Memory Intrigues – Chapter 9


This is the Ninth chapter in the series “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.
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As Shekhar enters Roohi’s room he notices that it is empty. He checks her bath room and sees Roohi hiding herself behind the door hugging her favorite pink teddy tight in her arms.
What happened darling? Come to papa.
Roohi starts crying and slowly moves towards Shekhar stating that she wants to stay with grand mother not with both of them. Tara observes the whole drama and realizes that her bitterness is ruining the peace in her house and making Roohi aloof.
The charming, friendly and smiling Roohi is now in depression and refuses to stay with her parents.
The mother in Tara wants to hug her daughter tight but the cuckoo bell which strikes 8 am prompts the career oriented Tara to say get moving and reach her office in time.
Shekhar looks at Tara in dismay, but Tara ignores it and gets ready for to leave.
She glances backward as she leaves hurriedly, but no one comes to bid her good bye.
Tara walks out of the door lost in her own thoughts and drives to work.
As, she reaches the office, she witnesses all the usual humdrum … people at their  work stations with coffee in their hands, enjoying the early morning gossip, some happy faces greet her “Good Morning”, others ignored her presence and continue gossiping, but then everything seems to look like like a dream. She is mentally somewhere else, thinking about today’s incident with Roohi.
Roohi’s words haunt her: I don’t want to stay with both of you .The words pierce her heart and hurt her ears like boiling lava.
With these thoughts running in her mind, she switches on her computer to check her mails. As she scrolls down the list of mails from her office colleagues, she noticed an unusual name – Cyrus Daruwalla. As she clicks on that mail she finds out that he is a Law student who wants her help in researching a paper about ‘Influence of media on lawyers’.
Tara groans“When at home Shekhar and Roohi don’t let me live peacefully, now here we have students chasing us; all I want is a little peace of mind”, she says to herself, totally  frustrated with the events in her life.
She takes a deep breath and replies to him in a very professional manner, stating that she would be happy to assist him with his research; he can come tomorrow at 3 pm to meet her in person.
She gets an immediate response from Cyrus Daruwalla, stating that he is in  Delhi and will have to come down to Mumbai for a while on this project and he needs some time for that
That brings a smile on her face as she says to herself “Thank God, good riddance”; she immediately directs him to their Delhi office and asks him to meet her colleague, Rohit, as he would be happy to assist him as well.
She is concentrating on her work and is busy making a list of interviews she needs  to do, when  suddenly she hears the editor of the news agency making an announcement – an announcement breaks her from inside.   Her subordinate has been promoted to theposition which she had been struggling hard to get for years in this firm.
Depression takes over her on all fronts.
She calls Shekar to inform him about what has just happened but Shekhar’s phone, as always, remains unreachable.   That only adds to her irritation. Her heart starts racing fast; she wants to vent out all her anger and frustration, but alas, she realizes how lonely she is.
No one is near.  She feels very low.  She takes a day off stating that she is unwell and leaves.  She gets into her car and breaks down; she is all alone, and lonely.  There is no one to share her grief at the loss she is facing in her career and her personal life.
The position she has been striving so hard to get has now been given to someone who had  joined the news agency just 6 months ago.  The person’s experience is nowhere compared to hers and is inefficient in his own way.  The politics at work are disgusting.
She drives towards Marine Drive and sits there for hours gazing at the sea, thinking of her downfall but then who is there to listen to her?
That night she is unable to sleep properly as she can’t get over the shock she has been received that day?
She keeps asking herself whether she is really so worthless?
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