A talk with transition in my life

My heart went sore
When I heard transition knocking at my door
One more change
One more shift
How would I take it?
How would I make it?
I asked transition to leave me alone
However he said
My existence is eminent my love
Enjoy my show
Sometimes I bring shame
Sometimes I give you name and fame
Sometimes I take you to pleasure trips
Turning them into guilty rip
The moment you settle down I will make you move again
I am a gift in disguise offering lessons my dame
I am a medicine to your essence
Open the door of your heart
As I am imminent
Tears fell out from my eyes
I begged him mercy
I begged for some more time
I am still recovering from the wound on my heart which you gave me last time
Shameful memories still haunt me
It does not let me sleep
It does not let me breath
How will I survive your existence one more time?
He laughed and said
Remorse no more I come to make you shine
I am powerful more than you think
I can enter in your life without your consent every time
Once you accept my presence and let me in
 I will carry you with your thoughts from the beginning
Look at yourself in the mirror
Are you the same person you were born
You have changed and you will keep on changing
As I bring you what you desire
With a blink I make you detest me in the beginning
Allow yourself to heal as this is the real reason you are born for indeed
If you keep on carrying a wounded heart
 I would only break you with your negative thoughts
Let me be in a positive manner and trust me I will take you to your desire
And would make you feel honored
Stop looking at me as evil
As I am your gift from heaven
Close your eyes and let me be
Trust me with all your heart and dive with me
One more time I let him take me
One more time I welcome change in my life with glee
My sore heart is still healing
I am once again on a new track of learning
From beginning to end  and from end to beginning …….