And My heart Whispered….

Love shined this morning with delight

My plight ended with several swivels

Precarious thoughts decided to take side line

The moment I heard a whisper from my heart

Greeting me the morning’s first sight

My heart was warbling romance

Bringing smile to my eyes

Blissful life called me one more time

I saw my dreams dancing once again with delight

I asked my heart to throw some light

On the love you showered on me this twilight

My heart says your desires are buried deep within me

I want to fulfill them

Alas! Your despicable foe always burden me

With your negative wanton thinking

The moment you take care of me innocently

I capitulate to your love humming melodies

That manifests the desire you buried deep within me

Love me tender

Love me true

As I am the only one

For you ❤

No one can replace me

No one can fulfill your desire

The way I do….








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