My Papa, Love of my life

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

“Sir, I love you more than words can wield the matter. Dearer than eye-sight, space, and liberty, beyond what can be valued, rich or rare. No less than life, with grace, health, beauty, honor, as much as child ever loved, or father found. A love that makes breath poor, and speech unable. Beyond all manner of so much I love you.”
― William Shakespeare
Hugging and giving peck before leaving home is a habit which has become a ritual in our home. I have learnt great deals of things from my father and I love him very much.
For the activity given by blogadda #Hug your Dad , I have decided to write an open letter to my Papa today , hope you enjoy reading it….

My dearest loveable papa,

You know I love you very much and I know being the first kid in the family how much I mean to you.

I am a grown up lady now with a wide ocean of love inside my heart that gives a dip to my enemies sometimes .. hehe.

I could have never been a woman with a forgetting and forgiving attitude who could help people despite knowing that she would not get anything in return . Yeah , I love myself because of you papa.

Remember, when I failed in my unit test of 5th standard and everyone scolded me badly, it was you who taught me law of attraction and how to be magnet to numbers. This game helped me score well in my second term and I was so happy when I bought my report card and everybody was kissing my cheeks and hugging me , I squinted towards you and winked. That was such our friendship which made me realize how to direct my thoughts towards what I wanted..

I have so many instances and my mind is full of memories while I am typing this letter to you. I am recalling the day when I came back home frustrated with my school teacher and asked you innocently, papa, for how long I have to go to school to which you smiled and replied now you are in 3rd now count till 12th and then I will not ask you to go to school . hahhaaa that was such a fun you won’t believe it that I continued counting till 11th standard and was so happy that now only one class left ..

We have shared so many instances in life that while writing to you I am recalling them in pieces , I recall lying for the first time in Xth class when teacher asked me to get my dairy signed from you and I told her that you were out of station and the very same day you appeared asking them about my studies and how much I was scared and my heart started beating fast . We both came back home without talking to each other for the first time. You did not speak to me and when I gathered courage to apologise to you in the evening you just said a quote to me which became my mantra for living “ It is better to give up on principle rather to win on lies”

Oh Papa! You are my best friend, every evening we used to wait for you to come from office cause we knew that you would bring pastry or chocolates for us and when one day you paid a surprise visit in afternoon with a Pizza for us how happy we were and three of us ate pizza and danced .. Yeah such was my teen age that you and daddy ( My grandfather) was our best friends. May be that is the reason till date we never had to search friends out of our family.

We both had ups and downs in our relationships with others and I still remember my very first spiritual walk with you when you were up for promotion in your office and I had joined office newly. How we were discussing the kind of instances we both were facing and how blessing others can get us rid of negative vibes. We were so engrossed in our talks that we ended up reaching Inderpuri on foot .. Gosh! That funny day we had to take an auto to return back. But trust me I had a great time and I still do when we both go out for walks together.

You have been my pillar of support and strength , I am so happy that I am born as your daughter. I have learnt to live my life in a positive manner because of you but the only thing I did not learn was how to be a great cook like you and dad (my grandfather). No wonder that is the reason I search a man who has your qualities , cause only a man like you who has kept his daughter like a Princess can treat me like his queen.

I am a part of you and what I am now is because of you. Even words will short less to describe my love for you. You have taught me many things whether it is all about respecting elders or taking care of others need before you. You are a masterpiece of God and I am your Angel. May our bond of love stays strong forever. And I want to request God to make you my father in every lifetime I am about to live ahead.

Thank you Papa for being You . I love you very much.

Your loving Princess

Sheetu 🙂