Memory Intrigues Chapter 12

This is the Twelfth chapter of Memory Intrigues , a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.
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The story so far:
Shekhar is fuming but it does not help.  He stomps out of the police station and wanders around a bit.  “Bloody bureaucracy!  Each of them more corrupt than the other” he mutters to himself
That night Shekhar was very restless and shares his fears with Tara. In the midst of this conversation Tara realizes that she has a friend working in the same bank where Jennifer has an account. She gets up and sends a message to her friend on what’s app requesting help .
The dilemma in Shekhar’s mind eases out for a while. She uses her connections and manages to find someone in police department and promises Shekhar that she would speak to that person first thing in the morning.
Shekhar smiles and thanks her for her help. They sleep well that night.
Tara wakes up the next day without an alarm.  It is 5 in the morning. She gets up happy and bright as if she has slept for a long time.  She feels vibrant and energized.  She chooses to sit in the balcony of her house where she witnesses an amazing sight.  The Sun appears to be hugging the Moon in the manner of a lover hugging her beloved after a hiatus.  As dawn breaks, the birds chirp and a cool breeze caresses her skin.
Tara is smiling and something tells her that today is going to be a beautiful day. She makes a cup of tea for herself and Shekhar and wakes him up with a smile on her lips and a kiss on his forehead.
Shekhar is rather amazed; this is the first time after Roohi was born that she has come close to him in such a manner and the first thing which comes out of his mouth is“Are you alright”?
This would normally have irritated Tara but she is in a different mood and his words do not hurt her.  “Yes, I just witnessed a glorious dawn”! she replies.
“Oh! I was wondering  all this love being showered on me”.
Before he can finish his sentence, Tara kisses him passionately.
Amazed Shekhar says, “Wow, why don’t you witness the dawn everyday my love”?.
Tara without uttering a word leaves the room to get ready.
After this kind of a start to his day, Shekhar’s mind relaxes for a bit and his anxiety about  Jennifer takes a back seat for a while.
Tara reflects over what to wear and chooses to wear pink saree for the day  instead of her usual trouser and shirt.
The day had started and the sounds of the daily bustle take over; she quickly gets Roohi ready for school and ties her hair into two tiny ponytails.
Roohi asked her mum, Mamma, why are you so happy?
Tara smiles and says “Because God has brought you as a blessing into Mamma’s and Papa’s life”. Her words reach Shekhar’s ears too and he smiles while looking for a news item for Jennifer in the newspaper.
Shekhar stands up and takes Roohi’s hand as he goes to drop her off at school.
Tara sets off to work.She promises Shekhar that she will speak to the DCP however ignores his plea after all she is woman and she cannot see her husband showing concern for another woman..
She reaches office and heads straight to the editor office as she is already half an hour late.  The meeting lasted for three hours.
As she approaches her desk, the receptionist stops her, saying someone by the name Cyrus is here to meet her. She nods her head while her eyes try to identify Cyrus was among those men sitting around.
She quickly finishes her lunch and asks the receptionist to direct Cyrus to Conference room number 3. Meanwhile she retouches her makeup and moves to the Conference room with her laptop to meet Cyrus.
All along she has been assuming him to be a thin, short young boy of wheatish complexion, carrying a backpack on his back and sporting a fido dido haircut. As she enters the room her eyes fall on a tall, fair, handsome man, with curly hair, a serious face, and a goatee.  He is bespectacled and has a very scholarly air about him.  She can hardly believe her eyes and thinks she had entered the wrong conference room.
“I guess I have come to the wrong place; I should be in room number 3”.
Cyrus smiles and asks “Are you Tara ma’am
She struggles to control her her mind as she realizes that this is indeed Cyrus.
“Yes.  Are you Cyrus”?
“Yes ma’am”.
They shake hands.  Cyrus has a very firm handshake.
‘You don’t look like a law student, you look like a lawyer” chirps Tara
Cyrus smiles with his head bowed and thanks  her for the compliment.
“Sorry for having made you wait for so long; I had a meeting with the editor which ended only few minutes back”.
No problem Madam”. Cyrus smiles and likes her polite behavior He observes that  despite her position she is very down to earth
“So Cyrus, let us talk about your research. Tell me what can I do for you”?
Ma’am, your colleague Rohit helped me while I was in Delhi, but it would be nice if you could take a look at these issues which I have written about.  I would be obliged if you can help me sort out things. I would like to include your views on point number 2 and 4 within the scope”.
Tara puts  on her glasses and reads the document carefully. After a long silence, Tara says: “Cyrus, Your work is really insightful.  I am really impressed.”
She opens her laptop and they start discussing Cyrus’s research. Meanwhile Cyrus observes her every move; he become aware of her charming nature and her helpful attitude towards a stranger like him.
He also notices her professional deportment; she is very prim and properly dressed and she carries herself with ease on her stilettos.  He notices her hair which is cut short neat,  her lipstick compliments her fair skin as well as the color of her saree .In fact he finds her to be incredibly beautiful!
He breaks his silence and says, “it is almost evening can we go out for a coffee, if you don’t mind”?
Tara throws a glance at him and realizes that he is tired; she decides to take a break and takes him to a mall near Crawford Market for a cup of coffee.
While on the way from Tara’s office to the mall, Cyrus talks to Tara about Mumbai, the people living there, their language and lifestyle.
Cyrus says excitedly : “Wow , I am going to blog about this tonight”.
Tara questions : You blog?
“Yeah, mostly about law research; but then I have a life beyond that and trust me I have a very wide readership”.
“Whoa! Great”!  Tara gives him a broad smile; she is curious to know more about him.  She feels very comfortable talking to Cyrus, almost as if they have known each other  for a long time.  There is an instant connection between them.  They talk about work as well as other casual topics.
Cyrus asks Tara to remain seated while he brings coffee for both of them. Tara is quite impressed by his chivalry. Meanwhile Cyrus brings coffee with a smile on his face and suggests a toast before we start to enjoying the coffee.
“A toast over a coffee”?
Yes, why not”?
Tara smiles and obliges him.
To the most beautiful woman with the sweetest smile and most charming nature I have ever come across” says Cyrus.
Tara laughs; “you must find many like that in Delhi, don’t you”?
No ma’am, with all due respect they are so superficial and not ready to help as spontaneously and wholeheartedly like you do”.
Tara mentally recalls her attitude of ‘good riddance” when she talked to him for the first time
“Superficiality is everywhere; why curse Delhi women” she thinks.
“Cheers”! They both enjoy coffee over discussions about work and the superficial women he had met in Delhi
Cyrus is attracted towards Tara and her friendly behavior; Tara enjoys all the flattering attention she gets from Cyrus.
The day passes very pleasantly for Tara….

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