As promised I come up with a new category on my blog called “Doctor Within” .Here I humbly add that I am not a professional researcher or a doctor. The contents I am going to share here are from various books and my personal experiences which I have gone through or with which I have helped people cross through their difficult times while learning Pranic healing, Reiki and Astrology. I am also going to take you through how you yourself can subconsciously change your pattern or some habits to move from a particular disease. Also, I will be adding some basic astrological reason’s and solutions…..

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Acne, the most common problem in teenagers and adults. I purposely chose to write about this issue first. I recall a woman whom I had helped. She turned out to be a major lesson of my life. I learnt my big time lesson of not helping someone unless asked and not trusting someone just because you helped them… getting back to the topic.

Almost everyone experiences an occasional flare-up of acne, but it is most prevalent during adolescence, afflicting 85 percent of teenagers to some degree. Hormones are responsible for most cases of acne. Diet and other lifestyle factors, including cleanliness and sexual activities do not cause acne.

Heredity is suspected in some cases of severe acne. A number of medications can also cause acne. Major offenders include steroids and other hormonal agents. Stress often triggers a flare up of acne most likely by altering hormone level. In turn, hormonal changes can stimulate food carvings. Consequently, the acne sufferer may erroneously attribute the acne to food, rather than stress which is the real culprit.

WASHING FACE: It is said that Benzoyl peroxide plays major role in curing acne. The lotion or gels are easily available on the stores. We all know that it is necessary to wash face regularly twice especially when acne is kissing your cheeks.

FOOD : Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for beta carotene and vitamin C. Yougurt, including Vitamin B6 which is found in meat, fish, poultry, whole grains, beans, lentils , avocado, nuts, potatoes, banana and leafy greens can help reducing acne by helping to regulate hormones.

SUBCONCIOUS PATTERN: Not accepting the self. Dislike of the self…

At least 50 times a day : I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now

ASTROLOGY: Usually afflicted Mars is the reason for acne. Maintain good relations with brothers and offer sweets on Tuesday. This is a good remedy .

P.S what you donate you don’t eat…