Who will cry when i will die

Robin William committed suicide at the age of 63. In my opinion, he was the most charismatic actor and a brilliant comedian. I used to look forward to his movies.he was excellent in serious roles as well as in comedy roles. He rocked in everything he did.  I pray and wish for his soul to rest in peace ….


Depression is the most common sign everywhere around the world and I feel as you touch the height of success you tend to be lonely. Money and position matters more than love. It is like a constant fight between the positive in you and in the negative in you. Who you let win is up to your thought process. Living life in self -pity or thinking of   people who love you for your money is something which I would never approve in my life.

Why do we need people to love us why can’t we offer our love and surrender…  the constant craving of human of feeling important and thinking about self every time leads to a state of depression I guess that is where Satan wins by showing it to you what you want to see, where ego brings a barrier to let yourself be after all you hold a position,you have a reputation in public or none other than that  the alphabet “I” stops you.

Crap! Will this public come when you need someone close to your heart? This public will moan over your death today and tomorrow someone else would come and take your place. The “I AM” would be “NO ONE “aftera while.


Leading life in stress and in self pity would only bring misery and depression and all you can think of at that time is “SUICIDE” the most common escape from the situations which you have created, a common escape from ruined relationships which same where you did it.


Why I say “YOU” every time is because as an old saying goes “YOU CANNOT CLAP FROM ONE HAND” and the guilt of leading a  life or shall I say dragging a life leads you to your favorite escape “SUICIDE”

But then I still do not understand a reason behind killing self? What makes you think that people who did not appreciate your presence while you were alive would appreciate you when you depart?

It is better to talk yourself out to someone unknown or to write down the unhappiness in your heart on the piece of paper so that at least the burden on heart would be less.

Surround yourself with happy people and let me tell you your best bet would be an animal instead of humans. Animals only know and teach us to love unconditionally whether it is horse, cat, dog or even rats. Trust me, humans can disappoint you or play you out but animals are those silent forms of God who would stay with you in all the moments of your life.


It is good to ponder a thought sometimes in lonely hours on nasty events of your life which you lived like you are watching a movie in your mind as a character only. This helps you in bringing the power of gratitude in you and helping you to move on.


Often people see that they repeat same stories with different characters in their live it is because of the power of their subconscious mind which make them relive. You subconsciously ask for the same drama to appear in your life and rather that re living those moments /drama of life again and again in different form only to trouble yourself out. You must learn to detach yourself with those stories which bought you pain and unhappiness.

You need to meditate; you need to focus on what and who you have right now in your life. I know life is not easy but we can make it easy and worth living by focusing on the positive around instead of giving energy to our negatives.

People would keep coming and going out of your life according to the time period they have been allotted to stay in your life but that does not mean that you keep on looking at them for long and missing those who are standing ahead with some new lessons for you to live.


Be grateful to each and every soul who helped you cross a destination in your life with lessons and pray for their goodness and move

If life gives you lemons then add some sweetness an mix it with half water (emotions) and half soda (positive imaginations) and drink it. It will surely do something good inside your system I guess..

You are here to live not because for someone or to be someone, you are here to live for yourself, for finishing lessons of your present lifetime so gratefully that when you knock the doors of heaven everyone claps…



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