A New Start of my life

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It was 11th January, 2015 When I met with a fatal accident and almost lost my eyesight.  Doctor in emergency told my mother that her eye was grossly injured and would take at least 3 months and after that we do not guarantee whether she will get her sight back.

I heard my parents crying and shouting out of fear for me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to see but alas I could not. I was scared too as I heard doctor saying that I am a weak case but they will give their best.

I could hear continues arguments between my father and the doctor somewhere between sobbing of my mother. I was baffled and scared but few minutes later everything went  calm and silent and I was in my dream world may be because of the injections they had given  me .

Next day, I woke up struggling to open my eyes but I could not. Next thing, I heard conversation between the doctor and my father stating by the grace of God all my tests were good except my eyes and referred me to an eye specialist. I was scared but quiet; my father took me to that eye specialist.

When I was asked to open my eyes by the specialist, I couldn’t.  l think doctor could hear my heartbeat running fast and tension in my nerves, he asked me to calm down and to stay positive. He promised me that all will be well.  One more try and I could see blurry glimpse for a split second. He gave me some medicine and said I could be cured easily within a month’s time but I must not open my eye. He took off the bandage and asked me to keep my eye close. I promised him and we were back home.

Life after this accident changed. I realize the worth of my eyes when my members used to admire something in front of me and I had an urge to open my eyes.  My life stopped for awhile, no writing posts, not meeting anyone. All I was doing was listening TV, hearing people talking around. My major suffocation inside me was “I could not open my eyes.”

After 5 days, when we visited doctor, he was amazed at my improvement and advised me to wear black glasses and not to expose my eyes to sunlight.

Black glasses? I could not even see doctor’s face properly. All I could see was someone sitting in front of me, a shadow.

I led this blurry life till March. Now I can see perfectly though but  still I am asked to put medicines 16 times a day in my eyes and my next visit to the doctor  would be on 30th March. Fingers crossed for it.

I started daily routine of going to office after 10 days rest. Thanks to my bosses and my colleagues who understood my problem and supported me well.  With this accident something changed inside me. I realized how important every part of my body is to me. How my knowledge of using affirmation helped me, how the power of my subconscious mind helped me to look back into this life I am living now.

The doctor, who said that my eyes were gone forever, how I had the ability in me to change his words. Of course, it would not be possible without my family’s and my friend’s support. The gratitude has new meaning in my life hence; I have decided that from now on I will share my knowledge with the world.

I am starting a new category “Doctor within us” in which I would share how disease can be put to ease. How we can use the power of our subconscious mind to get rid of illness and different means of healing infirmity with some home remedies. If I can do, anybody can do.

It is a new start, a new beginning for me as my thoughts have changed and so as my attitude towards living my life. I am sure this category would help many people all around the world. All I need is my fellow readers support.

Thank you Indi blogger, blog adda for bringing up such prompts which can actually make us write about our come back to life..