Does wishful thinking manifest into reality? This was the question which came into Surrender’s mind when he heard that   his neighbor Javed was selling his farms and moving towards London city. He was in his shop at that time. Surrender Khanna had a small business set up in Punjab. Blessed with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl he had a wife to die for. That very evening, he thought of paying courtesy visit to his neighbor’s house to bid him good bye.

Javed was happy to see him and the families had a dinner together. Surrender was bit jealous of him and Javed sensed his jealousy and told him that he too can get what he wants if he follows the synchronicity in his thoughts. Surrender was left confused.

Surrender could not sleep that night. He too wanted the best for his family.  First thing in the morning he called his family astrologer and asked him whether he too can get out of India and give the best to his kids, to which the astrologer replied only after your third baby.

Third baby? No way… What are you saying we are happy and contented with two.

Astrologer replied he has to come; he is destined to bring good luck to you.

He discussed with his wife about what astrologer had told him and after a bit of persuasion she agreed to give birth to their third child. Surrender’s mother was very excited. It was 25th June, 1989 when Leena , Surender’s wife gave birth to a baby boy.

They were having fun and partying around  when out of the blue Surrender received a call from Javed  asking  him if he could come to London as he has was setting up the same business in London, what Surrender was doing and he needed  someone who was experienced like Surrender . Surrender could not hold himself after all whatever astrologer had told him was coming out to be true.

He received this news on the D day of his third son’s name ceremony. He saw astrologer giving two alphabets to the family H and S to name  the boy with .

Grandmother was so excited that she named him Harinder after his son’s name but Leena didn’t like the name. She wanted her son’s name to be more fashionable hence she suggested Suraj . The mother in law and the daughter in law started arguing on the name when the two kids intervened and said from now on his nick name would be Happy and the School name would be Sumit. Since the name to the third born was decided by his siblings the mother and the grandmother let it be.

Surrender informed the family about the proposal Javed  had given  it to them and soon started packing bags and moved towards London with his family.

Business in London ran so well that Surrender Khanna became a millionaire and opened his own firm in Spain.

Javed was happy to let him go as he was already successful in the field.  The family got settled in Spain and the kids grew up beautifully. The younger one Sumit was a different personality. He grew up as a painter but his life was sadistic, nothing could make him happy.

Once his sister told him that we kept your name Happy but you are totally opposite of your name. You have grown up now stop sitting alone, go out, have fun with people around. Sumit aka Happy looked at his sister’s and felt that she was talking rubbish !!

The siblings and the parents did whatever they could to make him happy but he was never happy.

Once he approached his father with little confidence in his heart saying Papa, I would like to stay in India but may be in a different city which is full of nature,has cozy weather greenery and some rain at times.

Surrender looked at his son with amazement as he had done whatever he could to take them out of India and now this third one wanted to go back to India with terms and condition applied. He was baffled and spoke to his wife. The siblings agreed that if his happiness lied in this we should send him to Dehradun  to stay for a while.

Sumit stayed there for a week  and then announced that he was bored and he wanted to go to some other place were greenery, mountains, rivers  where and he could experience open sky. Now his family was bit agitated but fulfilled his wish They sent him to Mahabaleshwar in Mumbai. Soon after a month, the father received a call stating that he was bored and he needed a change. The family could not understand what to do now. Sumit’s sister was elder to him and now married. She spoke to her husband about this weird behavior of getting bored now and then. Her husband Sushant intervened  and offered to help. Since Sushant was a Dr in psychology he chose to travel back to Sumit to help him.


Sumit was happy to see his brother in law. Sushant told Sumit about a well known tarot card reader and a writer who was his friendand was in Mumbai for her business. He told him that she flew especially from Canada for her fans back in India.



What is her name?

Her name is Sheena.

Well, can I meet her please?

Sure, we will fly to Mumbai tomorrow

In thought of getting his life changed, Mr. Happy aka Sumit Khanna met Sheena.

She was a psychologist too.

Sumit saw her and was impressed by her looks but since his confidence level was so low that he could not complimented her on her looks.

Sheena  knew Summit’s interest  in Occult hence she chose to talk to him through tarot reading.

Shoot your issue to me Happy?

My problem is that I don’t know what is the message life has  for me

She said  simply follow synchronicity

What is that?

Okay, take a card out

He was admiring her beautiful hands, her fingers jeweled by precious stones but was so under confident that he could not compliment her on that too. With a finger he pointed on a card to be taken out for him.

She took out three of cups and told him that the message which life had for him  would be in the first two letters of the names of the three ladies he would be  meeting soon. He has to combine the first two letters of all the three ladies and the life message would appear.

He was in dilemma now, where would  he find three ladies he asked

Sheena laughed and said he would meet them in coming three days.

Sumit could not sleep the whole night thinking about how, when and where he would meet them.

After having a sleepless night, he went out of his cottage still  thinking where would he find those three girls. As he was crossing the road , he saw a car passing by having a message saying” Peace is the answer to any question you have today.. Just peace”

Sumit was shocked he went to a nearby temple to relax there a bit. As he was sitting on the stairs of the temple and doing deep breathing he heard a noise. A girl was fighting with a vendor and no one was there to help her out. Summit immediately approached and helped her out of the situation.

She smiled and asked him to come with her for a coffee. Since he had nothing to do he accepted the invite and followed her to a nearby café where two other girls were waiting for the girl to come.

As the girl approached her friends she told them about the incident and how Sumit took her out of the situation but  unfortunately none of them introduced themselves.

Sumit was spending time with them but was lost in his thoughts thinking about what Sheena had told  him.

Oh by the way, I am Indrani, I am Nilofar and I am Hanna

Pleasure meeting ladies. And  as soon as he said the word ladies he realized and asked their names again.

The girls looked at him and wondered why he was so excited . Sure I am Indrani, I am Nilofar and I am Hanna

He immediately looked for a napkin and wrote  INNIHA!! He could not get it he was reversing the names he could not get it . Hanna sat by his side asking what was he doing. He told them the incidence with Sheena and they all laughed and Hanna said looking at Indrani look Hanju do you trust this stuff?

Sumit asked who is Hanju here .oh I was talking to Indrani her nick name is Hanju and what is yours asked inquisitive sumit. I am Haaru and Hanna is Hanau oh what a co incidence my nick name is Happy

Oh it could be the first too letter of your nick names where I can get what this life has a message for me.

Yeah let’s jot it down for all three of us.

He wrote Ha Ha Ha all of them laughed saying add one more Ha of yours then it would be HA HA HA HA

Everyone looked at each other and HAHAHAHA.

And he got the message loud and clear. He needed to be Happy in whatever situation the Universe was keeping him..


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