The Golden Key

This question comes from the Daily Prompt at The Daily Post @ WordPress

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

I would like to share my fiction story in reply to that . Hope you enjoy reading that . 🙂

It was Saturday evening; Vani took bus to her place from office. Like all days this too was tiring for her. Living life monotonously with no friends around only work and family she was somewhere thinking of giving it up subconsciously.

Her power of thoughts was very strong but she never trusted in that. All she was doing was leading life logically and with practical mind. Her faith in God was okay sometimes she was atheist sometimes God lover but then taking care of family was all she was doing.

She had everything. Three kids from Marriage, a husband to die for, own house, vacations every year but something was amiss.

That evening while she was sitting in a busy she was recollecting her life as she had lived it till date thinking she had everything she desired for but her strength and motive to live life ahead was somehow coming to an end.

Her kids were busy in their lives; her husband was busy in his business. Having everything but still there was no life for her, her motive to live was dead. She thought she was old now. While thinking this she heard a ring from the conductor telling her  that she needs to get down on next strop. She immediately took her purse and stood up to get down, though the thought kept on lingering in her mind.

It was almost 7 pm when she reached home, like always kids were out  with their friends and husband left a message of coming late so there was no one to welcome her home. Somewhere looking at empty house everyday was tearing her inside. She was losing on her health as she refused to make food for her alone.

She went inside her bedroom changed her dress and started watching TV. While watching TV she was lost again in her thoughts reminding her subconscious that she had  no motive to live she did’nt  realize when she dosed off into deep sleep.

Vani, a voice called her name. As she woke up she saw a dog sitting on her bed and was talking to her. She got scared in the beginning and rushed to the main hall from her bedroom. The dog followed her stating that she should not run away from him. He is here to help her.

What? I think I am watching toomany movies, how can a dog speak to me?

The dog panted and said like humans do Vani.

But how did you get in.

Simple, you forgot to close your main door.

What is happening am I becoming Dr. dolittle or something

No, no Vani you are perfectly fine and trust me you can only speak to me not like Dr. Do-little speaking to every animal. Calm down please so that we can talk.

Vani sat on her sofa and took a deep breath thinking she was dreaming

No Vani you are not dreaming I am here in front of you and we can talk

What? How do you know what I am thinking?

I know what you were thinking earlier too this morning. I know you are sad since quiet few days.

Vani became bit curious. What? What waas I thinking earlier?

You were searching for a motive to live or shall I say DIE because you feel your kids have grown up and your husband is busy in his business.

Vani’s mouth became wide open. How do you know?

The dog  panted again and says, I can catch vibes; we dogs are actually smarter than you humans.

Ummm, would you like to have something?

Well, thank god you asked for it. How about a bowl of milk

Sure, vani went  to the kitchen thinking it was all illusion and she kept looking back however the dog followed her everywhere she went.

You are actually here right asked Vani

The dog groaned gurrrrrrrr how many tiems I should give you clarification

She gave him a bowl of milk and he gulped it in minutes.

What is your name?

The dog shook himself saying whatever you will keep it with love. Come let’s discuss your issue. You want to sit here on the sofa or want me to follow you to your bedroom. He winked and that made Vani more capricious and disregarding his words she said I just saw you winking.

Yeah, we do it sometimes to you humans. Big deal!

Let’s sit on the sofa.

The dog kept on looking at her and she while holding her forehead with one hand looked at him.

Now what?

You tell me now what Vani. I  have a job for you

For me? Excuse me?

Yeah. Excused

At your door steps under your mat, you would find one golden key just bring it in please.

Vani still could not believe what he was saying but did as he said to confirm that she was not dreaming.

As she approached  main door she sat down in front of mat and saw the golden key under the mat. She could not believe her eyes. She was scared and was staring the key. The dog came out and said you know Vani you are too logical and practical in your life and that is the reason you suffer, let magic enter your life. Relax and get in fast.

She did as the dog said and bought the key in. The dog sat on the sofa and said now go to your room and open it with this golden key.

Vani by now was robot she did as he asked and opened the lock of her bedroom with the golden key. As she entered the room the room was not hers . It was her maternal home . Yes, her room before marrriagethings were kept the way she had left there, she touched her last read novel, she saw her bed, the almirah, as she opened her almirah she saw a big album, she took that out in which there were pictures of her childhood, she was happy and not tired of living. At that time the things kept there made here recall her happy days as a kid  she was flipping through her album and laughing alone while recalling memories of her family and childhood.

As she saw her picture of marriage, a voice inside her told her that the symptoms of loneliness which she was going through now, her parents had already been through all this but there motive to live did not die, they supported her marriage, took care of the kids too sometimes, they found a reason to live life ahead instead of giving it up so easily.

She saw the dog opened the door, jumped on the bed and put his paw on her hand saying if ever you feel that no one wants you, trust me, I do.

She looked at him with a question mark in her eyes. He said, oh good lord! These humans woof woof. Now come back in present and tell me how you start your day everyday  when you take your first step out of your house?

Vani said, I start by feeding milk and sometimes by giving bread to the dog  oh my god I did not notice you are the same same dog I give food to.. and even on Sunday’s I travel specially for you.

Yes, thank god you realized  it’s me Vani. God sent me to you to help you understand that there is a mgic in each one of us but sometimes we get depress so much thinking no body wants us or atleast who WE feel WE know and kill ourselves by living this life as a burden, but there is somebody, someone unknown like a stray dog like me who waits for you everyday to feed me.

I have no words to thank you for my morning breakfast as I do not have to hunt for it. Anyway, now it’s my time to go. Its too late and your kids are ringing bell outside. As he jumped from the window and Vani turned her head, her bedroom was once again the one which she share with her husband and the album had vanished from her lap instead she saw herself holding a photo frame  of her marriage picture.

She slept peacefully and happily that night, next morning, she was more enthusiastic an curious to meet the dog.

As she reached that place and said hello to him thinking he would talk to her in human language, he said woof woof.

Why are you not talking to me today?

He replied woof woof

She thought may be it was all dream yesterday and turned her head

The dog said from the back stupid Vani, after doing so much for her she still does not turst in magic.

Vani heard that and swirled her neck saying I know I just heard you calling me stupid

The people around her noticed and thought she actually was stupid as the dog was busy eating his bread.

She turned to move again and when dog said woof woof she turned back , he winked and ran away.

Vani smiled and understood that she had a motive to live her life ahead and the incident actually happened yesterday. She decides to open a dog home where she would look after the stray dogs, feed them, medicate them and try giving them a decent place to live and to play happily. She found her happiness and solace with these creatures who have nothing else to give buy for love and happiness.

She took initiative to open a dog home and get it inaugurated by the stray dog who visited her . She says from now on your name is “ Stupid” so stupid inaugurate this beautiful place as  it is because of you.

The dog look at her and says you stupid and tear the ribbon from his mouth.

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