Easy you out of me

Life had been nasty

I could not feel any gravity

Looks like no one needs me

Why should I try?

Why should I breathe?

I wish loving could be easy

But destiny had something else hidden for me

Something broken was about to heal inside me

I was walking on the road aimlessly

While thinking about this whole story

When suddenly I met my shadow in light

Suddenly Sadness took a backside

My reflection told me a tale of happiness inside

She said something that irritated me for a while

It is easy to feel sad

It is easy to look back

It is easy to stay where you are

It is easy to be out of track

But no one would ever walk with you the way it used to be

Grow up and be what you want to be

People will come and go

Slowly you will be out of me

Do something which world remembers

If not at least your family members

Searching to be loved is easy

Learn to give love

That would bring the best out of you from me

Love thy self as you want others to love thee

As life is all about new beginnings

And leading it with honesty


  1. Sheetall – nice to hear from you and my hearty congratulations to you on the release of your book, though I have not one copy. I will try to do so.

    In this materialistic world, it is not that easy to spread the message of love and to be loved. Everything is centered on one thing!! “Money…Money” , whether it is your friends, or so called loved onces ….everybody is on the same line..


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