After I learnt Pranic Healing, my first case was of a 7th standard boy having Leucoderma. The boy started responding to the treatment but unfortunately had to stop in-between as they decided to shift to another part of India. Before leaving the boy asked me – Sister, will I recover fully? To which I said keep your thoughts positive and affirm everyday what I taught you.. He smiled and bid me good bye but I really have no idea where is he now and whether he has recovered ?. .

No wonder, I met plenty of people after this incident having this problem and that made me search the root of the problem. I do help those who are suffering and my motto to write on this topic today is the same. If I could be a reason to someone’s smile … I think I have lived a worthy part of my life..

Leucoderma and vitiligo are similar disorders with different names. The onset reasons are considered different for vitiligo and Leucoderma. Leucoderma starts after a cut, burn or accidental marks whereas Vitiligo is a self-happening disorder which could start after abrupt food habits, improper hygiene or after contaminated food intake.
Moreover both Leucoderma and Vitiligo have ‘autoimmunity’ as a common reason as the body mechanism or body protection system gets into self-destruct mode in both.
Self-destruction of melanin producing cells causes pigment absence which makes the skin there colorless or white converting that skin area into a white patch.
In present scenario there are no age criteria of having Leucoderma as patients can be seen from 2 months of age till 86 years old. It can occur to anybody whose immunity is disturbed and his/her lifestyle and hygiene are abrupt. Food, hygiene and having regular mental stress have major impact on occurrence of Leucoderma. But overall it depends on person’s immunity. Leucoderma spots have generally pet areas of appearance in body as forehead, ear back, nostrils, neck, elbows, knuckles, fingertips, groin area, knees and ankles. Mostly the areas mentioned have bony prominences or the areas which has lesser blood circulation. The affected skin colour may be pale or bright white depending upon the age of the patch.

Dietary instruction for the patients:
There are few instructions for patients regarding their diet in vitiligo especially about what they should avoid. Following are some of the observations based on the discussion with the family doctor

Foods that are excessively sour should be avoided. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is known to inhibit the production of the melanin, the color pigment. Patients with vitiligo are suggested to refrain from citrus fruits, sour yogurt, sour pickles, etc.

There may not be enough scientific evidence to prove how these foods worsen leucoderma (vitiligo) but people I had met in recent past confirmed that these things result in worsening of their vitiligo and hence they are better avoided.


Hydrocotyle-Q ..This is actually a blood purifyer therefore it always suggested in Leucoderma, Please continue it as per advise of your Doctor.

Ars.Sulph.Flv.3x ( take two tablets of this medicine twice morning and evening.)

An Herbal named BABCHI (Psoralea Corylifolia)’procure it from a store. Put one dessert spoon in 1/2 cup of water at night and drink the water empty stomach and grind the rest of babchee and put the paste on spot for 10-15 minutes daily.

Hopefully you will find affect after its use of 3/4 weeks.

Self Care Measures-
Expose the affected areas of the body to the early morning sun for 20-30 minutes daily.
Use a mild soap while bathing.
Avoid using any cosmetic applications on skin.
Make sure that your diet contains enough iron, meat, liver, cereals, beans, lentils and green leafy vegetables which are some of the best sources of iron.
Avoid consuming sour foods, citrus fruits, tamarind, fish, lobsters, red meat, crabs and prawns.
Use of synthetic clothes should be restricted.
Avoid steroids.
Avoid stress and learn to relax.
Keep a positive attitude.

Astrological Remedy-

Usually when Ascendent( First house) , 6th house and 8th house are afflicted with contribution of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon the native tends to have this problem. Those suffering from severe spine problems or leprosy, leucoderma and vitiligo can meditate upon this small yet potent mantra i.e “ Om Paam Parvatibhyaam namah” every morning and evening if possible in amrit vela(a 15 minute time frame before the sunrise and sunset )

Chakra Remedy-

Generally Throat and Solar plexus are responsible but if you are a healer yourself or if you practice meditation, I would recommend visualizing while light on all the chakras while meditating.

Subconscious Pattern:-
It means to me that I don’t belong, am not worthy of healthy love and that through vitiligo/ Leucoderma, it allows me to hid because I feel shame.

I now deeply and completely accept myself, I love myself. Look yourself into the mirror and repeat it at least 108 times .Write it on white paper with red ink whenever you have time.

Above all, I would say no remedy will work unless you bring change in your lifestyle. Emotions can be manipulated not Planets.

I wish you all the best and may you love yourself to the fullest .Meditate regularly remain stress free and have a good lifestyle and above all focus on recovery not on where else you have seen a patch as an old saying goes what you resist it persist’s !!