When love knocks your window

“ I can’t get the image out of my head” uttered Sneh’s daughter and before she could ask any questions her mind took her to instance when these words were told to her by her sister . She was flooded by memories all of a sudden. She recalled as if it was just yesterday…..

Do you believe in paranormal romance, asked Sneh’s younger sister Juno elatedly. Sneh being a non romantic strong minded woman had never believed in love and found the question to be exasperating. She replied angrily to Junu that she had no time for these ludicrous emotion’s…

On the other hand, Juno’s interest was more towards magic and spells and she indeed had same kind of friend’s circle. No wonder Sneh and her parents were bit pissed off with her habits.

Sneh squinted at Junu angrily and asked her to go off to sleep

Junu felt offended and turned her back towards Sneh. So did Sneh..

Around mid night Sneh saw Junu chanting and doing weird things with candles, she shouted at her “Stop it Stupid and Sleep”

Two days after this incident, Junu went missing, the police searched her everywhere but they could not trace her. Sneh was bit stringent with Junu but loved her sister dearly and was worried for her. Tears rolling from her eyes she sat on her bed and found a print out under her pillow which said something like:

“Sit down with legs crossed and hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. Make sure you are comfortable and once you are, start meditating. Imagine your love and imagine you and them sharing a romantic evening together. Then chant:
I wish to be with none but you,
And spread our happiness until its dew,
You will share romance with me,
Be mine my dear, so mote it be fight.
Once saying this opens your eyes and lights the pink candle saying your lover’s name. Then light the red candle and say:
Our love shall burn forever more.
This sounds gloomy but when you think about it, it really works. Then hold the petals in your hands and say:
Be with me, be with me.
Say this until you feel completely driven by your love. Then spread the petals in your lover’s house or give them to him/her.

She recalled her conversation with her sister about Paranormal romance and became worried for Junu thinking she must have done something stupid and would be in some kind of danger. She frantically started calling her friends but no one was aware of where Junu was…

She sat for a while and decided to tell about this paper to her parents. The moment she stood to go downstairs she heard some noise. She quickly went downstairs only to see that Junu was back!!

Junu, are you okay sister?

Junu smiled yes I am okay, a bit tired and I need to sleep
But where were you?

She kept on asking her till they both reached their room.

Junu looked towards her sister with a twinkle in her eyes and a bright smile.

Sneh, “I just can’t take that Image out of my mind”

Sneh was bit concerned now. What image? Where and what were you upto?

Since Junu knew her sister would not believe her she said she was feeling sleepy, she turned her back and bid her good night

Sneh was curious and she said: “Look, I found this paper under your pillow, if you are not going to tell me I will tell papa and mumma.”

Junu suddenly woke up with full energy and said No, No please don’t. I’ll tell you everything. But you promise to keep it a secret and would not disclose it to anyone.

Okay, tell me.

They both sat and Sneh was all ears to her this time.

Junu was a bit hesitant but Sneh said I promise I will trust you. Try me once…

Junu replied I along with Priya went to see a woman…

A woman?


What kind of woman? I mean what does this woman does and why didn’t you tell us before leaving…

Priya called me at 5 am in the morning and asked me to rush along with her as this woman was leaving for some other place!!

She is a hobo and Priya came to know about her when she was lost in forest yesterday. This woman helped her find her way and…

Shut up Junu for this claptrap at least you could have left a note or something…

I did sister. Junu stood up and slipped her hand below Sneh’s pillow

The note read “Going to meet someone would be back by evening, please take care of situation.Love J”

Sneh felt bit dim-witted and changed the topic and asked so what happened next?

I told her that I am in search of a romantic lover. She told me about the spell I had done 2 nights before and she also told me that he is about to come in my life. When I pestered her more she asked me to close my eyes and I saw a very handsome man in white vest looking at me..

Sis, I am not sure if such a boy even exists but for sure I can never forget that
Sneh laughed it out and asked her to go back to sleep. Junu knew that her sister had not believed a word she had said but she was happy with her feelings.

Next morning life was beautiful for Junu with the flowers dancing, the sun smiling, the cool breeze kissing every being .Suddenly, her eyes caught a truck moving in the neighborhood. Someone was shifting she thought.

Hey Sneh, look someone is shifting looks like we are going to have some new neighbor’s

Junu quickly dressed up and went to her neighbor’s house to introduce herself.

She saw a handsome man wearing white vest and blue jeans watching things being unload from the truck.

Junu was mesmerized with his muscular arms and robust body. Their eyes met and the boy introduced himself gently.

