Betrayal Knows my name

Any good story is a perfect blend of various ingredients like a strong character, an unexpected plot, subtle sub plots, layers of emotions, overwhelming drama, etc. In this contest we give you the following 3 ingredients:

  1. A missed flight
  2. A website (you guessed it right, the website has to be!)
  3. A recent breakup.

Spice it up with wit, humor, drama, emotions or anything that you deem fit and weave a short story of not more than 3000 words.


Sorry Shruti, I don’t think I can marry you. My parents have fixed me up with my childhood friend Neena  who is staying in America and you know I always wanted to settle down there said Aarav.

But, you said you loved me and you also proposed me on my 30th birthday said Shruti while tears were rolling out from her big beautiful eyes.

Aarav smiled sarcastically and looked into her eyes and said you are not rich like Neena, you have no qualities like her, she is intelligent, genius and an engineer look at you what are you? A slave working for few thousand rupees in a government office… Get lost,  he cleared his part of “Rejecting her “and turned his back never to look back again. Being an emotional fool it was difficult for Shruti to get over Aarav and find a life for herself.

His words kept on haunting her day and night and her depression was deepening. It was more than a week, when suddenly she received an invite on her email from an ex colleague to be friends with her on a social networking site, she ignored it.

She refused to speak to anyone; she was not interested in meeting friends or going out of house. This break up had crashed her world into pieces, she was scared of boys all of sudden. She was scared of the word marriage.

No wonder her parents tried their best to set her up with people but she just could not accept anyone in her life. Subconsciously she was killing herself… Betrayal was not just a word for her it became her life…  This thing continued for long and people had almost given up on her and let her live in her depression.

It was the beginning of Summer when she again received an invite from her ex colleague to be friends with her, this time she chose to open an account, somewhere she herself was trying  to come out of the depression but Arrav’s words were acting like a sword on her heart every time she tried to begin her life all over again. She met many new people out there and Aarav too as he had guts to send her a friend request not to be a friend but to show her how much he had achieved and he always was a winner.. She saw that he was now married and living happily in America. Devastated Shruti in tears again thought what was she doing with her life? For how long she will trouble herself and torture herself, she was not born to live like this.  It was high time that she should make an effort to live her life again.

The first thing she did was to de activate her account as she did not want to be around those who helped Aarav to harass her and made fun of her i.e her so called friends.

That very night on the dinner table she spoke to her parents about taking a break.  They agreed and she flew to Pune the very next morning. Pune was beautiful green area surrounded by mountains  which helped her to calm her nerves and she was smiling once again. The environment around helped her to release the stress in her. In these 07 days break she wrote more than 50 poems. Shruti was enthusiastic, charming and very romantic personality before she had met Aarav, and had always wanted to be a writer.

Soon those peaceful 07 days were over and it was time to fly back to Delhi.  While waiting for the call of her flight on the airport of Pune she was writing another poem in her dairy. Shruti was in her own world in peace with herself.

As she suddenly felt hungry she walked up to the counter seeking some junk food. She noticed an old man on a wheel chair looking around and calling for his son and crying. She immediately went and asked him if he needed any help.

My dear daughter, I was with my son and we are going to leave for Dubai, My son has my boarding pass, passport and ticket.  Can you help me in searching him. Witty Shruti immediately asked the ground hostess standing at the counter to call for his son.

The Son came to the counter searching for  his father but by that time there flight had missed and also shurti’s flight was about to be missed.

The old man and the Son thanked her for her help.  After hearing announcement for her flight she ran towards the bus. Unfortunately, the ground was so slippery that she fell down; the steward  had to help her get up. He asked her to take it easy.

She looked at him and thanked him.

My pleasure madam said Rohit who himself was late for his duty in the same flight. They both together rushed in the same bus towards the plane. While standing they kept on looking at each other and kept smiling.

Plane was ready to fly and Shruti sat in front of the window seat admiring the universe and writing her poems. She realized that the guy who bought her meal was the same guy who had helped her; she smiled at him and asked for a blanket.

Rohit forgot about it and after a while Shruti looked around  and realized that all the crew members were busy. She pressed the call bell and Rohit came again, she reminded him about the blanket, poor Rohit again got busy helping someone by that time they almost reached Delhi.

While the crew was standing thanking passengers for choosing their airline, Shruti too smiled at Rohit and said Thank you for the Blanket in a very sarcastic way, Rohit immediately recalled that he had forgotten   twice.

She left for her home peacefully without making it an issue.

Two days later, she received a sms on her cell phone saying “Sorry”. She asked who was that person and the reply came the steward who forgot to give you a blanket this is Rohit.

The texting of messages continued and they met one day. Shurti was in a habit of carrying around her dairy; Rohit noticed this and asked her what was in the dairy?

She gave it to him and said if you like it take it.

Rohit gladly took the dairy with him to read.

She received a text around 3 in the morning from Rohit; you are an awesome poet, why don’t you publish your work?

Shurti laughed on it as Aarav words still used to haunt her that she was good for nothing and her confidence level was very down still…

Without her permission, Rohit posted one of her poem on his social networking site and he got around 300 likes for that, after two days, he clicked the picture of her poem with the likes and sent her on what’s app.

Shruti was astound on what she saw, she immediately called him and asked him if it was true, he insisted her to open an account and publish some of her poems there, she kept on thinking about it with her negative programming done by Aarav in her subconscious mind whether she should take a step or not, but she did open an account and published her work.

She received many friend requests along with those of who she had left behind as a friend. She accepted all requests. One of the strangers told her about a site which will help her publish her work; she disregarded it until she saw an advertisement of write up café.com in the side bar.

She immediately made an account there and she was asked to submit a blog link that meant that no more publishing on the social networking sites she had to have an account on blog spot or word press, she created an account and started publishing her work. Soon write up café members i.e. other writers started becoming her friends and there was no looking back.

Shruti published her books, she had little name of her shining among other writers, yes, her dream to be a writer was fulfilled and Aarav?  She realized that he himself was a born looser hence he could only bring out the stress in her and not the best in her.

It was Rohit who made her meet herself and polished her little to shine among stars.

Shruti and Rohit met only to be together forever.

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<p>This post is part of the contest&nbsp;<span><strong><a title=”Spin your Story |” href=”; target=”_blank”>Spin your Story</a>&nbsp;</strong><span>on</span><strong> <a title=”” href=”; target=”_blank”></a></strong></span></p>