My plea to you to help Friendicoes

I was 16 when I thought of eliminating animal suffering. I had my own world of imagination and often I used to tell my mummy that “Humans can speak and tell where the pain is but they cannot”. They are those tiny babies who refuse to grow up and would fiddle with your inner child to make you stay young and happy.

My relationship with animals came along with me in this world. No, I am not talking particularly about Dogs 

My mum tells me that the day I was born, a cow started coming to our house knocking our door and asking for food in her weird voice. She kept on coming for long time and I used to rush to feed her bread with my tiny hands. I can’t remember her much. But I do remember my first pet was a cat that too the roadside one. I brought that kitten from some lane while playing with my friends. She stayed with me for a long time, gave birth to two more kittens and then one day she just vanished off. I don’t know what happened to her. Generation next took over but did not stay for long.

Then I brought birds. I loved hearing to their whistling early mornings at four am and then one day my house maid opened there cage and they flew away…..

I was deeply heartrending at that time. Slowly from cats to birds came dogs in my life and trust me I grew up playing with them. One after another left and I always used to say I will not keep a dog now on but whether it is about caring for a stray dog in our lane or having my own, I have not forgotten any one of them and I had so much compassion for them that I did think of opening “Animal day care centre “This dream of mine is still alive somewhere inside me. No wonder, I follow these NGO’s rigorously and also donate sometimes food sometimes money as I feel that it is US “The Society “somewhere who must take responsibility to support them because one day God forbid your Humans friends may leave you but these God sent Angels stand by you no matter what!!!

Those who are animal lovers wanting to have a charitable hospitals to be opened for street furry friends and birds and those who are like me trying hard to open a day care centre for animals when their human parents are out for work…. must learn how these things work. Must learn that finance play big role in fulfilling a dream. A dream which will helps me to work with people who think alike me . Who are not only animal lovers but would respect their existence in our lives….

I always support these organizations and one of them is “Friendicoes”…

Recently while logging on to their page I read their plea to all animal lovers given below:-

This post is not to create panic or to distress anyone but to bring the reality of the financial situation at Friendicoes to the public.
Many times in the past we have faced financial crisis but this is the worst by far. If we do not raise some funds quickly Friendicoes ambulance service and shelter is under serious threat of shutting down services if not permanently then at least for a period of time.
We just finished paying off the salaries for July.
But we have 60 lakhs owed to medicine suppliers and another 12 lakhs to different food suppliers. That is a total of 72 lakhs plus a few more other odd bills.
Luckily or unluckily the fuel station do not give us any credit for ambulance fuel so we do not have any fuel bills due.
MCD owes us 30 lakhs for the spay/neuter program but even after adding that to the balance we still owe 42 lakhs+ to suppliers.
If we do not raise some funds quickly we will have no choice but to shut down all shelter services for a few months till we can balance the accounts.
If anyone wishes to help us but would like to pay the suppliers directly please drop us a mail to
For NEFT details are –
State Bank of India
Savings bank A/c.No.10151208004
IFSC -SBIN0007196
Branch code (07196)
Address -Flyover Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024
And people who wish to help with in kind donations here is the list-
1. Rice (we buy 3000 kgs rice/month)
2. Cleaning agents like lizol/phenyl.
3. Antiseptic liquid – dettol/savlon.
4. Milk (50ltrs/day)
5. Cotton rolls/ Syringe boxes
6. Medicine (we can provide you a list)

So here I am, with a plea to all my blog lovers and my friends to donate them some amount of money to help them to help our furry friends.

I am sorry if I am asking from all of you a bit too much as I understand that every human is not an animal lover. But for those who are not, being an Astrologer I share an astrological reason to help them…

While we have two nodes in our horror scope I mean horoscope they are called Rahu and Ketu.. Maximum problem whether it is someone playing politics with you in office/home/ business. Despite all your efforts you do not get credit for your work done or promotion in your job or having health issues like back pain and pains in legs (cramps )or getting your foot entangled while walking and the pain remains forever, arthritis, depression.. is given by Rahu and Ketu. They represent animals in this world especially dogs , snakes and many more to them. If you are troubled by any of the above mentioned health issues or otherwise I request you to do this remedy.

No I am not asking you to keep a dog I am only requesting you to at least donate 100 rupees from your many thousand rupees of income to the institution who takes care of them. Keeping a pet is big responsibility, I understand hence donate a sum of amount every month so that those institutions who are doing their bit can help them like Friendicoes

Will you do it? Will you support them to help our furry friends? coz I do and I will always do even when I will open my own Animal Care Centre in memory of all my furry friends in heaven which seems to be a far away dream at present but surely it will happen one day ..