi for her friendship and love. May be because of people like you the word Friendship has all the importance in my life. Happy Birthday Dearie …