More Than India

India, a country full of celebrations, a country that teaches you oneness, and a country that lets you practice and celebrate all kind of religions. It is a country where most of the people chose to stay together and money comes after love.  I am blessed to be born in this beautiful country where stress is low and smiles on faces are on full gust. At least this is what I have experienced and felt.

I am a kind of a person who enjoys learning different languages and meeting different people. I love to know more about other culture and their ritual and while working for diplomatic missions for years now I have come across many diplomats who enjoy learning about India and its rituals.

Today, when I was going through the Indi blogger mail, I recalled an incident when I was once working for a European embassy where my boss was German She was somewhat like me she too had a craving to know more about Hinduism and other religions practiced and enjoyed in India.

I remember vividly, we had an off for Rakhi, so the day before, she enquired with my fellow colleague about the significance of Rakhi and she was told about the ritual hazily. Day after Rakhi, she came to our section and said that she did not enjoyed this festival. On enquiring what had made her so evasive of this festival she said that my daughter cried because the gifts were only for her brother since it was Rakhi. We all were quiet for a while coz none of us had thought that she would be celebrating this festival with her kids.

But that instance taught all of us a lesson that sometimes people are not just curious to know what the culture is all about, they do try practicing that to feel the same kind of   happiness which we feel while celebrating festivals.

It was me talking about my country while living in my country. I was very skeptic about Indians who leave their country to settle down somewhere else to earn more money. Believe me, I detested them and often used to think if they could not earn name and fame in their own country what they would be there in someone else’s land?

For me, it was just like leaving your mother to cajole your mother- in –law. They are known by an acronym called NRI- Non Resident Indian and my personal full form of NRI was Non- Required –Indian… though I realize how wrong I was with my thoughts about these people enjoying being the second citizen of another country while leaving their nationality. But my thoughts shifted a bit towards positive view when I saw and realized plenty of Indians spreading their Indian tint of love with their work or shall I say with their blessed gifts. The Indian-ness or shall I call it values which they learnt while growing up here in India. How beautifully they are spreading it around the world. Let it be Guajarati, Marathi, Punjabi or any other Indian religion they carry the hue of their religion inspiring many others to stay happy and healthy with a guidance of stress free life.

Now we have a list of so many Indians making India proud by staying abroad let it be through technology for example Vinod Dham, who is an inventor, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel.

Vinod Dham’s accomplishment as the “Father of Pentium” and as an Indian-American technology pioneer from Silicon Valley, is being celebrated at a first-ever exhibition on South East Asians in the National Museum of Natural History at the storied Smithsonian in Washington DC, highlighting Indian-Americans who have helped shape America.

When it comes to celebrate food We have a Rising star who is an  award winning Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show Master Chef India, Season 3 and Master chef Junior.

Cook books are not my forte but after meeting him I had a curiosity of peeping into his writing skills..

His book Return to the Rivers attracted me and since I am not into buying cook books as I hate to cook, I opened the book in a shop with a random page and I saw the recipe of Momo’s (my favorite) but then it was not just a recipe.  I was amazed to witness the sharpness of his writing skills when I read about the origin of the food along with the recipe. Now that was interesting!

Surely, his books are read all around the world in different parts of countries and Vikas Khanna has a way of spreading Indian culture or shall I say promoting India through food. People get to know about the Indian food recipe along with its origin.

So here I salute Indians who are Non Resident Indians but making India Proud by spreading bit of Indian hue in every heart around the world as for my thinking I am still cynical with my thoughts on those who leave India and their culture just to earn, earn earn…

What to say accept one line  “ I AM A PROUD CITIZEN OF INDIA” .

Love you all, catch up again sometime   Chao 🙂

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