Looking at the stars

As I saunter in the moon light
Searching for my path full of insights
I witnessed stars playing in darkness
As if some background making them shine
Looking up in the sky I shriek my ongoing dilemma
Asking for an answer from divine
The stars twinkled with shapes around
Sometimes they conjure and looked like seven
Sometimes like face looking at me from heaven
I kept on watching them how they shine so bright
Making shapes and sometimes dropping down in front of my eye
Insight struck on my mind
In darkness they play larks
In night they shine so bright that dusk is admired by every sight
The gloom looms like a plight
Sometimes hiding stars with the layer of black line
They come out again shining bright
You take your ongoing impasse as darkness
Consider yourself a twinkling star shining bright
Even if darkness tries to hide you in its cocoon
Understand, unknowingly it is polishing your sight
Get up and keep moving as nothing lasts forever
Not this daunting plight
Understand you have met darkness as you have been tricked by your subconscious mind
Change the way you witness your situation

Trust me; insight would come only when you consciously choose to twinkle a little with delight

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