I belong to you !!


This is the true story of my colleague which I am presenting you with a little spice of imagination to make it more interesting. Hope you all enjoy reading their #Sound of Love…

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There love story begin in September, 2014, when a young boy Ravi living in Rajasthan with his family experienced a crucial set back only to lead him to his destined lady luck.  He is a business man and a traveler.  During that time, he often used to travel to cities to sell antiques and jewelries which showed the glimpse of Indian culture. His work and his creativity were very much appreciated and soon he started getting international orders. Life was all about work when one day his sick father asked him to settle down as his time was near and he could sense that. Ravi took it easily but the destiny played a dirty role when all of sudden his father collapsed in his arms.

The dreadful day was a transition to new beginning in Ravi’s life. His family was heartbroken but he has to work for his mother. RAvi once again bounced back to work but in his empty hours he would miss being scolded, loved and hugged by his father. He hid his deep emotions inside to make his mother smile. It was September, 2014 when he was asked to travel to a nearby place in Rajasthan through desert, all alone while riding on a camel he was lost in his thoughts, recalling the life he lived and the heartbreaks he came across which stopped him to look towards the road of love, he saw a gazebo in the middle of desert, he stopped there for a while, only to witness a group of Vagabond tribe singing songs of love and dancing along, he chose to sat there for a while as he was tired .


They noticed his pain on his face and as he was about to pack up they told him: young boy “Because of the Bluestone, love will rise with blessing in the divine destination “Be alert

He disregarded their words and moved ahead


Journey was tiring. He reached his friend’s place to stay for a night. He received a call from his manager that an international consignment had some problems and he would have to visit Delhi for helping. Tired Ravi slept like a dog and finished his work first thing in the morning to proceed further. His mind kept on recalling words of the tribe and he kept wondering its meaning .He had been to Delhi many times but then never had felt this kind of energy which he was feeling now. As he was walking out from the Airport ,  he saw a restless girl searching a taxi.


He moved forward and stopped a taxi for himself. As he was hopping on, his eyes met hers one more time and he offered a lift to her. She thanked him with a smile and hopped on into his taxi. Fortunately both were heading towards the same place,


They both kept looking at each other and he noticed a gold band on her right hand. He complimented her for her ring and she smiled saying that she has purchased this from an online jewellery store called “Bluestone


I am working as a Marketing manager with a well known company there…

So, who else is there in your family asked Ravi casually but inside he wanted to know whether she was married or not.

The girl smiled as she too was enjoying his presence and understood what exactly on his mind.

No, I am not married yet but seeking my soul mate! What about you

RAvi blushed and asked really what your name is. Svasti !!!! She replied

Unusual name what does it mean. It means blessing

As he recalled the vagabond tribe’s words in  his heart  and realized that he had met the one he was longing for

” Because of the Bluestone, love will rise with blessing in the divine destination”

He smiled and told Svasti about the incident, the taxi stopped and the driver said “Your destination has arrived sir”

They both got out of the car .Suddenly, the twilight song started from nowhere:-

I have died everyday waiting for you… Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years… I’ll love you for a thousand more…

Words were needless… The sound of love was enough for both of them to realize that the universe had conspired to make them meet their destiny in each other. They hugged and dated each other for few months… This February, 2015 they have decided to get married on Valentine’s Day.