Sudden Downpour


It was sunny day when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential down pour. You run into the first store you can find- it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books and dust. The shop’s ancient proprietor walks out of the backroom to greet you. Tell us what happens next!



It was a sunny morning when I was enjoying the wind blowing and touching my hair and kissing my cheeks. It was so romantic that I missed having a partner. Didn’t feel like going to office but then what is the use of sitting all alone in the house?


As I was ready to leave for  my office my mum asked me to carry an umbrella but then my heart and mind  were  in sync and was making me dance on a romantic beat and I wanted to drench myself into the rain . I had a feeling of experiencing something exotic today…


I did not heed up to her advice and started walking as the weather was romancing with me .  I preferred walking, I looked up at my watch  but then  did not care. As if I was hypnotized by this mesmerizing weather, where was I going, I didn’t know. I was just walking straight wherever my feet chose to take me.. I crossed my locality , many auto drivers stopped in between asking me if I wished to go anywhere but I did not care. I was walking with my head down enjoying the melodies I was singing along in my mind..


Out of the blue, the beautiful romantic weather turned into a black dark night. The mesmerizing winds all of sudden became cruel and made me close my eyes… the melodies which my mind was singing were stopped by my logical mind and in split second the hypnotism was over and I was wondering where was I ?  The torrential downpour caught me in its web, I managed to seek haven in  the closed shop space. As I turned back , I managed to peek a boo from the window it was a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books and dust , I looked around there was nothing. I could not spot a single human around,  I was scared and I tried to make a call but my cell phone lost connection. There was no way I could reach anyone, my heart started racing fast. I was in dilemma, where should I go now? As I was mystified and trying hard to look for some transportation, I heard the sound of the door, I turned back and I saw an old man standing with a white long beard with a smile on his face, welcoming me into his shop. He looked like some ancient saint. His aura was welcoming.


I know darling you have lost your way and you are scared. Don’t worry I am the proprietor of this shop, have a seat for a while till the rain stops. He touched my shoulder and I got a positive vibe from him and my heart stopped beating fast. I entered his shop and asked him about the dust around.


He smirked while preparing a cup of coffee for me and said, I am an old man now; I do not have enough strength to clean my store everyday, so I do it whenever I feel energetic.


I asked him if I could look around and he permitted me to go around the shop.


As I was roaming around, I saw many antiques and the wonderful books of ancient times, some were story books, some taught magic.  He followed me and gave me a book. As I opened the book to my surprise there I saw my picture dressed in a long beautiful white gown. The dates were of 1800 BC  I was shocked to see my picture . I looked up to him and he smiled and said doesn’t she look like you? In my mind I was talking to myself and saying what doesn’t she  look like me ? This is me but then I had to roll my words according to what the old man said, yeah! I mean you are right she looks very much like me.


My dear her name was Sera, she was the princess of Babylonia a very fine poetes of her times and was quite famous, she was a true romantic lover. Her poems were later translated in English.


Her work kept on inspiring others for very long time until the dust of time hugged her books and her name. It is said that she kept on taking births to meet her lovers in time…


Ugh, I interrupted him how do you know that she kept on taking birth.


He looked directly into my eyes as if suggesting that  he was making me remember.But then I told him I am was getting  scared by his looks. He laughed like a young man and said by the way, you also write books isn’t it ?

I was stunned, now this was scary, a stranger knew that I wrote books.

Yeah, who told you?

Who told me?

I see your name everywhere, I have your books

He showed me my books and said that  from your work it looks like you too believe that magic exists in this world


Me too? Who else believe what I believe? I asked


He smiled and said Princess Sera.

Another thunder made my heart  race fast.


He looked at me and said don’t worry my dear all will be well soon. Would you like to eat something?


Yeah! I am hungry do you have anything here?


Sure, look around till I come back


As I was looking around, a bracelet caught my eye and I felt a connection with it.


I touched that and I saw myself dressed in a beautiful pink gown wearing this bracelet and roaming around with a man I did not know.


The feeling actually made me so happy as if I had met my lover. The one who was destined for me. I tried hard to look into his eyes but then I was entrapped by my logical mind which said shut your imaginations up and I opened my eyes.


The old man was quietly witnessing me with a pizza in his hand as if he does not want to disturb me while I was day dreaming.


He noticed that I was holding the  bracelet in my hand and smilingly asked me  you want it?


I said yes


It belongs to you only take it


What do you mean?


I mean, it was Sera’s bracelet which she loved the most; it was gifted to her by her true love.


I kept that back saying I don’t want it thank you


He laughed and said don’t you believe in reincarnations?


Yes, I do but I have never heard of  any story of any princess sera


But I showed you the picture and you recognized yourself immediately


How do you know that? I asked


Hum, enjoy your food he said while sitting on his rocking chair and closed his eyes


Well, you can talk to me till the time I am here I said


He smiled while his eyes were closed and said you are too logical


I finished my pizza and turned around


Okay, tell me more about Sera I said


He said hold that magical bracelet again and you would recall your times

I did that but I was not able to see the face of that  man

That is because you have stopped trusting people who said that they loved you


How do you know that?


I can read thoughts


That I too can do


Really? Then tell me what I am thinking


I ugh I


He laughed; calm your mind and thoughts


Look around life is beautiful


The time has come when you will encounter a tryst with your lover till then stop thinking and worrying too much. He is around you; he has been following you from many births.


Really? Where is he


He looked out of window


Can you see how light conquered darkness..

I saw the rain stopped and the light was coming


Yes the rain had stopped

No, how light conquered darkness

I do not understand, what do you mean?


Light did not force herself  on darkness.It allowed darkness to flow as much as she could and when the darkness was tired, light whispered, Now :  My turn


In life, you are surrounded by testing, troublesome periods, wanting and yearning for something which you are not getting. Frustration takes you over but you need to maintain your calm and let the light and darkness play its lark.


Understand nothing lasts forever, so how can your frustration be.

I smiled, yes I understand now.

Go out and play and stop worrying about whom, what and when


I thanked him for his company and I asked him when will we meet again.


He smiled, whenever your logical mind would bring sadness to you



Without much adieu he closed the door on my face as I turned to walk I turned back and I saw myself in front of my office, the guard was asking me to come inside the office. The whole experience was mesmerizing… how and what did I encounter I still don’t know, how I reached my office I don’t know but then I did not let my logical mind take me over by how, what , when questions , I smiled and let it be …..



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