My Grand father was my first lover

Trust me or not but we all live stories at every phase of our lives. We recall them and tell them to our children/ grand children. I too lived a story with my grand father and I believe, the best way to share it with you is through a story. My characters and instances are real in this story. I have added bit of my magical imagination to moralize it for those who believe in kicking their elders out of their home’s and run away from responsibilities.

The story begins when families used to stay together, when they had big houses not flats. When love was primary and money was secondary, when people enjoyed sharing responsibilities. When second marriage and divorce was a big taboo. At that time Satan was the weakest.

Way back after partition when Gopal migrated to India from Pakistan with his big family of seven siblings and his mother, they all were allotted a tiny house in New Delhi. The times were cruel!! Satan was playing his games in the world to be at the top but then God has his own ways to let Satan know he will always be Supreme.

Among all the siblings Gopal was still single even at the age of 40. His mother was worried about him and often used to ask him to get married. Gopal used to laugh it off by saying that he would only marry a Punjabi girl as he felt they were the prettiest woman around the world. His mother could never understand what was in his mind until he was transferred to Shimla.

He loved mountains and Shimla was a perfect place to live and work. In his office he met Somitra. A beautiful woman with big eyes and a bright smile. The moment his eyes met with hers something inside him told him that she was the one made for him!! Somitra was divorced with a son who was eighteen but Gopal was never married. Though things became bit difficult in the beginning for both of them but love conquered and they happily got married. And through this marriage came a daughter who was treated like a princess by her brother. Yes, Somitra’s son chose to take care of his sister like a daughter, from bathing her to bringing toys for her from his pocket money. Taking her to school .Teaching her all good deeds in every step of her life. He was her best friend. The family was very happy together but Satan was watching over this family and he played his dirty game. News came that Gopal’s mother had expired. They took transfer and the family came back to Delhi. Satan played all his dirty games and the brothers started fighting over the property. They separated and bought separate flat’s and from one big family it became a nuclear family but bonds between them were stronger and they often used to stand up for each other in time of need. Soon time came when Brij (Somitra’s son) got married and Disha his wife got pregnant after some time. Everything was going smooth and happy one more time. This irritated Satan one more time.

One night Somitra told Gopal that she felt she had accomplished everything and could leave the world in peace.
Gopal was traumatized by her words and told her not to say this ever again and go off to sleep. Next morning 03rd January, when people were still wishing each other New Year Somitra never opened her eyes and left the world in peace.
The family was broken and depression took over everyone.. Satan was laughing where Angels were trying hard to make family smile one more time. The fight between Satan and God continued. God felt sorry for the family and decided to make them a bit happy. While everyone was grieving, on the very same night something magical happened. Everyone in the family had a dream. Somitra told them that she was coming back as Brij’s daughter; tears should stop falling from everyone eyes. That was a miracle!! How come every one had the same dream? Somitra was a very special person for every one She was a great wife, an obedient daughter and of course a loving mother.

On 12th June of the very same year Disha gave birth to a daughter. Everyone was waiting for her arrival. Brij was now a father and Gopal was now a grand father. Gopal was the first to take the child in his hands. 12th June became Diwali for the family .Their world once more lit with happiness. Their world was complete once more.
Gopal named his first grand daughter Sheetal. A name that was divinely guided to him.

Sheetal was loved, pampered and kept away from all negative situations. Sheetal grew up in a family where love was most primary. Where helping others and respecting elders was not out of duty but out of love. Sheetal grew up as a beautiful girl and was supported by her grand father in all her mischief’s, whether it was about making her math’s tuition teacher run away or her first crush getting crushed . Her grand father became her best friend and the two knew they were soul mates.

Now, when she grew up it was time for her to marry hence, she was given full permission to introduce her choice to the family. She did not had any but she chose to direct her thoughts on the issue and asked Angels to guide her to find a loving life partner.

When Satan saw so much love in the family once again it irritated him again. He over heard Sheetal’s prayers to Angels and he sent a devil in Sheetal’s life. A man to destroy her life, her career her happiness. Yes he was an evil wearing a mask of human. Angel’s desperately warned Sheetal. Gave her signs but she was in love and refused to listen. That was satan’s way to trick her and she ended up loosing her energies. She started disrespecting her elders. She was no more interested in word love and her disturbed state broke Gopal’s heart .His heart cried in agony and tears fell down.

He held her close to his heart. Tried soothing her with his kind words. He told her everything would be alright and slept. Next day he ended up having a stroke.
That stroke changed Sheetal’s perspective . Her true lover her grand father was having a stroke .He lost his voice. He could not bear that his words could not pacify his loving grand daughter and somewhere subconsciously decided never to speak again and leave this world never to see her in tears again.

No that was not I had wanted. Why God, why are you troubling my grandfather. It was then that she actually met an Angel in her dreams who told her that Satan had tricked her into this misery !!!

Next day, doctors gave up hope on her grand father. They gave maximum 6 months for his survival. It was 2009 when Sheetal decided to block all the negatives within her with all the healing courses she had learnt earlier. She started her continuous meditation. Her prayers, her total dedication towards her grandfather made a miracle happen… He woke up and walked !!!

The family rejoiced. The happiness took another toll in 2011 when Gopal met with an accident and he could not walk forever. That was the real testing time. He could not speak, he could not walk, and he could not get up from the bed on his own. It was difficult for the family and Sheetal noticed embarrassment in his eyes when she for the first time cleaned his potty and helped him wear an adult diaper.

She consoled her grand father and laughingly said Daddy, when I was toddler from cleaning my potty to dressing me up, you did everything and it’s my time to do the same now.

Gopal did not have words except expressions and tears in his eyes. No wonder Sheetal used to rush back from her office to be with her grandfather every evening. The routine of cleaning and talking was set up. Sheetal sometimes did played role of a joker to make her grand father laugh as she understood his loneliness. She understood that it was not easy to stay quiet. It is not easy to spend whole day watching out of window and having to do nothing. It is not easy to remain positive when everyone is out for work and you cannot move a bit from your bed simple task like switching on A TV became so difficult at times.

Then on 14th August, 2013 he looked at Sheetal with sadness in his eyes. He held her hand for a long time and she understood that it was time…. From that day onwards there was no celebration done for 12th June as the one who loved her the most left her alone to fight battles of life……
This time Satan won and is now satisfied …..

Never ever leave your elders the one who loved you the most for someone else. Some one might use you and get away and may be by the time you look back the one who loved you leave this world grieving for your one sight.

Respect Elders they have lot to teach us … If Kids are our rising Sun, elders are our beautiful dawn that you enjoy watching and spending time with…