Rahul – Mera Dildar Mera Qatil

Hello Everyone,

I am writing my blog after a gap of few days so if you have missed reading my thoughts I am sorry sometimes I get caught up in certain intricacies related to my office work but  I will try again to be regular with my passion.

Today, I am going to talk about” Rahul”… Hey, wait if you are the one following my blog regularly it is not about the Rahul I talked about earlier in my blog who came as a kind stranger… My life is so full of “Rahooools”  and  I don’t know what kind of prophecy my angels are trying to guide me with that  every single man I meet turns out to be Rahul.

I have met Rahul as a lover, angel, protector, killer, and backstabber

I  have met Rahul as a kind stranger too

And I met this Rahul a spiritualist with whom I share a special relationship like a radio with its frequency. Sometimes it is easy to tune with his thoughts and sometimes the connection gets loose and we refuse to talk to each other for months..

As I was recalling living incidents of my life before writing this blog, I recalled that in every chapter of my life I have met one or the other guy named Rahul and this Rahul has made a “guest appearance” with his poems and vanished off, only to meet again.  This Rahul is none other than Rahul Atrishi. Devotee of ‘Meher Baba”.  In his own words he is a wordsmith and indeed he is.

As for me, many times, his poems have bought solace to my soul.  I have always liked his work. This Saturday,  when I received his book “From Dog to God” I never knew that he was a dog lover (by the way call it co incidence or quirk of fate whatever but all the Rahoool’s who so ever I have met till date are dog lovers) I was amazed with his writing skills and the curiosity he had created of what happens next made me fall in love with his wonderful writing skills one more time.

So till date I had known Rahul  Atrishi  as a poet and now a story teller.

I have read the book and stopped in between to reconcile lessons I had lived with humans and animals in my life. Did I ever care about the word “Perspective “?

The amazing part of this book is that the story is written from the perceptive of a Dog.  The kind of relation a Dog shared with his master. The ups and downs, the insecurity of being a stray dog…

In this, Rahul has promoted stray dog adoption instead of buying a dog from breeders. Rahul has demonstrated that even stray dogs can be a wonderful companion if treated with same kind of love and respect. The wordsmith has once again taken my heart by the way he described the insecurities of a dog who plenty of times thought that after all he was a stray. Heartwarming stories which will make you sit up straight, which will make you think about getting in other’s shoes before judging. Stories with lessons a dog learnt and yes a lesson which his readers would learn too. I would say if you have loved reading “Marley and Me “by John Grogan then you should give a chance to “From Dog to God” by Rahul Atrishi. I guarantee you would love and enjoy reading it

Do give this book a chance and you would never regret.

As for me with Rahul’s in my life they have always taught me valuable lessons of life to live and to die while living this long life… I would be grateful to each and every Rahul for crossing my  path  once in this life time… Wondering if any more Rahul is on his way …… Anyway gotta go.. will catch up tomorrow with some other thought wandering on my mind … till than have a lovely week ahead and yes  you can find Rahul Atrishi on face book and can also log on to his website www.rahulatrishi.com   for ordering his second book “From Dog to God”….

His book price is INR 100 + 75 rupees for courier and  you can call him and speak to him on how to order his book on his cell phone number i.e +91 9769033385 ( This is his Mumbai cell phone number. So if you are calling internationally do not forget to put the code)

I wish Rahul Atrishi all the very best with his career in writing and in his personal life ahead.

Take care




You can buy this book on Amazon by clicking on the link 

Book is available with the author
Book is available with the author

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