Greetings Stranger !

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

Full moon the day of emotions, some people are happy for no reason and some are sad as if all of sudden life has become a puzzle for them, as if things are not what they seem to be. An illusion takes over on this day.
And yesterday was a day, full of emotions i.e. Full moon. I have been doing office work throughout the day with something going on at the back of mind.
I tired writing my heart out but then I was not sure what was troubling me? What was it that all of sudden took my peace off track? I knew it was full moon hence I tried to divert my mind but then I failed.
After my office, instead of going home straight, I took a turn and drove towards my favorite coffee shop near Taj, and ordered my coffee. Though the weather was humid, it was burning hot but I chose to sit outside gazing sky while sipping my cold coffee, out of the blues, a handsome man with wonderful physique appeared in front of me. My eyes twinkled, my mind said forget the trouble and concentrate on him.
I looked at him he was wearing yellow tee with blue jeans; (As for me, men looks sexiest in this combination) his color was fair and was quite a gentle man.  I could instantly catch his vibes, he smiled at me and I smiled back and then he asked my name.
Since, I am a very friendly person and I get along easily, I told my name.
He introduced himself by his work.
Hi! I am the chef here in Taj. 
Good for you. What is your name by the way?
He squinted at me again as if something was going on in his mind
Meanwhile I was conversing with my mind asking why he is looking at me.
He asked about my job profile. Since I am not comfortable disclosing what do I do and where I work I gave a causal reply stating working for a mission
He nodded as if he knows where and what and without wasting a minute he said “I’ve been looking for you”
The way he looked into my eyes with seriousness while speaking those lines… That sentence“I’ve been looking for you” gave me chills .I was already confused but now scared. I was about to take my purse and walk away but Ms. Curiosity in me was on high and I immediately asked why?
He said, for quite a long time I have been dreaming about you girl. Today, while I was entering my hotel I saw you here, something inside me drew towards you.
Okay, what this girl says to you? The girl in your dreams
He smiled and said you think I am flirting
Of course you are
He laughed, no please trust me.
Yup, I am trying
No, you are not
I am working here for quite a long time and you can ask my fellow workers I don’t talk to anyone unnecessarily.
Hummm, I should be very serious with this issue Mr. Chef
Yes, you should Ms. Shetall. Can I buy you one more cold coffee?
No thanks I am good. Talk about your dream
There is nothing to share with you about my dreams as every time I come close to you my parrot says wake up its morning.
Oh! You have a parrot.
Yes, I love birds
Me too, so it is a co incidence that we met
No, there is nothing like co incidence, we were destined to meet
Now, he is talking like me
I smiled and sipped my remaining coffee
You speak less I said
Yes, I do
So, you married?
I am engaged, would be getting married next month.
Oh ho sheer wastage of time I said.
Okay then I takes your leave
Hey, no wait
I turned back
My shift starts after half an hour can we talk?
Look dude, I do not have time to waste I am busy
Yes, I know you are a writer and I have already read your books and constantly follow your blog
But you just said that you saw me in your dreams
Yeah but after reading your blog, I often saw you as if you want to tell me something
Yes, I do
Get lost dear
All of sudden that romantic feeling went astray and I was back to reality where I had to move back.
He followed me while shouting when can I see you again?
I smiled while starting my car and said Look for me in your dreams; I guess that is the best place where we can meet daily. I winked and drove back home
Wondering, what was that?
I realize my heart saying to me that life is sometimes about funny experiences too… Chill   and have fun…
So, I met the funniest stranger who made me forget why I was sad… That was an amusing turn from sadness to good laugh…