Bruno, lost to be found again

Life is funny, sometimes it treats you so fine that you love the idea of living and then sometimes there are moments struck which makes you feel unwanted and you ask just one question from God… For how long I have to live?

Yes, this is everyone’s story or shall I say every human’s story. Somewhere or the other we despise the idea of dragging our lives… but have you ever thought about animals, the gratefulness they hold in their heart even when they are not loved by their masters. The way  they flatter love as if they have never been hurt or abused. I wonder do they too ask this question from God in there testing times or they just relax and let it be…


I am here talking about Bruno. I don’t know how many of you still remember   that once I had updated a request for the adoption of Bruno on every social site. I had   even requested known people to help me find home for this young furry boy whom I had met by accident at a mobile recharge shop.


Well, that day is so vivid in front of my eyes that while writing this article I feel like I am watching that short movie in my mind.

Thankfully, Bruno was adopted within a week’s time. I recalled his last day in the house where he was unwanted and how he trusted me and jumped into the car and never looked back again. I cried that night wondering what was on his mind. May be he was happy being tortured  or maybe he was heartbroken cause he had  jumped into the car because he again had trusted me and had  sat into the car first and then got down from the other side or maybe he was cursing me..


The flow of negative thoughts was never ending and I with a heavy heart moved on in life. Few days after he was gone, I was told that he was settled and enjoying his life with the family who had adopted him. The family had 3 young boys aged 5 ,8 and 10yrs  respectively and they did send me a picture of Bruno along with them stating that now they have 4 boys that included Bruno. I took a deep breath and thanked God for it.

Time passed by and then again one day I had a thought of Bruno and I chose to ask the owner if all was well?  I was told that Bruno was busy roaming around India. He had gone to Chandigarh and this month he was in Shimla attending retirement party of their relative.  I thank God again and prayed for his happiness while getting busy in my daily humdrum only to receive a call yesterday from the family stating that Bruno is now going for Commando training as the elder brother of the man of the house was in Army,and he chose to train him. And now little Bruno would be heeding up to his new project of protecting our country. That little Bruno who came seeking love from me will now live for the love of our country.


No wonder, this little Bruno has bought enormous luck to the family he was adopted by. But now I feel proud in stating that Bruno would be working for Indian Army soon after his training.

I chose to share this news with you all as you all supported me in searching home for Bruno and now Bruno would be the one who would be protecting our houses by staying up with  the Border forces .

It would be wrong to call him Bruno the Dog. He  would be proud to identify himself as Bruno the soldier now.


I love my country very much and I salute to all the soldiers who leave there houses and families only to stand at the border of our country so that we can enjoy all the festive season peacefully, so that we can enjoy our lives peacefully.


I am proud to be Indian and now proud to be someone who knows Bruno the Soldier. Jai hind.

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