Hi I am Jai. But she kept on looking at his arms

The guy noticed that and warily introduced himself again …

Junu not realizing her foolishness looked into his eyes and said you are the one I saw in that image

Excuse me!

No, I mean, I am sorry… I… I am your neighbor I am Junu … Welcome to our locality

Thanks, I am here for a while. You were saying something to me

No No I was wondering are you alone, I mean your parents…

This is my aunt’s home I am here to study in peace for 2-3 months.
Before he could complete, Junu heard her mother calling for her and she quickly bid bye to him and left….

Days passed by and they kept on exchanging smiles…

It was one starry night where Junu could not sleep as the image in her mind didn’t let her… She wondered if Jai was really her guy or it was her imagination. She squinted out from her window when she noticed that Jai was taking his vest off she saw his six packs and her heart started to race fast .He was about to unbutton his jeans when he noticed Junu looking at him, he rushed behind the window.

The fantasy of Junu remained still. She felt stupid .She quickly closed her bedroom window and went to her bed feeling mortified…
Next morning, Jai smiled at her but she was already feeling stupid, she shook her head and continued walking. Jai followed her…

Hey wait… he said

She walked faster…

Junu wait listen I know you were looking at me

June had no escape; she knew he was right…

Ugh, I am getting late. Can I give you lift said Jai

No thanks

At least give me your number

What for? I was not looking at you last night…

Jai burst out laughing and replied who is talking about last night. I was trying to say I know you were looking at me when I passed you a smile I could not complete my sentence because you were walking too fast ..

Junu’s heart started racing fast and she ran towards the bus. She looked back and Jai was waiving at her…

Junu kept on playing hide and seek with him while comparing Jai with the image she had seen

On returning from her college farewell, she saw Jai laughing and chatting with her sister, Jealousy, curiosity; fear all emotions flooded her heart. She wondered what they were talking about. The more she got closer to them, the more her heart raced fast…

Sneh smiled and introduced Junu to Jai. Junu’s half smile to her sister made her realized that she was mystified.

Oh! We met in yoga class and he told me of his interest in magical world and all and I said was that he must meet you!!

Hi, I am Jai he smiled and winked at her at the same time

Junu smiled and returned his greeting shyly. Sneh excused herself saying her friend was waiting and was about to leave them together

Jai said sure please, while asking Junu again about her cell number.

Before Junu could say anything she heard her sister reciting her phone number for him. She was aghast!!!

Junu was restless and could not sleep that night. her all thoughts were of .Jai Suddenly there was a message on her phone at 3 am saying …” My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction” Love Jai..

Her heart missed a beat. She smiled and went off to dreamland happily.

Like every morning, she woke up and rushed towards the window. She saw Jai smiling and offering her coffee. Her phone rang and Jai asked her if they could meet for coffee in the evening. She could not refuse

Junu wore a sexy red dress. Jai could not take his eyes away off her. Love and lust walked hand in hand… She saw in his eyes!!!!

While having coffee their eyes were locked and lips were sealed. Junu tried starting a conversation by asking about him.

To which Jai started talking about his ex girlfriend and how much he loved her and blah blah. The first romantic date turned into a nightmare for Junu but she kept silent and left the shop while making a diplomatic excuse without finishing her coffee.

On reaching home there were no exchange of messages between them but the next morning Jai sent Hi to Junu at 4 am in the morning..

Junu was so frustrated that she could not sleep and instantly replied saying No girl wants to hear about your “other girls” and switched off her phone.

The early morning excitement was ruined, the racing of heart beat was over and the window remained shut.

Jai also was egoistic .He too chose not to apologies and the cold war between them continued for days .Both of them refused to look at each other when suddenly one day change of hearts happened one more time ..

Junu saw Jai’s what’s up status saying lonely….. With no display picture in it.

She texted him asking… Lonely! If I broke up with you what would you do?

He instantly replied saying I would get back together with my ex

Junu’s was aghast and angry and she replied Oh really? Is that how you feel? Fine… I will never message you again

To this he replied will you go out with me

Baffled junu replied why? you were getting back with your Ex!!! So!!!

He replied you are my Ex with a smiley.

She looked at the message and immediately looked out from her window and smiled at him where he showed her a coffee mug again

They met again and he apologized for the last time.
This time something was different with the coffee… there were no coffee in Juno’s mug
When she looked inside the mug, she saw “MARRY ME” written with melted coffee beans that bought tears in her eyes and she stood up and hugged him while still repeating the same line which she said to him for the first time “I can’t forget that image I saw, and now I am sure it was you in it”
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