My life, My hell

I lived my day inconsolably
I made efforts to breath thinking if hell could be less than this world
Or if heaven could be my stress free home where I could  fly like a bird
I slept with this thought running at the back of my mind
In my dreams I was moved by an angel
He said that his presence to me wasdivine
He can show me hell from his eyes
I was petrified by his behavior
Though his looks were of a lover
He called himself Archangel Gabriel
He looked deep into my eyes
I asked him to show me misery
He took me below cloud nine
Where I experienced illness, loss and tragedy
I was taken aback and requested some mercy
The angel took me back to paradise
That was where happiness and glory resided
He made other angels surround me
They bought me wonderful healing energies
I sat with that angel asking what role he plays in my story
He smiled and said I am your lover, healer, a friend and your enemy
I could not understand his theory
Hence he took my hand and showed me my movie
I saw myself happy
I saw myself despising me
I saw the reflection of my thoughts on others
My happy self showed me happiness in others
My despising self clutched me with cunnings in others
I asked him where you play the role of an enemy
He smiled and said whenever I push you hard towards good
You turn back thinking I am your enemy
Little was this understanding for me
However I realized there had been time
When I refused to go by my first thought in mind
And ended up myself in jugglery
Oh I felt so sorry
For me and for the angel standing near me
He said I m sending you  again to life
Which I am sure now you know is heaven in delight
I would reply to your plight
If you would listen to me with a smile
Trust your first thought
Trust the intuition that you carry
Cause I am the one residing in them my dearie
I can take you to places if only you chose to ban negativity
I smiled waking up in good health and happy spirits
As if I have conquered the magic inside me.
Now I am leading my life exactly the way angel’s told me