Encounter with the wolf

I decided to take a walk near the woods
The night was dark
I could hear a wolf
My mind stopped me to move ahead
The fear inside me said
This  is an unknown illusion waiting for me
To become his tonight’s bread
I gathered courage thinking what will be will be
I moved  more steps
As someone took my name feebly
I turned back to witness who it was
I could not see anyone standing behind the branch
I moved to the fore one more time to be stopped again
It was someone who stood in front of me calling my name again
I tried looking at the face
It was the wolf who was calling my name
I was scared and moved back
He said do not fright away from me as I need help
My heart was racing fast I could not walk
I could not breath
He asked me to look into his eyes
I did what he said as I had no choice
I kept on gazing for a while
Suddenly his face which was so wild turned into divine
He put his paw on my right hand asking me to help one more time
Surprisingly I was calm as I looked deep into his eyes
I put my other hand on his paw telling him everything will be alright
To which I saw him smiling from his eyes
He leaned into my lap for a while
Gathering courage I let him be
After all I was out to find some guidance from moonbeam
The milieu was quiet
Suddenly he asked me the time
Naively I told him it must be twelve in the night
He stood up slowly telling me
It’s my time to go home and to sleep tight
I asked him he wanted me to help him with a sigh
He said I did by caressing him like a mother to child
I asked him to explain his mystified expressions
As I could not understand his puzzled line
He one more time smiled from his eyes
I am the one in you residing as fear
I am the one in you residing as shame
I am the one in you making you give up your game
You have mastered me in you
Now it is of no use coming to you
You have made me fallen for you
I am your servant now
I cannot harm you
You came out for a  guidance from moonlight
Moon directed me towards you
Asking me to make you shine
Remember I asked you to look into my eyes
You did not think twice before heading up to my advice
That is what made me understand that you are now stronger from inside
Releasing your fears made you divine
I kissed his forehead and moved back to my life
As I turned to thank him in words
I saw no one standing to bid me good love
I smiled one more time and express gratitude to moonlight
For guiding me from my fear
A weird way I would never forget in years