Doppelgänger Alert

Life is all about meeting new people and acquainting with them. I too enjoy meeting people and acquainting around gaining and sharing insights, once there was one man, I met at our mission’s national day and got acquainted with him easily, as I found him a man with open heart and full of life , his name was Sam. Sam was born and bought up in United Kingdom and was an Anglo Indian. I found him cute.
We shared a very good vibe and he invited me along with a friend of mine at his house the other day for a party as coincidentally it was his birthday. I usually party around with family and close friends but this guy he insisted and I could not refuse him.
As I was about to leave , Swiftly he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes saying that I have to come, I found that quiet weird as if his actions were not in sync with his thoughts or maybe I found it to be as I was tired and wanting to reach home at the earliest
Next day, it was a new day; I started my day by witnessing the divine moment in the morning when I received a message from Vani, my friend, stating that today we have to go to Sam’s house in the evening.
Oops! Being a forgetful girl that was a necessary reminder for me. I started my day with usual routine, we reached at Sam’s house exactly at 6 pm, and I was astonished!
No this cannot be true… was the first thing I said when I entered his house. My heart started racing fast. For a moment I was confused nomadic inside his house. It was exactly like my house; In fact it was my house. my furniture, my furry friend, my bed, the way I have kept my books , the kind of library and meditation room I have I mean it was like I was in my own house. I remember leaving my towel at my bed before leaving in the morning it was as it is laying there except there was no one around I was in my own damn house! How can this be possible?
Sam kept on following me, he was saying something which was rumbling, I could not see anyone else invited and as I turned back I saw Sam standing giving me a big smile, I shouted Vani, she did not reply, I saw a dog sitting in my bedroom and I tried to go near to him thinking he was my Sultan but he was not he barked at me, that gave me goose bumps
My mind was not working. I was confused and started searching for my parents by peeping into their room but no one was there the dining table, the kitchen everything was exactly the way it was before I left this morning.
Sam bought a glass of water for me and made me sit on a rocking chair. As I tried to calm down I looked at the chair and to my incredulity that was mine I shouted everything is mine this glass that I am holding, this room, this rocking chair this is my bloody home. What are you doing here?
Sam gave me an evil smile, that made me jump of the chair and I ran towards the back door, I knew where the door was as it was exactly my house. Something is drastically wrong, I shouted at Sam while running towards the door, He said I told you, you have to come to me, I will not let you go now and he clenched my fist, I struggled hard and managed to make an escape.
Sam shouted from back saying” even though you try you cannot get rid of me.”
I turned my back towards him after hearing his words before getting out from the back door.
As I was out, I saw something different which made me burst into tears as I was scared; I was expected to see my environs around after an escape instead I was standing all alone in a field where I was witnessing beautiful trees and birds of different color.
My fear was all gone and I was at peace, suddenly my heart stopped racing fast and I saw someone coming from the field calling my name as I moved little closer it was my father , I collapsed in his arms.
The moment I opened my eyes, it was my father who was asking me to get up. I realized I was dreaming and I calmed down.
Soon after I switched on my phone and I received the same message with exact words in it from my friend Vani as I saw it in my dream… but in her next message said she was not well hence she apologized to him on our behalf..if that would be okay with me too…. that moment I took a deep breath of relief and smiled…


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